Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

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Bridal Shower Theme Ideas – Planning a Bridal Shower can be difficult, but if you start with a list of Bridal Shower Themes, it can be a lot easier! A wedding shower is more than just giving gifts. They are filled with food, games and fun for everyone on the guest list.

If you’ve been tasked with planning the event, perhaps because you’re the maid of honor, maid of honor, mother of the bride, or you’re volunteering, you want to make it a memory for your guests. the bride A themed bridal shower makes a lasting impression on guests, and makes planning easy.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Some bridal shower themes already have food or games associated with them, so you don’t have to come up with much on your own.

Whimsical Winter Bridal Shower Ideas

These bridal shower theme ideas are based on pop culture, sports, and the bride’s favorite things.

Before planning a themed bridal shower, discuss the theme with the guests of honor to make sure they agree. Remember to base the party on her needs, not yours!

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Bridal Shower Themes We’re Totally Obsessed With

These bridal shower themes are perfect for a fun and unique party idea. You can take any food, drink or gift idea and something the bride loves and combine them for a special memory. Here are examples:

If your bride loves pink, make it a fun theme throughout the day. Everything can be decorated with bright pink and balloons, be sure to surround the rose bottles and serve throughout the party.

If her partner’s name rhymes with rose, have a party with her first letter.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

All couples create a new monogram with their newly combined initials when they marry. Throw a fun party at Monograms and Margaritas to celebrate the new partnership.

Champagne Brunch Bridal Shower

Get the champagne flowing all day with beautiful decorations studded with diamonds and dazzle with this champagne and bling bridal shower idea.

Have all your guests wear these large diamond earrings throughout the party, and you can incorporate them into the game.

Brunch is always a good idea, so it’s the perfect theme for a bridal shower. Throw in brunch and a bubbly shower at a brunch buffet with a full mimosa bar!

Everyone loves puppies, and if your bride is a huge dog lover, a puppies and Prosecco Bridal Shower would be perfect!

Baking Themed Bridal Shower

Whether you bring real puppies to play with on the day or use them for decorations, your lovely bride will appreciate the idea.

Have a great pajama party, but don’t forget the pearls. It’s a throwback to when you sleep with your girlfriends and play in your PJs.

Encourage all your guests to wear pajamas to your shower and dress up in fun jewelry.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

For this theme, you can invite each of your guests to bring new panties for the bride, provide pancake bars for breakfast or lunch.

Spring Bridal Shower Ideas

This would have been at the top of my list because I love ice cream! How good is that for a party?!

Your bride has been “spoiled” by a romantic lover! Prepare the perfect ice cream sundae bar with all the flavors and enjoy dressing up with their fun ice cream-themed decorations to celebrate the occasion.

Since the ice cream will be the main attraction, you’ll want to fill the party with games to keep the guests busy.

Consider creating a photo board, guest book, and games that don’t require a person to run. When you want to keep people entertained, don’t take them away from the ice cream!

Bridal Shower Ideas For The Perfect Celebration

If you want to shake things up a bit, play a game with the bride. Sit him in a chair, close his eyes, and guess what ice cream he is eating. Of course, add this game to your tour only with his permission.

Love is sweet! A wedding with sweets often revolves around the food you serve. To make planning easier, use wedding colors to help you choose decorations and sweets.

Make colorful pictures by matching M&Ms, create a chocolate fondue centerpiece, and create a photo centerpiece with candy props. Instead of paper props, your guests can take Instagram photos with real lollipops!

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Since most of your meals will be sweet, keep your drinks light. Choose sparkling water, champagne or drinks that won’t upset your guests’ stomachs.

Stunning & Adorable Bridal Shower Ideas

A great way to make sure you get gifts that help the bride is to shower the bride with gifts.

This is especially good if the bride already owns her entire home and doesn’t really need furniture.

Of course, she can always update and sign up for new items, but if she doesn’t sign up for kitchen and bathroom items, you might find something she likes to receive from guests.

Lingerie bridal showers can be a lot of fun. You can ask all the ladies in attendance to bring a little something to add to the bride’s collection.

Vintage Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Send the bride a card with the invitation so that each guest can bring something that fits the theme. This can range from risqué underwear to everyday panties.

For decoration, you can use a lot of lace and bows, take a few colors and stick to them, so the theme looks more unified.

Each guest is asked to bring a kitchen-themed gift and you can save their kitchen!

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

This is great for the bride who is just starting out and trying to put together a whole new kitchen.

Bridal Shower Decorations For A Picture Perfect Party

We did this for me! Instead of signing up and buying everyone housewarming gifts, we decided to do a “date night” gift idea.

Guests are asked to bring their favorite memory of the day to the shower so the couple can enjoy the day together.

We’re really into things, not experiences, so this worked out perfectly… plus we’ve both been single for a long time, so all the family stuff we need is 2x more!

The guests were creative and we had beautiful gift baskets for a great day together.

Perfect Spa Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Need ideas for Date Night Baskets? We have a video where I review my favorite dates from this bridal shower theme.

We heard about this from a fellow bride and thought it was a great idea.

Each guest is assigned a time of day and can bring a gift that reflects that time.

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Then during the day, you can make a picnic with snacks inside… 😉

Sweet Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

Choose a room that the bride wants to decorate and keep, and plan your theme accordingly.

The fun part is that they can do more creative things than just decorations. If you are making a bedroom, you will not only think about bed sheets, mirrors, pillows, clothes, lamps, chargers, etc. but also about underwear, breakfast in bed and more.

A cruise ship is perfect for a girl who wants to travel around the world. Even if he doesn’t travel much, the travel theme can still work for him…

Every married woman has a “new place” to go, from “Miss” to “Queen”. Even if she doesn’t change her surname, she’ll still hold the title of Queen, so this is the perfect way to celebrate.

Burgundy Pumpkin

Plan this shower full of decorations with luggage, passport photos, maps etc. You can do this very well with a simple pink, gold and white theme to make it a fun bridal shower.

For a woman who loves to travel and is always on the go, surprise her with an “Around the World” shower.

When planning a meal, try to find a variety of foods that represent different regions around the world. Examples include small Mexican tacos, Asian egg rolls, Italian pizza…

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Another picnic shower can be playing couples. Events they were together and events to come.

Beautiful Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

This is a great way to use the movie “UP” as a title. Print out pictures of their favorite activities together and pass them around the party, or use them for table runners.

If she loves Paris, she’ll love this bridal shower idea. Dress everything up with Eiffel Tower decorations, black and pink, or just have fun with it, the Bride of the Bride movie!

The best way to have the perfect bridal shower for any bride is to have a theme based on her favorite book, movie or TV show.

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