Is Retinol Bad For Skin

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Is Retinol Bad For Skin

Is Retinol Bad For Skin

Whether you have stubborn acne or are on a mission to reverse premature aging. Chances are high that retinoids will be in your skin care routine. “Retinol is one of the best and most effective anti-aging and acne ingredients,” emphasizes Dr. Harold Lancer, board-certified dermatologist. But using retinol can have side effects.

This Is How To Use Retinol Without Your Skin Flaking Off

“Retinoids are very effective in promoting cell proliferation. which brings new healthy cells to the skin,” explains Lancer. “however in doing so Retinoids can also cause congestion, acne, redness, and/or peeling during the initial treatment.

This surprising step is called a retinoid flush. (often called Because it can be hard to see skin getting worse before it gets better, we asked Lancer and board-certified dermatologists. . and how to overcome it

The word cleansing means cleansing or purifying—and that’s what happens to your skin during a retinoid cleanse. “Retinoids work on cells to correct skin changes,” explains Stephens. “When acne occurs, Retinoids open up the clogged pores that are hidden beneath them. The combination of retinoids’ ability to increase cell turnover and unclog pores with everything being pulled to the skin in one. This can result in a temporary increase in acne. “

In addition to whiteheads and blackheads, Hartman says new retinoid users may experience redness, peeling, and skin irritation. “Especially in areas of the face where the skin is very thin, like around the nose and mouth.”

What Exactly Is Retinol?

As counterintuitive as it may seem, Hartman says seeing the bright lights launching a new retinoid product is a good thing. “This means that the retinol is working to change your skin,” he says.

Any more good news? The retinoid cleansing process does not last forever. Although it varies by skin type, Hartman says that a single wash lasts about four weeks. Stephens said the fire will last up to eight weeks. which, he said, is equal to two cells. “If you’ve been using the product for more than three months and it’s still clear. Give it a more detailed examination because something is going on. And it’s time to see a dermatologist to solve the problem,” he adds.

If you notice a negative reaction to retinoids, your first thought is to stop using “Don’t.” Doing so will stop the progress you have already made. And if you relax at all “Retinol douching is temporary. If possible, continue using your retinol as directed.”

Is Retinol Bad For Skin

While retinoid washes are common for all skin types, Lancer says it’s important to know if it’s a wash or a bad reaction. “If you are very red, peeling or burning. See your dermatologist and stop using it immediately,” he says.

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Retinoids are the gold standard in skin care. and for this reason, Stephens recommends revitalizing your skin care routine using a new retinoid. “Use a mild detergent. topical retinoids “Look for a moisturizer with MLE technology that can quickly restore the skin’s protective barrier, such as Atopalm or Zerafite.”

While continued use is ideal, Hartman notes that you may need to adjust your frequency to give your skin time to rest. You can try increasing this to 4-5 times a week.

“Many people make the mistake of mistaking more clinical treatments for the idea that more is better,” Lancer said. Excessive use of clinical-level anti-aging treatments can cause serious harm.

“Excessive use of the product can cause peeling and can cause dryness, redness, swelling and irritation,” he warns, noting that use only a small amount instead. Especially when you start using new products on your skin.

Is Your Skin Retinoid Purging? Here’s What To Know

Retinol can change your skin. But it can also take a significant amount of moisture when combined with an anti-acne product. “Even if you have really oily skin. But be sure to use a rich moisturizer to repair the skin,” says Lancer. “Our Nourishing Rehydration Mask ($100) dramatically boosts moisture while hydrating to prevent moisture loss.”

Even if you don’t use a retinol-based acne product, Hartman says moisturizing is important. Because it will help to solve the problem of peeling during the first bath. “Choose a moisturizer with ceramides. hyaluronic acid or glycerin to really add moisture. and helps with visible dryness, flaking and peeling,” he says.

If you have sensitive skin you may want to be careful not to use retinol at all. If so, Lancer says to dilute your product. “If you have very dry skin, you can mix retinol with your moisturizer before applying,” he says.

Is Retinol Bad For Skin

If you don’t want to mix your products, Lancer says you can create a light yet protective layer between your skin and the retinoid by applying moisturizer first. Doing this will prevent the retinol from irritating your skin. He says it won’t affect its anti-aging and acne-reducing magic.

Skin Purging: Getting Through The Bad Before The Good

When using retinoids You also need to reduce your use of other harsh skin care products, such as certain cleansers. “Don’t use scrubs or cleansers with other active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid,” says Hartman. “Use a pH-neutral cleanser for sensitive skin.”

When it comes to salicylic acid, Hartman says you should minimize all skin serums and color treatments with effective exfoliating ingredients like AHAs and BHAs. It can be very harsh on the new skin that comes up during the retinol wash,” he explains.

Retinoids make the skin more susceptible to UV damage. “Because retinol and retinoids work to speed up the life cycle of your skin cells. They make the skin more sensitive to the sun,” explains Lancer. Because of this, she says to always use SPF 30 or higher after you moisturize every day.” “[Make sure to] reapply sunscreen every second for hours,” she added.

Don’t let the thought of removing retinol distract you from the benefits of these low-quality products. “My opinion is Except for people with rosacea or sensitive skin. Everyone should be using retinol,” says Hartman. “These vitamin A products are some of the most studied and advertised products in skin care. Their benefits are many and incomparable. And that’s the most important step you can take for overall skin health and anti-aging after sun protection. Retinol controls cell turnover. Promotes effective exfoliation, prevents acne, even breakouts. to control fat, fine lines and wrinkles, unclogged pores, and much more. “

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Retinol is often touted as a miracle skin care product. But besides the good stories, there are also bad ones. followed by many more

Is Retinol Bad For Skin

But can retinol really harm your skin? Or something that could change your skin care routine for the better?

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But if you’re in a hurry and don’t use it properly. It can come with unwanted side effects

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is good for the skin. It is in the class of vitamin A from what are known as retinoids.

Retinol has many uses. It can be used to fight conditions like acne and can target areas of pigmentation.

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