Apt Vent Just Moved And Hate The Place

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Apt Vent Just Moved And Hate The Place – We had a vacancy in a four unit Victorian Lady Crescent in October. It’s almost January and I’m finally ready to reveal what we’ve been up to with the space.

Let me tell you, it’s not that it took us three months to hit the update button, it just took us. Three months and a lot of money later, you’ve heard that the renovations are coming together. They definitely add up (see the cost breakdown at the bottom of this post).

Apt Vent Just Moved And Hate The Place

Apt Vent Just Moved And Hate The Place

Let’s address the obvious question: Why refurbish and furnish a rental? The building is adjacent to the GR Medical Mile, a collection of hospitals, medical schools and research facilities. So we realized there was a market for traveling professionals looking for furnished rooms to rent for a few months. Below is a selection of before and after photos of the unit ready for short term guests (30 days or more). Let’s start with the heart of the home – the kitchen.

Sové Home Diy Packed 600 Square Foot Philadelphia Apartment

The floor was the only thing I liked about the space, unless you count the south facing windows. Lucky for me (aesthetically motivated) and unlucky for Simeon (save bucks motivated), the black and white fridge was a mess on the fritz and needed replacing. Counter space was tight, so we wanted to create a lounge area. Also the open rack wagon was moved (by me). Also, before and after: Can you spot what’s new?

To maximize counter space and add seating, we replaced the old laminate table with butcher block and ran it across the wall. There is a heating vent that prevents the cabinets from being along the wall, but it is perfect for front seating. I also opted for a 20-inch apartment oven instead of the traditional 30-inch, which added almost a foot of counter space. Simeon used his magic to throw up a floating shelf (really, he’s so capable it’s silly) and I removed the cabinet doors on top of the hutch and painted the inside to match the green cabinets. A highlight? You guessed it – a new light. My only job… will it ever be done?

Enjoy several photos of the process, including images of the children’s work. Honestly, I can understand why the use of young children is frowned upon. This kid went on strike after 20 minutes and spilled a full pint of pink paint on the floor.

I mentioned above that we spent a lot of money which is relative in the home project scene. For those wondering how much it costs, here’s a breakdown of kitchen remodeling:

Struggling S.a. Residents Forced To Live In Unsanitary Conditions

The total does not include our labor and raw materials such as drywall mud, screws or hardware. Also does not include kitchenware or art.

Please note that I have not included the cost of dishes, art, cutting boards, etc. I shopped at Home Goods, but I bet Goodwill and other thrift stores will have everything you need for a basic kitchen. We also added a retro style microwave, coffee maker, etc. (not pictured as most are in small storage).

I started this post before we moved out of Madison and it’s been sitting in my archive of unfinished drafts for almost nine months. No longer bright yellow, the house is dark blue with cream and red trim. This post is my ode to Madison. A quick review of how we left it better and lovelier than when we came.

Apt Vent Just Moved And Hate The Place

Like most good things, this house was an unexpected find. In 2015 we decided to sell the newly renovated house and buy a duplex. We just found out we are pregnant with 2 and the income from Season 2 allowed me to quit my full time job and stay home with my two young children. One of the benefits of living in a great historic district is walking. During one of these walks in the summer of 2016, we saw a house for sale in Madison. Weeks passed and it sat empty and still for sale. Since the market was hot, I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t selling. I called, we were passing by. The pictures online were horrible… I understood why it wouldn’t budge. Once inside, the reality was that it was amazing! There was a lot of original woodwork and the house was very solid. My parents came with us, and I’ll never forget my mom saying, “Andrea, you should buy this house.” This was an important confirmation from a woman who does not take decisions lightly. We offered 20 thousand. Below, but it was what we could afford. A little distance and until October he became ours.

Hanging Curtains All Wrong

The kitchen looked a little more like the photo below when we started, right? The back staircase was enclosed behind a wall and the stairs led outside (not the original layout of the house). We opened the wall and went back to the kitchen.

The cabinets and floors were healthy, but the paint was weak. I painted all the Sherwin Williams beadboard snow along with the trim. The walls are a realistic Sherwin-Williams beige, but don’t let the name fool you—the base color is purple and doesn’t look quite beige or gray. This is a mysterious color. We actually used this color in the front entry and carried it up the stairs to the second floor landing and hall and to the back staircase. Full wheel with realistic beige. Cabinets are Sherwin Williams Wolf Grey.

Back-splash is a whole other post (literally, read about the process here). I fell in love with cement tiles with a design and color combination called Catalonia Grey. Each tile was $7.40, and I know myself well enough to know that I’m drawn to popular designs that I’ll probably want to replace within the next five years. What better time than to try your hand at stenciling? So here comes the $0.20 tile and tile paint (check out the sister post before I take you through the details).

Log in. I can’t admit anything here. It truly is a testament to craftsmanship – stunning hand-carved details, frosted glass windows (which appear as a theme throughout the home), cladding and more. We found this wonderful chandelier on Craigslist. The hobbyist had an attic full of antiques that he planned to restore, but ended up selling most of them because his schedule never allowed. We also found a brass kitchen light and a dining room chandelier in his collection, and Simeon turned off the lights. The hand painted wall mural was my original attempt at the fireplace wall. Love it or hate it, I loved how the modern design combined the Victorian staircase and the 9′ pocket door.

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The back staircase also had a small step and inspired by the Vintage Revivals bathroom mural, I copied her lovely tutorial where Mandy even provides the paint colors.

This was one of my favorite home transformations. The floor had beige and brown base tiles that were well laid out, but the walls still had their original appearance. Knowing that I wanted to stay true to the age of the house, but admitting that I craved visual appeal, I settled on a traditional 1-inch hex tile. I bought 12×12 white and black tiles from the tile shop. Here’s where it gets boring: Once I’ve decided on my design. The repeat was not every 12 inches, meaning that each sheet was not identical. So I would draw several sheets at once and use the X brush to remove the hex tiles that needed to be removed from the grid and use the glue gun to replace the black hex tile.

(By James Dean Duncan, we have two friends who chose boy names based on book characters, both of whom shine as the main characters). It’s a 645-page novel, and I will forever associate Duncan’s sly, descriptive humor with tile cutting and pasting.

Apt Vent Just Moved And Hate The Place

The living room was my favorite room for one simple reason. style And you guys, the light coming into this southwest facing room was amazing, it felt like living in a Southern California shoot even on a cloudy February afternoon. We touched everything in this space except the windows. We covered the ceiling, replaced the carpet with a herringbone tan rug (pictured at the bottom of the post, the old carpet is still visible in most of these photos). I found the white cabinet at a thrift store, geode pulls from all over Hobby Lobby. Simeon attached the cabinet to the wall and built a bookcase and base around it. We never like the TV to take up most of the space in the living room, but the layout left us with little choice. So

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