Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress

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Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress – A common question I often see on home inspector forums is about whether or not it is acceptable to have an electrical panel without a main switch. This question is usually accompanied by a picture of an electrical panel similar to the panel below:

At a glance, you will notice that there is no major interruption. The large red and black wires at the top provide power to the entire panel. If it was the main service panel it would definitely be a problem… but it isn’t.

Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress

Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress

The panel shown above is not actually the main service panel, it is a sub panel. Any panel connected downstream from the main service panel is a sub-panel and must be connected slightly differently. If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll notice that the neutral (white) and ground (just copper) wires never touch each other. In a main panel, better known as ‘service equipment’, ground and neutral are connected. That alone should be enough to let someone know that this is a subpanel, not a main panel.

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It is ok for a subpanel to have a main break, but it is not required. In this case, the connection is located outside the apartment unit. In condominium buildings, it is common for all the main panels to be located in a single room, usually in the basement of the building.

Sometimes it is in a locked room that we cannot access during the inspection. This is not a problem as long as certain requirements are met. Section 230.72(C) of the National Electrical Code (NEC) states this under the exception:

In terraced houses, it is not unusual to have a bank of main panels all placed right next to each other. We usually have to walk the entire townhouse building to find it during our inspection.

It is not common for the main switch to be separate from the panel where most switches are located in residential buildings, but it does happen. The most common reason for this is an add-on. If someone wants to add an addition to the back of the house where the power comes from the alley, they usually leave the existing main panel in the basement, convert it to a sub panel and add a main panel somewhere else. outside the house. The image below shows what it might look like on the outside when finished. 14er Tactical Morale Patch Display Panel

Yes, it is ideal that the main panel is located outside the house. I’ve had a lot of customers freak out about it because it’s not a typical Minnesota home location, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Wherever you have a basic interruption, you also have a basic service. Every service requires a basic disconnect. This disconnect is usually a single circuit breaker, but can also be a fuse block that pulls out. However, this interruption need not consist of a circuit breaker. Section 230.71(A) of the NEC allows up to six main disconnects grouped together or in a common enclosure.

Not once in my entire home inspection career have I come across a service without a main outage(s). However, I have come across a few houses with more than six, and they are all in houses connected by split-bus panels. I’ll cover split-bus panels next week. The Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious hobbyists. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress

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So I know next to nothing about houses that have been rented for years, just bought a house and was told by my inspector that the panel is only a 70 amp panel and needs to be upgraded before I can install AC.

I took him at his word and had an AC consult, mentioned it to the guy who looked at my panel and agreed it needed an upgrade.

He gave a terrible quote ($5500 for a 3 ton goodman AC installation with no electrical work, no wiring required) so I got someone else to give me a quote.

Now here’s the problem: the guy comes over and says I have a 150 amp panel and has room (that I can see) for a few more breakers on it, and gives me a better AC quote (3500 for a lennox 3 ton of 14) viewers. , all the same bells and whistles).

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So now I’m thinking, given how awful the quote from the first consultation was, maybe he’s just trying to squeeze more money out of me? Why did my inspector tell me it was a 70 amp panel?

I looked at the panel and there are 6 or 8 15/20 amp breakers on it as well as a 30 amp double breaker thing (not sure if it’s 30 each or 30 total) and a 50 amp double- breaker stuff.

Is it correct to say that I have more than a 70 amp panel because of the total amps on the breakers that are there now? Does the sum of the little labels on the breakers add up to my panels amperage?

Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress

I was looking online for a 70 amp panel and it’s this little tiny thing with 3 switches on it..

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It seems to me that the diagram on the box doesn’t match the actual panel because the panel has 20 switch points (as I read it) while the diagram shows 14. And yes, I realize it doesn’t have a main switch , so I included the other two pieces I understand to identify the maximum amp load; the wire and the meter.

The panel is rated to support 125 amps when connected to a 120/240 volt 3-wire system. This means that 125 amps can flow through each top bus bar and each header without melting or burning anything.

The top two double pole breakers are before the “main” breaker, meaning they will always have power when the wires feeding the panel have power. I think there is a disconnect in front of this panel, maybe in the gauge or as a standalone disconnect. Based on their size, I would guess that one (50A) is for an electric stove, electric heater, or maybe a subpanel. The other (30A) is probably for a dryer, water heater, subpanel or other appliance.

The next double-pole switch (50A) controls the flow of electricity to the lower part of the panel. Unlike the double pole switches above, this one should not have any terminals where wires can be connected. The bottom section is rated for a maximum of 100 amps, so the circuit breaker protecting it must be 100 amps or less (50A in your case).

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The bottom section (highlighted in purple) is where the branch breakers connect and has a maximum breaker size of 70 amps. This means that the largest breaker that can be connected to this section is a 70A breaker.

Since there is only one free space (3), it is likely that a central A/C system could be connected without moving things around (at least). A panel upgrade may be your only option, but it depends on the availability (or lack thereof) of a sub-panel and the existing service provided to the building (and the availability of services in the area).

Depending on the service provided to the building, a panel upgrade may include a service upgrade. There’s no point in installing a new 125A panel if you haven’t also upgraded the service to support 125 amps.

Can You Get A Bigger Panel In A Corset Back Dress

To determine if an upgrade is necessary, contact a local licensed electrician to perform a building load calculation.

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Short-circuit and/or overcurrent protection devices (circuit breakers, fuses, etc.) are designed to protect the cables downstream (after they are in the circuit). E.g. If your panel has a main switch, it will be sized to protect the panel’s wiring. The breaker will not be sized to protect the wires feeding the panel or anything before the breaker, only the wires after the breaker.

If you increase the rating of the switches in the branch circuit subsection, you will see that you have 85A on pin A and 105A on pin B. That means… Well, nothing really. The only limitation here is that there can only be as many breakers as physically fit, and no breaker can be larger than 70A.

If more than 15 amps flow through the circuit breaker in slot 4, it will trip (open). It protects the cables connected to that circuit breaker. If more than 50 amps flow through any combination of breakers on either pin A or B of the subsection, the subsection breaker will trip (open). It protects the wiring between the sub-section breaker and the branch breaker.

Theoretically you could. there are circuit breakers with a total of 1,000,000A. It still doesn’t matter as long as you have proper overcurrent protection.

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If I missed something or didn’t explain it well. Feel free to ask additional questions or point out errors

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