Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

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Every part of your wedding day should reflect who you are – including your hairstyle. If you’re a hopeless romantic, there’s a day that’s perfect for you. To help you get inspired by your own look, we’ve compiled 31 updo hairstyles for your wedding that will bring you all the romance. There’s something magical about the pulled aside style. It looks straight out of your favorite romantic comedy, so it’s perfect for your wedding day.

Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

For a flawless, asymmetrical style, we recommend working with a professional hairdresser on your big day. They will keep your items in place all day (and night). Whether you want to wear your braids downwards, in a braid, or on the side in an updo, we have an idea for a bridal hairstyle for any type of wedding. We’ve also included hairstyles that work well for long, medium and short hair. Check out our favorite side hairstyles for the wedding below.

Gorgeous Short Wedding Hairstyles And Bridal Hair Ideas

This style is perfect for a romantic wedding. Pull one side of the curls taut to show off your beautiful bridal eye makeup.

Ask your stylist to skillfully style your long curls into a side braid. It is the perfect combination of sweetness and sourness. (Pro tip: This is also the perfect braided hairstyle for a beach wedding)

Not all sideways split wedding wards need to be super cute. For a stunning look, rock this effortlessly beautiful fish braid. If you want a more classic feel, wear a French braid instead.

Curl your hair and gently pin one side to the back. Top with a simple clip for a bit of glam.

Romantic Bridal Hairstyles For The Season

Create a side boho hairstyle for your wedding with loose messy waves. Pull them to the side and pin them in place. Top with veil for an especially romantic atmosphere.

We love the topping because it’s fun and delicious in equal measure. For a side-impact look, shave one side of your head thoroughly and leave the other side for longer.

If you want a subtle hint of sparkle, consider this side-swept hairstyle for your wedding day. Pin the loose curls on one side to the back of your head with an elegant comb.

Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

Puffy Ask your stylist to create big voluminous curls and gently brush your hair back to one side for the look that’s on the cover of romance.

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Romance and drama – what could be better? Ask your stylist for big curls on the top of your head with extra volume, then create a long section for a side look.

We love this side hairstyle for weddings because it’s elegant yet simple. Curl up your hair then pull firmly on one side to the back. Secure with leaves and on top with a curtain.

29 classic wedding hairstyles that will take you from a chic 50’s accent to a casual 70’s wave.

Are you dreaming of a retro sideup bridal hairstyle? Gather your curly hair to the side and secure it with a pin at the nape of your neck.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles Part Ii: Bridal Updos

Direct your inner flower baby to your wedding with this stunning sideways hairstyle. Create a very loose fishtail braid (gently pull on the sides for a fully undone look) then add small flowers like baby’s breath (or flower crown) for a boho chic effect.

Are you looking for a unique side hairstyle for your wedding? Look no further. Tuck one side of your hair down and leave the other completely natural for a creative, chic bridal style.

This side wedding hairstyle is both vintage and modern. Make a deep part then pin one side tightly. Add extra volume on the other side for a dramatic effect.

Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

Show your fun side with this side hairstyle for your wedding day. Create small, bouncy curls, sweep your hair to one side and secure one side with a shiny comb.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Black Women

This bridal updo hairstyle is cute and soft. Pull your hair into a low bun and then pull the front section of your hair up and to the side.

Get creative with your bridal hair. Instead of using a traditional hairpin or comb, pin your hair with safety pins.

We can’t stop looking at this beautiful side bridal hairstyle. Ask your professional to create smooth S-shaped curls, then pull one side back with an elegant hair piece. Add a veil for a more romantic touch.

For a retro hairstyle, gather your hair in a low bun on the side and add a birdcage on top. Psst: Get a look with our birdcage veil set.

Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women: 40 Looks & Expert Tips

Are you organizing a beautiful wedding? You can’t go wrong with the classic style. Pull your hair up in a low bun but leave a few pieces at the front for a gentle look. Add a shiny hair accessory and a veil to complete the look.

If you are looking for a curly bridal hairstyle, we have protection for you. Embrace your natural texture and pull your hair into a low bun. Complement it with a unique flower crown, such as the one made of greens and wildflowers.

This side wedding hairstyle may be appropriate at an old wedding but still feels fashionable. Ask your stylist to create a large side part, then add a shiny hairpin for extra shine.

Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

The loose, low bun looks effortlessly elegant. Add an ombre-colored flower beret for a bohemian look.

Wedding Braid Hairstyles: Fishtail, French, Dutch & More

If your hair is short, you can still rock a side bridal hairstyle. Just create an extra deep side part and clip one side behind the ear.

We love this side bridal hairstyle for weddings as it is the perfect blend of glam and boho styles. Create a loose fish tail on the side, then add some shiny hairpins for a beautiful day.

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Wedding Hair Styles To The Side

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So, to make it easier for you to choose. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite half and half down wedding hairstyles. It’s the best of both worlds to give you lots of options for this bridal hairstyle.

Irresistible Hairstyles For Brides And Bridesmaids

Choose the one that suits you

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