Steampunk Wedding Gowns

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Steampunk Wedding Gowns – Gothic Belle Red Black Lace Wedding Dresses Vintage Lace-up Corset Steampunk Sleeping Beauty Off Shoulder Plus Size Bridal Gown

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Steampunk Wedding Gowns

Steampunk Wedding Gowns

All of our clothes are made to order, if you have any questions, you can contact us by email: [email protected] Size Chart: How to measure: If you need a dress, please measure yourself according to the picture. Please send us the following important measurements: 1 inch = 2.54 cm Bust: __________ Shoulder: __________ Hips: ____________ Shoulder to shoulder: ____________ Front (without shoes): ____________ Height (from head to shoe without shoes): __________ Color: __________ Heel height: Date __________ you wear: __________ If your dress has a shirt, please tell us below the measurements: Shoulder: ______ Shoulder Strap: ______ Bust to Bust: ____ Handle: ____________ Shoulder: ____________ Sleeve Length: __________ Please note that our products are handmade and vary from The item in the picture, you may not be 100% the same. Like a painting, the same picture will never look the same twice. Every detail is to make your product 90% similar to the product in the picture we provide. If you have special requirements, you must tell us before production to avoid any changes, I want you to make the best of this adventure, be our Bride! – Hipsterfashion, wedding design and production company

Historical Bridal Gown

Our return and exchange policy is very strict because we don’t keep clothes but custom clothes, we can’t sell the clothes back to other buyers.

1. Your satisfaction is very important to us. When your package arrives, we want you to check and confirm that the clothes, if there are any problems, please contact us within 12 hours, after 12 hours, we will not accept any responsibility, all responsibility of the buyer.

2. Because each garment is customized according to the needs of each buyer, we cannot sell the garment. Therefore, we do not accept any unreasonable requests from buyers for returns and refunds (for example, the clothes are not what they expected, the clothes do not fit , the buyers themselves give the size, the buyer gives the wrong place, etc. ) Therefore, before placing an order, every buyer should be sure that the clothes they need 100%, otherwise, please do not place the order. If the buyer orders, the seller will prepare the clothes according to the buyer’s size and send it to the buyer, then we will not accept the refund and money, and the person purchase will pay the lost price.

3. If the clothes are damaged because of the seller (add pictures or other clear evidence that there is a problem with the goods received) or if the seller sends the wrong goods or sends to wrong address, during shipment (you must first get the “damage” information from your shipping service provider) so you can choose to return it. Return shipping will be paid by the buyer. After we receive the clothes, we will make no problem within 3 days after the money is returned to your account (Please note: Please note that the clothes are in good condition, no wear, no wash, no change, no damage, clean what should be done, we will return the clothes to the buyer, the buyer will bear the freight, we will not return, please do not be disappointed. our ability to check) or you can choose to keep clothes. We will return a part of the money as payment (20% of the total cost will be returned to you), other unreasonable demands and reasons, we will not accept the money back.

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4. If the package is sent to the wrong place or lost because of the express company, we will not accept refund or refund, we will help the buyer to request payment from a private company.

5. If the money is returned by the buyer, the seller is not responsible. After the third party steps in and requests a refund, the seller will pay 50% of the total price (purchase price + total shipping) + 15% commission + $4.99 handling fee + tax sell and the rest will be returned. The buyer. (Please note: the clothes are customized for each buyer and cannot be sold. All the clothes are handmade by the tailor, so the production costs are very high. To order again If possible, we need to pay 50% of the total price (purchase price. + total shipping) for materials, labor and shipping. 15% commission and $4.99 handling fee to pay the Fees plus sales tax are non-refundable and deductible)

It usually takes 30 working days from the time the buyer orders the clothes to the time they receive them, if you need it faster, please let us know to make sure the time will be meet your requirements, after the clothes are shipped, we will give the waybill number to the buyer request. For a limited time, please see the ratings of each speed company.

Steampunk Wedding Gowns

We understand that ordering a dress for your special event is an important task, and our cancellation policy is designed with this in mind. However, it should be noted that our clothes (including diapers and diapers) are made to order, hold sizes or custom measurements, and during the process Once created, the material cannot be reused. The good news is that there is still time to change your mind after placing your order. Please see our cancellation and refund policy for details.

Steam Noir Black Steampunk Wedding Dress

Cancellation requests received within 0.5 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund (purchase price plus full shipping, but minus 15% commission, sales tax and a $4.99 handling fee).

Cancellation requests received within 0.5 to 4 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund that includes all shipping costs and 50% of the purchase price goods. It has been reduced.

Cancellation of the order after 4 hours of confirmation of payment will not be accepted and no refund will be given. If you ask to cancel the order, 50% of the total price will be charged, and the handling fee and tax will not be refunded, please be careful.

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us via inbox message, we will reply you within one working day.

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Please note that our clothes are all handmade, and cannot be 100% identical to the items in the photos. Just like a painting, the same picture cannot be drawn twice. Every detail is designed to make your project look 90% like the project in the pictures we provide. If you have special rights, you must share them before production to avoid any changes. To keep users’ information safe, please do not place an order if you do not support the original version of your web browser. Please upgrade to the latest version.

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Steampunk Wedding Gowns

A star seller. This seller consistently gets 5 star reviews, ships on time, and responds quickly to messages you receive.

Gothic Belle Red Black Lace Wedding Dresses Vintage Lace Up Corset Steampunk Sleeping Beauty Off Shoulder Plus Size Bridal Gown Sold By Bd Wedding Dress On Storenvy

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Steampunk Wedding Dress – Fairytale, Victorian, Edwardian, Adventure, Explorer, Clockwork, Airship, Pirate wench. Includes a bustier dress, a corset with metal bones, a shirt and a top hat.

Only the devil! An absolutely stunning bridal dress. Perfect for any bride to marry her princess in a Steampunk, Fantasy, Historical or romantic setting!

All garments can be made according to US/UK sizes, which we can determine according to your personal measurements.

Steampunk Wedding Dress Custom Made Rustic Bridal Gown With

Perfect for brides looking for a Steampunk or Victorian themed wedding or just looking for a beautiful outfit for their wedding day!

The bra is designed using historical patterns in the fabric and color of your choice to match the theme and color of your wedding. The train can be adjusted according to the desired length. (Please note that the dress in the list is the equivalent of the original item you received, that you have a choice for the ‘fullness’ of the dress – please see the list below) .

If you want to wear more ‘slim’ clothes, I can give you other options to consider at no extra cost.

Steampunk Wedding Gowns

The bustle dress is made with authentic historical techniques, including embroidery and lace for a beautiful, all-over bridal bustle. This method allows the exchange of noise back, therefore

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