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Ski Decorations – Can I tell you how excited I am that it’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday?? Lovely friends, I have some real junk to share today, which is even better! So you all know how I moved to a new neighborhood, right? These nice people don’t actually know how much I enjoy rummaging through their curbside trash for potential treasures…except now that they apparently do.

I saw the POD being delivered to the empty house next door and was excited that we would soon have new neighbors. The next day I saw a huge pile of stuff by the curb and thought it was weird that someone was waiting for their turn to put away all that junk. I mean, why did they pack things they didn’t want?

Ski Decorations

Ski Decorations

So I decided to be neighborly and go to introduce myself (and take a closer look at this pile of potential) when I noticed that there were three pairs of perfectly good skis in the pile! (One set is missing from the photo above.)

Choosing A Design For Your Modern Ski Chalet At The Yellowstone Club

It turned out that the lady I met owned the house and was renting it out. He was using the fifth bedroom for storage and decided most of it would just have to go…like three perfectly good sets of skis!

I introduced myself and asked if he would mind taking the skis for a vacation project and he was happy to let me have what I wanted. However, I held back and just took my skis. So of course my neighbors saw me walking back with them… “This will make a great holiday decoration!”, I tell them.

It’s amazing what spray paint, pretty greenery (Hobby Lobby) and a big fat buffalo bow (also Hobby Lobby) can do!

My husband removed all my bandages and I gave them a few coats of Colonial Red Rustoleum spray paint (satin finish):

Black Dog Ski Company

I made this set from a pair of green ones I picked up at Pier One after Christmas last year:

They have the most realistic greenery. I bought several when they were marked down last year and used them to decorate our home. I will be sharing more Christmas decorations soon!

This project really couldn’t be easier. After I painted them (one coat on the back and two coats on the front) I drilled a small hole with a regular old drill bit. I crossed them exactly as I wanted, then flipped both skis.

Ski Decorations

I trimmed a little green stem and then attached them directly to the skis with floral wire:

Dartmouth Skiway Ski Decor Map Art Gift Skiing Dartmouth Ski

On each stem where you can’t see well I added a little more wire to hold them firmly in place.

It started raining so I didn’t get many pictures from under the porch, but here is one…

You can add them to almost any corner of your home to add a festive touch. Adding a small set of battery powered lights would make them even prettier!

I’ll be back on Thursday to share my Christmas decorated dining room! I managed to paint the rest of the chairs in the dining set so I can finally check that project off the list, yuck!

Rae Dunn “let It Snow” Ski Gnome Christmas Ski Décor

UPDATE: Check out what my dining set was like HERE and see my Christmas ready dining room! Do you have old or modern skis that you don’t need? Add them to your home! Here are some ideas for recycling or repurposing old skis to give your home a wintery feel at once.

Turn old skis into cool pieces of furniture for your vintage or farmhouse or cottage – they’re totally on point. Yu can create a coat rack – wall-mounted or regular, a bench for your porch or entrance, a shelf, a lamp, a hearth, and more. Think about the furniture you need and figure out how to incorporate old skis into the project.

A rack for old skis is a great idea to recycle old skis and get a useful piece of furniture

Ski Decorations

A firewood trough made of new and colorful skis is a cool piece to place next to the fireplace

Ski Lodge Chic Christmas Living Room Decor

A simple wall mounted ski clothes rack is a great and quick DIY for a cabin or farmhouse

An open shelf based on skis is a cool way to recycle your old skis

Skis as a coat hanger in the entrance is a cool winter idea, add vintage charm to your room

Skis can also be used simply as decoration – they easily give your room the winter touch of a ski lodge. place the skis in the entrance, on the porch or hang them above the bed or sofa as part of the decor. You can also take colored skis for inspiration or paint them yourself!

Ski Inspired Home Décor

A cozy corner decorated with colorful vintage skis is a very cool idea for a sports lover or a winter home

The gallery wall above the sofa with vintage skis looks both wintry and sporty at the same time

Vintage rustic entrance designed with wooden firewood boxes and red antique skis is a very cozy space

Ski Decorations

Even a modern or minimalist home can be accented with a few skis to instantly create a winter feel

Stag Pillow Cover

Place skis next to the console table for an instant winter feel. This is a simple decorating idea

You can place some skis next to the fireplace to instantly bring a cabin feel to your home

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we assume that you are satisfied with it. Okay, just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you have to rush to pack away all the holiday decorations for the season. There are still plenty of DIY winter decorations to add a festive touch to your home until the tulips start to burst. You can create the cozy living room of your dreams or bring a splash of color to your kitchen that will make you smile while you prepare bone-warming soups and stews. Our list of ideas includes some cute DIY winter crafts, like turning old sweaters into pillows and even making a wreath without mittens. Greenery is also an easy place to brighten up the whole home, especially in the form of wreaths or wreaths – try adding a pair of mittens or white-painted pine cones as decoration instead of a bow. If you’re looking for a project to tackle on a cold, windy winter day, you can even use our wreath making guide.

Whether you want to achieve rustic farmhouse decor or a minimalist vibe, there’s an idea here to cover all styles. This list inspires a variety of ideas for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more, from patterns and colors to a more rustic look using pine cones and acorns for decoration. Once you’ve decided which direction to go with your winter decor, you’ll likely want to add some fun winter activities to your list.

Sunrise Park Resort Trail Map

Hang a pine cone above a modern headboard with a low frame. In this scenario, hanging on the fence with nails is easy, but Command hooks or small nails will also help.

Enjoy the smell of Christmas all season long by hanging a fun three-quarter length garland around the window, like the owners of this cozy and cozy cottage did.

Wrap plain glass vases with strands of yarn and thread with wooden knitting needles. For more textured strands, braid lengths of yarn and tie vases. Add buttercups, baby’s breath, snowberries and branches.

Ski Decorations

These DIY candles are perfect for the holiday table, above the mantelpiece or placed in the fireplace instead of a fire. These candles are easy to make.

National Tree Company 17 In. Ski Decoration Door Decor Mz17 C20b200 1

Preparation: wrap the pillar candle with a string. Stick a fresh bay leaf, thyme or rosemary under the string.

Make: Wrap the 12-inch foam wreath template with a knitted scarf, holding the ends in place with straight pins. Attach the baby’s mittens and top with a yarn bow.

Dress the table with an array of wools and upcycled knit sweaters for a warm and cozy dinner. Wrap yarn around large spools and flower vases, add knitting needles to create a centerpiece. Tie balls of yarn to the backs of chairs and cover the seats with scraps of jersey to create themed seating.

The winter decoration of this 200-year-old farmhouse included garlands hung from the staircase. Red bows with beads attached to the center add festive color.

Paper Paint And Pine: Diy Christmas Ski Decoration

An easy way to decorate any table: place winter berries and evergreen branches in a galvanized bucket. Here again, a simple garland adds a wintry touch to the country house.

For a classic winter decoration that always looks elegant, you can hang undecorated doors or wreathed cabinets with festive plaid ribbons.

This stunning staircase gives a festive feel with garlands of dried citrus and greenery. Festive velvet ribbons wrapped around images and silhouettes make them feel like gifts.

Ski Decorations

The green and red palette works all winter and is easy to remove. Cover the table with winter greenery

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