Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

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Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding – Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a wine cork candle… thing. I don’t really know what to call it because I’m not really going to use it as a centerpiece… wine corks as a candle filler? wine corks and a candle in a glass cylinder? Candle decoration drink a lot of wine? So I’ll just go for the wine cork candlestick.

I don’t have to look far for wine corks. I have kept them for years and display them in a large glass cylinder in our kitchen.

Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

I was curious how many corks I collected, so I counted. The total amount of money? 292. No, I don’t have a drinking problem. Other people helped me drink most of those 292 bottles of wine… Wine Bottle Cork Decoration Pattern Round Tablecloth Table Cloth Cover Mat Reusable Washable 60 Inch Dining Decorative For Holiday Home Party Wedding Picnic Tablecloth

If you don’t like wine like I do, you can ask a local restaurant, banquet hall or winery to stock corks for you. You can also buy them (here) if you don’t want to ask for them.

I used the large glass cylinder I originally kept corks in. For the actual candlestick, I took one of the leftover glass cylinders from our wedding (purchased from the Dollar Tree). I just put the smaller glass cylinder in the center of the large glass cylinder.

Then I placed wine corks around the smaller cylinder and a candle inside the smaller cylinder. Nothing special here, I just tossed the corks in the big container.

Sidebar: I used my favorite candle for this project: Caribbean Coconut from Aroma-Mix (found at Kohls). I really love this scent. Seriously, so they don’t run out when the wick burns out, I cut them up and put them in my candle warmer. Unfortunately they have stopped making this perfume. So if anyone finds these candles, please let me know.

Diy Wine Cork Craft Ideas

When I was done with the big cylinder, I thought maybe not enough light was coming through the corks, so I made another one with a smaller cylinder.

I think they turned out great! And I spent a whopping $0 to make them. These would make beautiful (and inexpensive) centerpieces for a wedding or a wine and cheese party.

Of all the talk about wine, which is your favorite? I am a Moscato and a sweet red type of girl.

Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

EDIT: There are questions about the size of the containers I used. So here it is. The larger outer container is 9 inches in diameter (found at Home Goods a few years ago). The smaller outer container is 6 inches in diameter (found at Walmart a few years ago). The candlesticks inside are 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter (found at the Dollar Tree). Instead of throwing away your empty vino barrels after enjoying your favorite red or white, turn them into art. Whether used as an inventive candle holder or a simple flower vase, DIY wine bottle centerpieces can instantly upgrade any table for any occasion. (DIY wedding centerpieces? Check.) Get inspired by our favorite homemade wine bottle centerpieces, along with these repurposed wine bottle crafts and easy wine cork projects.

Wine Bottle Centerpieces — Homemade Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

Pay tribute to the roads once traveled by sticking maps on each recycled wine bottle. Throw in some flowers and voila!

This wine bottle centerpiece project requires just a few upward strokes of paint for a result that looks straight out of an art studio.

You will find it difficult to choose where to display this charming wine bottle centerpiece, it is in your best interest to make in bulk. It only takes 10 minutes!

Go beyond an upright centerpiece of a wine bottle. The horizontal alignment creates an ingenious succulent base.

Diy Wedding Decor Table Centerpieces With Wine Bottles Wrapped In Burlap Twine And Rose Flowers. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 28003095

When you’re ready to wreak havoc with your favorite novels (or pick up a few books at a thrift bookstore), use book pages to create unique wine bottle embellishments in any shape you want.

With such a polished look, you’ll never believe that the golden beauties on this candlestick once stood in your wine collection. Brides-to-be, let this idea inspire your wedding day style.

A wine bottle vase does not have to be rigid for live flowers. Paper flowers make for a more durable setup that you can enjoy all year round.

Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

All that glitters is gold, especially in the form of a wine bottle. Cut out the metallic spray paint to bring this matching cluster to life.

Pretty Ways To Use Old Wine Corks In Decor

The more the merrier! Collect a handful of nearly identical bottles, remove the labels, fill with water and add flowers for this elegant DIY.

Take the centerpiece of your wine bottle to elegant new heights with white candles – in and around glass vessels. Add some plants to your display for the finishing touch.

Goodbye, votives – meet your new candlestick go-to. Add your favorite seasonal plant and some cold water to any wine bottle, and your tablescape will be a hit at your next dinner party.

Don’t throw the cork either – this ingenious wedding center not only highlights each table number, but the bottle itself displays a personalized photo.

Simple Wine Centerpiece Olive Leaf Vow Renewal Small Party

Come winter, this white-pink arrangement will be the star of your Christmas decorations. In addition, wine bottle necks are practically made for storing small ornaments.

As soon as you light the candle holders in this striking silver set, the wax starts to trickle into the bottle for a cool and eccentric effect.

Mix and match between rope and lace wine bottles, light filled wine bottles or plain old clear wine bottles.

Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

Play it high by adding a few Mason jars to the mix. All four bottles, which can hold decorative branches or sticks, add a sweet message to your family dinner. Wine Bottle String Lights With Cork,18 Pack 20 Led 2m Mini Silver Copper Wire Fairy Lights Fit Diy Party Wedding Table Centerpieces Decor (6 Color)

The sky (er, galaxy) is the limit when it comes to creative wine bottle decorations, as evidenced by this stellar set.

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Rustic Wedding Ideas For Casual And Cozy Nuptials

I made a sturdy bark wired wreath base and pinned focal flowers, plants, grapes/berries. I can do this with any flowers, colors to match the rest of your wedding flowers/decor. (excluding the actual bottle).

Made to order, please allow 2 weeks for me to make them. Each one is handmade with creativity that is a little different, making yours original!

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Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

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Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Stunning Wedding Table Decoration And Centerpiece Ideas

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Wine Cork Centerpieces For Wedding

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