Ceremony Aisle Decor

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Ceremony Aisle Decor – Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, in a church or on the lawn, here are some aisle decorating ideas to add atmosphere and express your personal style. Here are some of our favorite ideas from previous weddings. Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Endless flower petals add color and softness to the path and can be as random or orderly as you like. This Lake House wedding features ombre-style foliage ranging from pale pink to pale cream.

Ceremony Aisle Decor

Ceremony Aisle Decor

Shepard’s hooks are incredibly versatile. Hang a vase arrangement like the ones shown here, pomades, buckets, ribbons or other decoration.

Beautiful Altar And Aisle Decorations For Your Wedding Ceremony

Plants are a great way to add a fresh seasonal flair to your ceremony. Hydrangea plants in rustic tin pots line this outdoor ceremony.

A large romantic flower arrangement placed on a pedestal acts as a centerpiece when the ceremony begins. Then use the arrangements as centerpieces or designate special areas within the reception.

The bunches of flowers attached to the mountain are finished with simple ribbons, helping the large church feel more intimate. Using ribbons to hang the flowers does not damage the holes and allows the flowers to be attached to a chair back or railing later.

This stunning outdoor ceremony featured large balloons with strings of matching fringe to match the couple’s flowers. Send the balloons after the ceremony or as part of a couple’s send off.

Diy Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Light the ceremony with candles. Place pillar candles in glass vases slightly above the flame or use floating candles with submerged flowers.

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Ceremony Aisle Decor

One of the biggest (and most photographed) moments during the wedding. Not to mention you’re about to take this trip

Aisle Draping Decor For Ceremony

– when he turns out to be the second, newly married, of course. So basically, decorating your wedding aisle is something you want to think about.

Just because you want to do something with it doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant. Actually, when we search for real weddings

, we found ourselves particularly drawn to the simple settings. Tay Wall of design company Bixby + Pine says their approach is to keep it big or simple. “If it’s not important to you or in your budget, that’s fine. But if you have some extra money or want to make a moment of it, go for it,” she says.

Decorating your wedding aisle is really up to you. And if you do not know what to do – decisions must be made, because there are several ideas for you.

Chair Swag Pew Flowers Ceremony Aisle Decor Aisle Swag

So, keep reading for more wedding aisle decorating ideas. We can’t wait to see how you end your special day.

Since they had a circular altar, the couple kept their aisle simple with greenery and candles. One easy trick that Bixby + Nine loves is adding design elements to the ground. “It can usually be candles, but it can also be strips of greenery or strings of small arrangements,” says Wall.

It is amazing as a historic church. Heflin Cordero advises keeping in mind the natural state or location of the structure, “I like to make a statement with the mod, but I want to make sure it ‘fits,'” she explains. “Does it detract from the natural beauty of the ceremony site?” In this case, a light touch of garland with white flowers and scattered leaves is all the space needs.

Ceremony Aisle Decor

Bixby + Nine aligned this ceremony with a uniquely chosen venue: hay bales. They placed rugs along the aisle to create the eclectic feel of the wedding design. Aisle decor is understated, focusing attention on the beautiful floral arrangements created by the wedding arch.

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Burlap & Bordeaux Landscaping begins a path through a dreamy pond. “With greenery, white flowers and pampas grass along the pond path, it creates a contemporary, eclectic feel,” says Heflin Cordero.

Place a small design element on the ground with greenery or candles and place small arrangements in just a few rows. It makes decorating easy in a minimalist ceremony, but can also serve as an addition to a dramatic setting.

By the way, this couple from arizona just showed up at the entrance – white delphiniums, red roses and candles in gold wedding lanterns. “Wear your T-shirt and make a statement: It’ll give your guests a bit of awe when they’re seated,” says Wall.

In case you haven’t heard, cacti are trending right now and especially when it comes to weddings in the Southwest. Wall says he likes to keep it simple with just two flowers (or, in this case, a cactus). “Initiate something fun that ties into your ceremony to add interest and a little flair.”

Ways To Decorate Your Ceremony Aisle

Lined with leaves? Try both. This design from Bourlap & Bordeaux is all about luxury. Heflin Cordero used a glossy white floor runner flanked by white flower petals to soften the look and add a romantic feel. To overcome this, he arranged the flowers in glass vases of different heights.

Bixby + Nine added a splash of color to make the ceremony simple yet stunning. “Finishing the road with bright leaves has been fun so far because we’ve used such a beautiful and bold color palette,” says Wall. “It really brought the ceremony space to life!”

Burlap & Bordeaux planted some flowers and planted fresh flowers on the side of the road. The design features “romantic flowers with petals on tiles to create a romantic and beautiful pathway” by Heflin Cordero. She added hints of soft pink and purple with white flowers for a dreamier feel.

Ceremony Aisle Decor

In this Bixby + Nine design, glass vases with white, red and pink flowers match the ceremony route. Glass elements work especially well with closed ceremonies: the main light source will reflect the brightest. The vases make it super easy to bring to the reception after the wedding and can serve as party favors for guests.

Wedding Aisle Decorations Pink Pew Flowers Set Of 10 For Wedding Cerem

A no-frills aisle can be truly beautiful, especially when surrounded by rental high chairs and a chuppah filled with flowers. While the space is particularly stunning, Wall says, Bixby + Nine likes to let it speak for itself and go with less decor. “Maybe you’re in a forest, or on a cliff, or something super epic that doesn’t need a backdrop,” he says. “You don’t need anything when nature hits you with its light.”

Keeping the road clear, Bixby + Pine made a statement with center seats. “Thinking a little outside the box, Credit Connor used mismatched furniture and turned his chairs (and stools) beautifully,” says Wall. The velvet details on the seats added pops of color and a cool vintage vibe.

When you have decor that makes a statement (those palm trees, flowers), it’s smart to keep your wedding aisle decorations simple. That’s why this path lined with white roses seems particularly appropriate. We also like the white tie with the seat cushions.

Designer bride Lucilla Bonaccorsi unexpectedly found her inspiration on her catwalk at the Infiorata festival in Noto, Italy, where the streets look like glamorous paintings. He, along with his mother, Luisa Beccaria, held a ceremony on the church floor with pastel garlands.

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Decor

Rugs created a casual atmosphere at this desert wedding. Pillar candles, cacti and fresh flowers added extra flair.

String lights to add a cozy feel to the ceremony. This Tennessee wedding featured rustic centerpieces at the end of the aisle with small bouquets left behind the white ceremony chairs. The minimal decoration of the aisle draws the eye to the back of a branch decorated with flowers.

This path (in an enchanted forest) is lined with ferns and surrounded by white flowers. At this wedding, he made way for a semicircular altar of white delphiniums, larkspur, snapdragons and wild ferns.

Ceremony Aisle Decor

You can change the decor from the ceremony to the reception to save on the floral budget.

Budget Friendly Simple Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

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