Brooches Wedding Bouquet

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Brooches Wedding Bouquet – This was my brooch bouquet when I got married a few years ago. Last year my best roast got married too. He likes my bouquet so I made him a brooch bouquet as a wedding gift. Fortunately, I documented the steps (for him, actually).

To make a very personal bouquet, you need to collect a lot of old decorations (you will need up to 50-60 depending on the size of the bouquet) from both the bride and groom’s family. You can choose just brooches, hangers or chains, but you can also add almost anything that is small enough to fit in the bouquet. I added some erudite with my husband’s initials and my name when I made mine. Since the bride is not wearing a watch, I also added an old brooch to my bouquet.

Brooches Wedding Bouquet

Brooches Wedding Bouquet

I contacted the bride’s sister and mother, as well as the groom’s brother. They collected a bunch of old family pins.

How To Make A Brooch Bouquet

Eventually, you will have enough. Then you have to choose the one you will actually use. The pieces should roughly match in color. They should not be too delicate because you will have trouble wrapping the wire around them.

Like real flowers, each ornament needs to be wrapped with wire to form a stem. It’s just for the pin. Just use a pin pin. Wrap the wire around the pin to avoid damaging the pin. The packaging should be tight and not loose. Use pliers.

For a nice finish on the stems, use tape to cover the entire wire. This will help prevent the wires from slipping when you put them on later.

You can collect the finished brooch like real flowers in a vase or glass. You will get an impression of what the final bouquet might look like by decorating individual pins.

The Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Ideas

I used rubber bands to hold the bouquet up on my desk to free my hands.

To get a nice round shape of the bouquet and make it look completely full, use the thread to attach the wide ribbon in loose loops all around the bouquet holder. I put the tape in a bowl to prevent the tape from rolling on the floor.

Nothing much to say about this move. Place the individual pins on the bouquet stand. The bottom of the pin should lightly touch the top of the ribbons.

Brooches Wedding Bouquet

Short the wire that is too long. Be careful not to remove the pins too often to rearrange. The foam will become crumbly and will no longer hold the pin. Place the pins equidistant from the ribbon loops. Do not pinch the loops of the ribbon, otherwise you will lose the stuffed look of the finished bouquet.

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After making the bouquet, the handle of the bouquet holder is still raw plastic. It doesn’t look very nice and it doesn’t feel very comfortable in the palm of your hand. Wrap the ribbon around the handle to add the perfect finishing touch to the brooch bouquet. Attach the ribbon with hot glue.

For a smooth transition between the handle and the top pin, you can add more ribbon-petals. So wrap the wire in a piece of tape to form a loop. Add some of these loops just below the pin by gluing them to the foam or taping them in place before (!) adding the ribbon around the handle.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of this step before my friends wedding. So I have only one of my own bouquet of brooches. I hope you understand what I mean.

The final look of the brooch bouquet depends entirely on the brooches you use, as you can see in the two different examples.

Add Sparkle To Your Wedding Day With A Brooch Bouquet

Making a brooch bouquet for a friend or for yourself is a very good way to create the right wedding mood. The average price of a waterfall pearl and brooch bridal bouquet is $250 to $550 and up. Don’t believe me! Study this type of bouquet and you will see how expensive they can be. If that’s out of your budget, you’ll be thrilled with what I’m about to share. Did you know you can DIY a cascading bridal bouquet with pearls and brooches for just $85.06? No, that’s not a typo. You’ll get the same gorgeous look at a fraction of the price with just a few simple steps I’ll share below. So let’s get started! Check out the video tutorial below for video instructions!

CWI PROJECT *$85.06 (some supplies cover more than 1 center) *Prices vary based on amount of coupon discount. *Price based on current retail price. (excluding tax)

How to make an elegant brooch with pearls cascading bridal bouquet with your own hands. Instructions: STEP 1: Place the bouquet on half of the foam ball and draw around it. Cut out the outlined area and remove enough foam with a spoon to fit the handle inside the foam. Then add hot glue to the top of the handle and place it in the foam. Now attach the bouquet collar with hot glue.

Brooches Wedding Bouquet

It’s time to measure and cut the strings of beads STEP 2: Measure and cut three ivory beads at 10 inches, 20 inches, and 30 inches. Then measure and cut three strands of white pearl at 15 inches, 25 inches, and 35 inches. Also measure and cut two strands of rainbow pearls to 12 and 18 inches. Finally, measure and cut a 19-inch length of rhinestone wire.

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Attach the wires to the foam bowl in STEP 3: Now arrange the sections from step 2 from shortest to longest. Draw a center line on the foam bowl with a pen. Attach the sections with floral pins around the center line, from shortest to longest, side to side. Make sure they are even on both sides. [Watch Video]

Decorate Flowers STEP 4: Cut 26 gauge floral wire into 3 inch pieces. Wrap one end of each piece around your finger to make a loop. Hot glue a pin to one part, a button to the second, and a pearl bead to the third. Let the pieces dry. When they are dry, remove the stems from the flowers and insert them into each flower. You can make as many decorated flowers as you want. [Watch Video]

Attach the flowers STEP 5: Begin attaching the flowers along the center line you created in step 2. The pattern you want to make is a blush rose with two cream roses on top, followed by 2 decorated roses on either side. Attach a total of 12-16 blush roses, 16-20 ivory roses, and 8-12 true cream roses.

FINAL STEP! STEP 6:  Finally, make the additional pin embellishments from step 4 and attach them to the bouquet. Place the decorated brooch in the center of the bouquet. I highly recommend watching the video above for this step.

Forever Brooch Bouquets Wedding Bridal Mementos

I absolutely love how elegant this DIY brooch and pearl cascading bridal bouquet turned out! The result is beautiful and will definitely add a special touch to your wedding!

If you like the result, please subscribe to our Youtube channel for more DIY videos and follow us on Facebook and  Pinterest. Rhinestone brooches and lavender hydrangea flowers are a wonderful combination in this lush and beautiful wedding bouquet of silk flowers with a matching boutonniere of the groom. This bouquet can be yours to have and keep, or ask me about pins and a custom bouquet of flowers for your special day!

This custom wedding bouquet of silk flowers and brooches measures 9 inches in diameter and includes an assortment of rhinestone brooches, bridesmaids and rhinestone buttons set amidst lavender silk hydrangeas. The edge of the bouquet is decorated with a collar of silver-gray satin ribbon. The sleeve is wrapped in silver gray satin with rhinestone buttons.

Brooches Wedding Bouquet

This bouquet is accompanied by a groom’s boutonniere in lavender silk hydrangea with a rhinestone button embellished with a silver gray stem wrap and two silver studs for fastening.

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If you need additional items such as a groom’s boutonniere, best man’s boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, flower girl accessories or a ring, please contact me and we can put together a custom wedding package. If you like this bouquet but need to change it to match your color, contact me for a custom design!

This bouquet and boutonniere, along with any other custom items, can take up to 6 weeks to create. Please see our policy for more information!

Please visit my shop for design ideas for custom bridal bouquets and groom’s boutonnieres:

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