How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

Wednesday, January 18th 2023. | Weddings

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding – We can host parties large and small in the Greater Boston area. We are a versatile bar and can handle all your raw bar requirements. We pride ourselves on our customized raw bars for your event. We will work with you to create your perfect experience – sourcing oysters from all over the world, we will be able to fulfill the wishes of oyster lovers.

All our shellfish are sourced with quality and freshness in mind. We work with local businesses to help support a sustainable and healthy ocean. Our professional shuckers are the final step in ensuring the flavor and freshness of all oysters are visible. All of our shuckers are knowledgeable about shellfish and will be happy to recommend oysters and clams depending on the flavor you desire.

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

In addition to oysters, all of our raw bars have options for oysters, shrimp, lobster, crab and various other fish. All of our raw bars are unique to order and can be customized to your liking.

Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

Oysters at a company event will provide an unforgettable experience. Employees will undoubtedly share a love of oysters or a new delicious experience. Our Raw Bar is ready to spice up any corporate event!

Enhance the most magical night of your life with your very own Raw Bar. This bespoke Oyster bar will leave a lasting impression and ensure your wedding is the most memorable night of the year.

Interested in throwing a fancy oyster party? We will bring everything you need – just show us where to work and we will take care of the rest.

Interested in creating a raw bar for one of the above or just for it? Write to us and we will arrange a consultation to get a better idea of ​​how you want to organize the event. In case of GREAT interest, we will be happy to arrange a meeting and a private tasting of oysters. Appointments are only $100.00 and we will plan, price and schedule our part of your event. If you proceed with us, we will deduct a $100.00 fee from the total cost of your event. By clicking “Accept all cookies” you will improve website navigation, analyze website usage and assist our marketing efforts.

Here’s Why Eating Raw Oysters Could Make You Sick Right Now

Hillary Holower is a writer with over six years of experience in the wedding industry. Her work has also been featured on Bridal Guide and WeddingWire.

If anything makes or breaks a wedding for a guest, it’s the food. When guests travel far and wide to set aside a day or weekend to celebrate your love, a crowd-pleasing menu is a surefire way to make the time more enjoyable.

Creating an enticing menu these days is more than just listing two or three options for guests to try on their RSVP cards. As other wedding food trends evolve, such as the decline of sit-down dinners, the rise of brunch wedding receptions, and the rise of couples looking to customize their deli offerings, many weddings are bringing a unique and memorable dining experience. mixture.

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

Our favorite way to do it? Sticks. At cocktail hour or during a reception, we love the customization and options that a hearty dining room offers, not to mention the interactive experience it creates, making guests even more mingling.

What To Serve With Raw Oysters

And the possibilities are endless. For a brunch wedding, you can’t go wrong with a bacon bar or a waffle bar (with different sauce options, of course). For Southern marriages, we like an old-fashioned cookie bar with flavored jams or a pie station. A cheese stick next to cheese and charcuterie has a timeless and universal appeal, while popcorn sticks, ice cream stations and hot cocoa bars add a whimsical twist.

These ideas don’t have to be limited to creative appetizers and/or entrees; use them instead of cake for an unconventional feel. Can someone say donut bar or cupcake station? We’re all about sweets.

No matter what foods you want to showcase, the trick to creating a delicious food bar is to offer different flavors or variations from the food on display. Look at the ideas in front of you for inspiration.

The cheese station is a must for cocktail hour. Identify each type of cheese using a hexagonal marble tile, like in this layout, and pair it with cider to wash down the cheese.

Cheese Meet Wine

An oyster bar is the perfect addition, especially for a luxurious and elegant wedding with coastal charm.

For a ranch-style wedding, we can’t think of a better addition to healthy snacks than a live veggie bar filled with everything from broccoli to carrots and beets.

This pretzel is finished with a choice between a classic pretzel twist and a pretzel bite and a decadent topping for dipping.

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

Bacon makes everything better, especially when you have a choice of chocolate covered bacon, honey jalapeño bacon, and alder smoked bacon.

The Governor Bradford, The Prominent Provincetown Restaurant, To Reopen

Hot chocolate, topped with warm, cozy treats, inspires a little hygge at a winter wedding.

The croissant station adds a fun twist to the bread station and is the perfect addition to any cocktail hour.

From decadent raspberries to delicious blueberries, we can’t get enough of this pie station ripe with Southern goodness.

For a whimsical twist, a popcorn stick with different flavors will do. Place them in barrels in an old carriage for a rustic fall feel.

Salad Bar Toppings

Try the classic salad bar in different iterations, from a roasted green salad to a harvest-inspired mix.

Donut bars remain at the top of the trend chart. Glazed, sweet, powdered, donuts, donut holes, long johns – we eat them all. And we especially love this vertical presentation.

A campfire favorite, s’mores are a classic choice for outdoor weddings. Set up the station with all the products (marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate) so guests can make their own.

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

A rustic pizza station that serves pies on a picnic table decorated with candles and floral flowers.

Having A Raw Bar At Your Reception

Cookies are the ultimate comfort food. Load them in a wooden crate to emphasize their Southern vibe, and don’t forget a tray of marmalade so guests can lather the cookies with sweetness.

All your guests are sure to thank you for the ice cream station. Perfect for a summer wedding, it’s a great way to beat the heat. Add fun flavors outside of the typical vanilla and chocolate like dulce de leche for an interesting twist.

You can’t go wrong with a varied dessert station; stock up on cookies, bars, cupcakes, and the like. There’s no better label for this display than a framed print that says “Sweet Love.”

Take a cue from Spain and set out to steal tapas with a wide variety of miniature culinary delights. At a traditional wedding dinner, it is typical to offer a fish main course. food containing a raw bar at your event. A fresh oyster, shrimp, crab and lobster station can elevate your celebration in many ways. Plus, these delicate treats can speak to your favorite foods and add a twist to your big day.

Places To Eat On Siesta Key

The naturally raw rods have a beachy look, so if you’re getting married in the water, you can also use this jersey as a big day accessory. Elevate your theme setting to pay homage to your coastal area with a model ship like this one from The Chef’s Table and Dear Rose Studio. You can even add paddles to enhance the realistic look of the station. If you still want a more elegant display that evokes your nautical feast, try serving seafood in smaller bowls shaped like shells. Of course, you don’t have to be married in the sand to serve a raw bar on your own big day. Regardless of the venue, this is a kitchen that is sure to please the crowds at any event.

In addition to fish, crab and crustaceans, ice is all you need to complete your raw bar. After all, it’s important that your selection stays cool all night. For a unique twist on the seafood layout, an ice sculpture holding your jersey should keep things cool while creating a statement design element. Looking for more raw bar samples to inspire you? The images ahead prove that an interactive seafood station can be as stunning as it is tasty.

Create your own seafood-inspired raw bar to make your guests feel like they are at an authentic fish market. To achieve this look, decorate the screen with a wooden plank; Also use the surface to serve cocktails, hot sauce and oyster crackers.

How To Plan A Raw Bar For Your Wedding

Bring the raw bar to your guests by hiring servers to hand out plates of oysters, shrimp, and fried oysters (provided by Southern Inn).

Press Jackson Hole Restaurant And Bar, Wine Shop And Specialty Grocer

A wooden fridge filled with freshly shucked oysters is the perfect complement to cocktail hour, as evidenced by the arrangement by Merren Events.

We love how Lowndes Grove uses a wooden stand to display sushi cones over shrimp and oysters. If you are adding nori rolls to your barn, mirror this setup;

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