Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial

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Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial – One of my big goals in 2017 is to become more focused in all areas of my life, from how I treat clients to how I store my makeup to how clean I am.

The beauty of the arrangement is that you will figure it out, it will become clear that things no longer have a place in your life. If there is no space or it is no longer valid, throw it away! There is a sense of satisfaction in giving and sacrificing all these hardships.

Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial

Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial

I didn’t always have a dressing room. In fact, until last year, my clothes and accessories were limited to two IKEA closets because my 1920s home didn’t have enough space to store that many things.

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My IKEA clothes were easily organized, shoe drawers and shelves were set up, and Joey moved a small closet into our room. It worked well… but there is a better solution lurking in a space that has already been completely redesigned. It is located behind the door on the side of our room. Most of the time I even forgot it was there.

A few years earlier, Joey had spent a month renovating it to use as a model house, cutting out pieces of drywall to fit the roof and beams. After that I painted and added the floor. It was good, but even in the middle the space wasn’t 6 feet high, so he had to drop it and sit on the floor to work. It wasn’t good for him, but it was good for me because I’m 5ft 3in.

After Joey built a new studio in the basement, I modified the original attic space. Among the many shelves were the Cole and Sons wood wallpaper left over from our dining room, a fresh coat of white paint, and rope lamps strewn across the seam of the floor.

This unused dark space that I used to avoid has gradually come to life and is now a great place to play with new looks and makeup!

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After clearing out the space, we moved on to a storage solution for all of my clothes. Many of you ladies with clothes hangers know that cheap things tend to sag in the middle or fall off due to weight (they eat there, do it!)

On the other hand, steel pipes can take all that wear and tear! Joey built 3 coat racks from materials he found at a hardware store. They correspond to the height of the ceiling. The middle one is taller and there are dresses, some quite long, but the left side holds skirts and jackets and the right side holds tops and sweaters.

To the right of the door, on the left, there are shallow built-in shelves perfect for storing glasses and shoes. The wallpaper behind them adds a nice pattern.

Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial

Beneath these shallow shelves lie my most frequent carry items in white Target bags, including lingerie, underwear, and sleepwear.

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Behind this there are horizontal supports that left an open area of ​​wasted space and then Joey added a piece of wood as a base and then tried it on to make more shoes appear. (In case you’re wondering: In a past life, I sold shoes for 5 years and it was chaos.)

On one side of the space there is a very long windowless area, too narrow for furniture. This is the hardest part to find the solution because there shouldn’t be any big objects on the walls.

There is a frame and a long piece of wood from Home Depot installed throughout, making it a great place for eyeglasses, purses and jewelry.

Under the shelf is a row of white IKEA boxes that are used to store bags, food and anything else I want to store that is not normally used for outdoor living.

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At the back of this narrow area, Joey built additional shelves that I use to store essential items that don’t need to be hung. I use it to store a stack of leggings (top), jeans (middle) and hats (bottom). On the floor, I have drawers for storing large items (shoe boxes for designer items I want to store), and they have clear plastic shelves for scarves, socks, and belts, all arranged by color.

Think of it this way: if you’re looking for a shirt, you know what to look for, and you usually remember an item of clothing by its color. I have a lot of clothes and if I like pink, I quickly find my options.

Get rid of the clutter by purchasing sets of boxes in the same color and style to create a sense of uniformity and clean lines while hiding those seasonal items and memorabilia. Don’t see, don’t think!

Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial

They’re tricky and easy to separate, but if you’ve drilled through the shelves, it’s easy to get a specific color and pattern without having to drop the entire shelf on the ground!

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My whole closet is beautiful, but the right side is very long, dark and narrow. The addition of a row of mirrors creates a sense of depth and takes away the feeling of claustrophobia.

I love Le Sac En Papier bags because they are durable and beautiful, but they hide empty things. I have a lot of swimsuits (I often go to warm places), but I don’t use them every day. All parts are in this bag so I can easily find them when I store them.

Thanks for reading! It’s great to take that wasted space and turn it into something I now use every day. With everything there is a place, it reduces stress, because I have no excuse.

When I moved into my house in 2009, my bedroom was painted a horrible, shiny shade. Actually all over the top. My Aunt Shannon spent her weekends helping me change as quickly as possible, my home office across the hall was black and white, and my bedroom was black and white.

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I have always dreamed of having a black room, and finally, my own housing gave me such an opportunity. The thing is, in my bedroom, the ceiling looks like a high-ceilinged ceiling. A high ceiling painted white means that black doesn’t ventilate very well.

While I’ve always been a fan of bold color schemes (surprise, surprise!), when Joey came to his senses later, he wasn’t happy with the lack of color. In my mind, I spend my days working with many colors, building my clients’ brands. Colors are always on my mind when I go home to relax I want a clean slate.

I talked to Joey about repainting our room in bright colors for the summer, but hesitated. I wasn’t sure how to do it. Then he asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I said, “A big photo of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.” I told her that I wanted a drawing for our room, and since she likes pink, I agreed. pink color. Joey is a pop art artist, so he’s up for the challenge. She hid it in the basement until she was done, and a few weeks later she surprised me with four long photos!

Chronicles Of A Shoe Obsessed Bride Part 5 Ribbon Flower And Shoe Cuff Tutorial

When the painting was done, I ordered two paintings by Chad Wies, which were painted the same colors, one for each side of the bed. A few weeks later, I was walking through the medina in Marrakesh and stopped by a store that sold handmade woolen blankets. The pinks go well with Joey’s painting, so I bought them at full price (about $40) and used them as a bed sheet.

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Our room still seemed empty, so I took a large lush plant from IKEA along with a lamp and added some wall storage.

Finally, Joey came up with the idea to renovate the built-in wardrobes in the wall next to our bed. He removed the doors, knocked out the central structure, painted the interior black and installed a TV. Now this looks like a better, more sophisticated use of space.

What I have to say about our bedroom is harder to decorate because it has 4 big doors. Yes, you read it right. This means that furniture storage space is limited. Door #1 is the entrance to the room. Door #2 is Joey’s closet. Door #3 is a storage room that Joey converted into a shoe closet for me. Door #4 is the large upstairs room that Joey remodeled and turned into my dressing room. (Mo

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