Confetti Ideas For Wedding

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Confetti Ideas For Wedding – Everyone wants their wedding day to be one their guests will remember for years to come. Adding your unique style is the best way to make your day original and unforgettable. From the dress and makeup, to the cake and decorations, every detail can be personalized to suit your taste and style.

Adding personal details is one way to add originality and distinction to your search. Throwing confetti is one of the highlights of your wedding day and with Shropshire Petals’ new range of confetti, you can now create a truly unique confetti moment.

Confetti Ideas For Wedding

Confetti Ideas For Wedding

Pick Your Petals – Just like a candy store, you can pick and mix your confetti colors to match your chosen color scheme. Play with color by choosing from an amazing range of colors and petal types, or choose one of the recommended combinations. Why not get really creative and create a mix of confetti in different colors used at your wedding so that your confetti really stands out in your photos.

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Can’t handle a mix you’ve created? Why not share them with your friends using the share function to get their opinions and order some free samples to see in the comfort of your own home.

Personalized Candy Canes – With 11 stunning designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find one to match your wedding or personal taste. Themes include bunting, cottage garden, fairy lights, fairy, heart, lace, photo, rose pattern, travel, watercolor flowers and forest.

Once you’ve chosen your desired cone theme, you can use the innovative personalization feature to choose the color you want for your cones. Choose one of the standard colors or choose a custom color to perfectly match your wedding theme.

Enter your names and the wedding date as you would like it to appear. Some designs have an outside and inside font, and in some designs, you can even change the font color.

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Watch your mines come to life using the interactive online preview. Be creative and play around with colors and themes until you find the perfect one for your special day.

• Personalized Confetti Package – Includes 10 candies of your choice and a liter of confetti.

• Shropshire’s Personalized Box – This is a white display box with 25 cones and as many candies as you like to fill them.

Confetti Ideas For Wedding

• Personalized Bow-Peep Basket – This is a cute wicker basket with 20 cones and enough of your own confetti mix to fill them.

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• Individual Candy – Cones are available to order empty as a set of 10, perfect for filling delicious treats for a candy buffet.

Now that you’ve chosen your special candy, you need to make sure your candy moment is as perfect as you’ve ever dreamed it to be.

1. Discuss how you want to capture your sweet moment with your photographer. Ask to see examples of previous confetti photos they’ve taken in their style, then think about how and where to get the best confetti at your venue.

2. The best petals for throwing are small petals like delphiniums and wildflowers because they are light and create a perfect flutter when thrown.

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3. Choose colors that contrast with the background of your location. Bright and light combinations will stand out if you have your confetti against a dark background against a wall or under lots of trees. If your photo is outdoors, dark, mixed colors will really add color to your photos.

4. Calculate how much you need. You only get one chance to capture a magical moment, so depending on the type of photo you want — a full photo of petals or a light shower — you’ll need to know how much to order. You can use the Shropshire Petals Candy Calculator. Shropshire Petals advise that only half of your guests (usually women) will throw the confetti, so order half and 1 liter is enough for 10 handfuls.

5. Make sure your guests know how to throw! Sounds simple, but you don’t want a face full of confetti. Ask the bridal party to stand together and throw as high as they can, creating a beautiful shower of confetti.

Confetti Ideas For Wedding

Shop our full range of personalized confetti at and create your own unique confetti.

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Ways to make wedding planning less stressful Top 10 Christmas Calendars Is it okay to leave one of your bridesmaids out? Wedding Candy!!! There’s a reason why every confetti picture we get is filled with smiling brides and grooms. It’s so much fun!! Also, your friends and family will also enjoy throwing confetti in the air during the celebration. Most venues now require you to use biodegradable candy (and rightly so), but even then some may not allow candy, so always check with your venue. But once the due diligence is done, it’s on to the fun planning part. Throw what?! Well, we’ve got 12 alternative wedding favor ideas for you below (plus a bunch of inspiring pictures!).

Biodegradable Confetti Ideas Dried Lavender – A beautiful way to add fragrance to your day. Leaves (Eucalyptus, Oak, Hawthorn, etc.) – Throwing small, uniform leaves looks pretty in photos, but it’s a good way to add some emotion by choosing a tree that’s unique to you. These can be arranged by your florist or purchased locally. Rice – Contrary to popular belief, rice is not harmful to birds. However, it is sometimes painful to have information thrown at you. It includes everything. But it’s a pretty traditional option. Pressed Flowers – Granted, this may require some work for you or your florist, but the results are amazing. Bubbles – Using bubbles as confetti during your performance is a great way to create a playful and whimsical photo. Flash – Flash looks great in photos, but takes too long to capture on camera. There are many organic glitter brands around, so be sure to try one of them. Fall Leaves – The perfect send off for a fall celebration. Bird Eggs – If the impact on local wildlife is your main concern, think about your confetti moment while letting the birds feast on your big day. Rosemary Leaves – When separated from the stem, rosemary leaves are fragrant and have a mild, sweet taste. Leaf Cut Shapes – If you want to use leaves for a little more fun, buy a fun hole punch at a craft store and have a crack! Fresh Flower Petals – Baskets of fresh flower petals look beautiful and sensual to throw to guests. Dried Rose Petals – Dried rose petals are currently the favorite organic confetti. Many florists offer this service as well as members of our excellent list Shropshire Petals.

If that’s not enough inspiration for you, be sure to read our sparkler and confetti cannon posts for more tips and awesome pictures. And if you’ve already chosen your confetti but still need ideas to guide your guests in using it, check out our DIY Confetti Station. Finally, let your photographer know if you have confetti. It takes a lot of skill to perfectly capture such a fleeting moment. Luckily, our recommended photographers are all good at taking confetti photos! A wedding is a great party to celebrate a love story, so one of my favorite things to do on the day is get away from the ceremony and throw confetti all the way down the aisle. Confetti is often forgotten or outmoded in planning, but nothing could be further from the truth – confetti has had a renaissance over the past couple of years, with many alternatives to on-screen confetti becoming available. Since the scene, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite alternatives to traditional rice or paper confetti, the best ways to make it as memorable as possible for guests. Many of these options are organic and eco-friendly, so take a look!

The best alternative to wedding candy is organic candy, which is made from dried and fresh leaves. You can use dried flowers and petals, olive greens, lavender, herbs that bring a natural smell to the wedding. You can use various creative ideas like feathers (collected naturally), rice paper confetti or just plain paper confetti – paper is still biodegradable. This way you will reduce your environmental footprint and enjoy your wedding day.

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