Country Wedding Shower Ideas

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Country Wedding Shower Ideas – A bridal or western style bridal shower has always been popular and today we would like to give it a special look and give you beautiful ideas to make a bridal shower with a cowgirl for you and your best friends. First of all, bet on the right wedding sign, made in a rustic style: wood and wood, placed in watering cans or jugs. Second, decorate the tables with horseshoes, sunflowers, hydrangeas, or even cowboy boots used as axes. Choose simple and rustic flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, daisies or wildflowers. Place small pieces of paper in each area to mark or use as centerpieces.

A fun vase on a glass stand looks pretty and rustic and would be a great idea for a shepherd girl wedding night.

Country Wedding Shower Ideas

Country Wedding Shower Ideas

A metal cupcake instead of a large cake is a great dessert option with a rustic look

Diy Barn Wedding Ideas For A Country Flavored Celebration

A rustic center of horseshoes, wheat and herbs, some dried herbs in jars and aromatics.

Rustic decor with white flowers and greenery hanging from the reception – bridal shower or wedding

Country style table setting with tablecloth, green runner and pink glasses for a shepherdess wedding reception

Rustic burlap tablecloths, colorful printed runners, bright florals on neutral tablecloths and plain tablecloths

How To Throw A Bridal Shower On A Budget

Simple bridal shower in a glass centerpiece with pink ribbons and pink flowers and pink candles plus a pink tablecloth

A vintage and rustic bar with colorful flowers, juices and fancy glasses

Fresh vegetables with sauces and dressings are perfect for a wedding night or baby shower and they are very healthy.

Country Wedding Shower Ideas

Bottles with lace and red ribbons with fresh cream and strawberries are a great idea for wedding desserts

Best Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Make a simple cake instead of a formal one to make your shower more relaxing.

Attach blanks to lids, laces, tin cans, use lace that resembles edible grapes, and move on to mugs. For clothing, choose stripes or stripes and choose the colors you use for overall decoration. For food and drink bars, choose from a variety of brownies, cookies (you can pair them with twins), punches, oranges, and mini Mason muffins, swap out the regular cake for cakes. Don’t forget country wedding songs to set the mood! So now get your bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots because it’s time to celebrate!

Place your sign in a bucket of bright flowers to complete the style of your shower

Wear cowboy boots with a shawl and a straw hat, a floral dress and a veil to make everyone recognize you as a bride.

Modern Rustic Bridal Shower

Dessert presented on a table with lace, wheat and a box of white hydrangeas for a rustic look

Decorating with two vintage bags, a stand with a girl’s hat and a hijab is an interesting idea

A rustic milk jug with a simple rustic logo is a great and simple decoration for a shepherd girl wedding show. There is an inevitable time in our lives when the children of our close friends get married and have children. It is such a wonderful time to see these children and I have known for most of my life that these new blessed times are beginning. Today I’m sharing all the details of a recent Modern Bridal Shower I hosted this season with another gorgeous bride.

Country Wedding Shower Ideas

Fortunately, I met this bride on her birthday. Her mother was a sorority sister at Baylor (we’re Tri Deltas!) and I went to the same private Christian school as her father. Lots of communication between our families. Her parents’ wedding was one of the first close friends’ weddings I was a bridesmaid in, so watching her walk down the aisle was extra special! I was looking forward to sharing this special day with you.

Best Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

As you know from the last wedding event I did a week ago, I always meet with the girl to find out about her wedding theme and colors, to share my work and her plans for the wedding. . Claire showcased her wedding with natural products, rustic decor in light grays and whites with lots of greenery.

The colors and pattern were perfect! I love using Minted because they offer free self-addressed envelopes!

My rustic dining table was the perfect backdrop for dinner, so I decided not to cover it with a cloth. I used white washed boxes as a centerpiece so I could arrange the flowers and stools around the table.

Since I was hosting about 30 women, I chose modern disposable plates to serve as well as pre-wrapped plastic since I was hosting this event alone. Not only does this help with cleanup, but buying cutlery already rolled up has saved me a lot of prep time.

Couple Showers: The Basics

The glass chandeliers and floating chandeliers added a nice modern touch that I was able to incorporate into the rest of the serving and tables. In addition, they are a very affordable option for serving the table.

Flowers for this work are very easy to make. I just bought some bunches of white hydrangeas (a brides favorite!) from Trader Joe’s and some mixed greens. To keep things simple and organized, I made each setting a little different.

I was careful to make sure I added ferns to each arrangement to tie the invitation together.

Country Wedding Shower Ideas

Along with the floral arrangement, I added fresh, real succulents to modernize the look. You will see more of all other tables.

Cozy And Sweet Rustic Bridal Shower Ideas

When they planned a shower, they decided on 2 p.m. Start time. Based on that time, I needed to know a menu that wouldn’t be too heavy, but would feed a diverse audience. Knowing that charcuterie boards are a favorite of the bride and her family, I thought it would be fun to serve all the food on charcuterie boards. The key was figuring out how to mix things up and offer lots of variety.

This is the best way to satisfy all age groups! Here everyone will find something for themselves. This whole concept goes well with Claire’s beautiful style.

The main thing to remember when preparing a large charcuterie board is to make sure that they all appear in both savory and sweet dishes. Mix meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables in a balanced dish.

I used 12″ x 24″ marble tiles for these slabs. YES! I like to use them because the top is very big without the lips. To create the layered effect, I simply flipped one of my square bowls over to lift it up. The other two trays are slightly raised with a dessert plate.

Best Bridal Shower Dresses For An Unforgettable Look

For the dessert table, the goals were simplicity and variety. For the bundtini, I chose flavors that went with the party’s color palette. As were the other desserts I served.

Pharmacy jars are a great container for candies and other desserts. At this event, the meridians were hit hard. If you’re not going to make it from scratch, Trader Joes makes my favorite (quoted below)!

Water tasting adds a special note to guests. Here I used my favorite combination…cucumber and mint. It’s fresh and delicious, plus you can keep adding water after use and the flavor still comes through.

Country Wedding Shower Ideas

Since I planned to serve the food as a buffet, I had to remove all the chairs to eat in the dining room and breakfast area. Instead of putting it in my garage, I decided to use it outside instead of using chairs. It really softens the look and provides comfortable seating for my guests.

Cozy And Sweet Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

In the middle section, I continued the theme of galvanized steel storms by combining flowers and candles. Light beer!

If your guests take the time to buy a gift, wrap it, and come to your party, giving gifts at the party is a must! I’m a firm believer that they don’t have to be expensive‚Ķ I know this may come as a shock, but I found this beautiful soap dish at the Dollar Tree! Can you believe what I found in a box of fern soap?!

To tie them, I simply tied them with gray satin ribbon and attached a white gift tag that I made with a “Thank You” stamp in black ink.

To set the tone for our shower guests, I lined my aisle and aisle with a shepherd’s pie and studded vases filled with flowers.

Funny Cowgirl Bridal Shower Ideas To Try

It was such a wonderful day to see Claire “inundated” with the love and generosity of her friends and family. She is getting married to a great man and has a wonderful future ahead of her! Thanks for sticking around to see all the details of this rustic modern wedding evening.

On a funny but sad note … Claire and her guests literally “poured” on her

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