Craft Show Table Display Ideas

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Craft Show Table Display Ideas – When you’re gearing up for a vintage market or craft fair, the last thing you want to do is lug around a lot of heavy displays, but you also don’t want to just put your items on a flat table and make the call. that day So these creative portable display ideas can change the way you design and set up your market stall or craft display.

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Craft Show Table Display Ideas

Craft Show Table Display Ideas

1. If you’re hosting an outdoor market or craft fair, you’ll need a tent that’s easy to set up. Check the spot size (usually defaults to 10×10) and the required cover color (usually white). You may also want waterproof tent walls in case of rain, and will need stakes or weights for safety.

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Learn more about my first market experience (below) here. You may also need folding tables and a folding chair (although I don’t recommend sitting down during the event).

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2. As seen above (right) and below, you might want a DIY folding display like this one we made with wire mesh. You can make it standalone or smaller as your desktop screen. Find instructions here.

It can accommodate light to medium items depending on the strength of the yarn used, the thickness of the wood and the installation of the folding screen (mostly straight vs. zigzag).

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3. When I no longer needed the tent (since time wasn’t much of an issue), Guy in the Garage built these “trees” from modified siding tree plans. I placed one in each corner and used banners to help define my space. I also hung a light commercial sign from the back branches.

The great thing about these trees is that you can move them around to fit the dimensions of any size room. Find DIY wood instructions here. I also started using a bamboo rug to make my space feel more comfortable and cohesive. Read about this market experience here.

4. Later I made two DIY fabric backdrops to create “walls” for my market stalls strung between tree branches. You can order them on Etsy, but they are quite expensive, so I made them myself and shared the tutorial here (plus you can see more pictures from this market too). They are not difficult to make, but they do take some time. I always get so many compliments on them!

Craft Show Table Display Ideas

5. Another portable display idea is to stack wooden boxes together. These are simple boxes that Guy in the Garage painted dark brown (below), but you can also paint them white or a fun color to match your booth display. I used large binder clips to hold them together and they fit well in transit.

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If you have smaller items, you can also use wooden boxes by placing them on their sides and stacking them on tables. Learn more about this market experience here.

6. A recent market where I sold my handmade animal dolls, such as Thread & Cloth Studio, was very easy to transport and assemble. Everything fit in the back of our SUV and we didn’t have to tow a trailer like we usually do.

For this room, I used: a folding table and chair, two folding bookcases from Hobby Lobby, this pull-out backdrop holder, this faux wood photography backdrop, and I made some hanging art with hardware cloth and faux flowers. I also used a plant stand (a metal bench) and a suitcase to hold the dolls on the table.

Now let’s take a look at some great portable display ideas from some of my friends and elsewhere on the internet:

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7. This DIY market display uses a bright booth, old doors as walls and semi-circular tables by Robb Restyle.

9. This market stall combines a tent, umbrellas and doors with double blinds. (via Sweet Magnolia’s Farm – Shutters & Umbrellas)

10. For smaller items at craft fairs, pack the items in a suitcase. You can even get creative and add shelves like the one below. Keep things in the suitcase during transport. (using a two-handed design)

Craft Show Table Display Ideas

11. You might want to make something like a fruit stand to display your items, like this one (made from recycled drawers) from What’s On My Porch.

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13. Tall Skinny Pine displays her handmade leather goods with repurposed IKEA shelves. They also use a tall narrow folding table as a box.

14. Place a small cabinet or shelf on the table for extra height, and use interesting baskets to group similar items together (via Gingercake). Such a charming sight of craft!

16. Here’s another example of a louvered door, but it’s stained instead of painted. Also, don’t be afraid to use the items you’re selling as displays – stack smaller pieces on top of larger ones, place items in drawers, stack or hang pieces wherever you can. (Branch House Market Stand, photo via Sharalee Prang)

17. If you’re using a tent, consider lining it with additional fabric, like these canvas curtains. (via Elizabeth Seidel – Stone Crow Studios)

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18. Instead of a tent, you can use a large umbrella to draw people’s attention even indoors. Add some lights for fun like Faded Charm did.

19. Update: I recently painted a folding bookcase to use in my Thread & Cloth Studio portable market display. It folds easily for storage and transport, and can be placed on a table to increase height and storage space. It’s the perfect addition to my craft fair booth layout. Find this versatile folding bookcase here.

20. If you’re feeling adventurous, the best portable display booth idea is a small trailer! Transport your goods conveniently and you can store everything inside until your next event. So charming. (Lost Girls, photo via Shades of Blue Interiors)

Craft Show Table Display Ideas

I’d love to hear what other portable display ideas you have for markets and craft shows! Leave me a comment below. – Jenna

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It’s hard to believe we’re almost done with the Craft Show Series. So far we’ve covered how to find and apply to craft fairs, what to do if you’re accepted or rejected at a craft fair, how to build inventory, and what are the best products to sell at craft fairs. Today we’re going to discuss the fun topic of creating a craft showcase and how to make sure it fits your brand!

Creating an exhibition for your products can be a lot of fun, but also a little stressful. You want your booth or table to reflect your brand and highlight your products, but you also don’t want to spend too much on it. Today I’m going to cover all the details of what you need in a screen and how to make sure it fits your budget. We’ll start with big gear like tents and work our way down to the little things like tags and business cards. I hope you end up with some ideas of what you need to show your products in the best possible light.

Let’s talk about the great gear you might need for a gig. Before you go out and invest in these items, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Here are some easy ways to determine if you need to buy larger equipment for craft shows.

Craft Fair Vendor Sales Tips And Booth Ideas

If any of the above applies to you, it might be a good idea to get your own 10’X10′ tent and some folding tables. Some larger events will rent tents and tables, but a single event rental can cost around $150, so if you’re doing more than one show that needs a tent, it’s best to buy your own gear.

When I started doing shows, I sold them at the local farmers market, which was a weekly outdoor market. Vendors should have a 10’X10′ tent and their own tables. Since I played at least 20 shows each season, it was totally worth buying my own gear. I started with a relatively cheap tent and as I progressed and started earning more, I invested in a nicer looking tent with closed sides. I bought three folding tables. Two 6 inch tables and one 4 inch table and I have been using the same tables for the past 6 years. I also had to have a tent

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