Silver Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Thursday, December 29th 2022. | Weddings

Silver Christmas Table Setting Ideas – Go to Recipe 516 Share 513 You know I love making tables. Today I will show you my Christmas decorations. I hope this inspires you to create something amazing in your home. If you’re looking for more Christmas table decorations, scroll down to the end of this post where I linked up my friends at Home Seasons Holiday Tables. I’m sure you’ll find inspiration that fits your style and budget. These are talented bloggers and it’s an honor to work with them. Ok, back to my Christmas table decoration and background. I made this table in October. As you may know, I am a blogger for the HomeGoods blog. HomeGoods asked me if I would be interested in photographing some of their 2018 holiday products. After asking what kind I liked, they sent me their new product. I usually don’t like my decor so I was really nervous about what I was going to get. However, as I am always up for a challenge, I was excited to see what I could do with the decorations that were chosen for me. Festive Christmas Table Decoration Ideas: TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Shows Christmas Table Decoration Ideas: 1.1 This post contains affiliate links. 1.2 Looking for more Christmas table decoration ideas? Try these: 1.3 Kitchen Resources: 1.4 Christmas Table Decoration Time Ideas: This Christmas table decoration is something I came up with. Isn’t it sweet and delicious? This post contains affiliate links. In the HomeGoods package, I found two large deer, two decorative boxes, tin houses, and tree groups. The other things on the table are mine. I was inspired by the colors and decorations to bring the rest of the table together. Icy blues, grays, whites and metallics create a perfect winter look. This table doesn’t scream traditional Christmas, but captures the spirit of the season. (Speaking of a traditional Christmas, if that’s your thing, check out my family room holiday decor I posted yesterday.) To add a little sparkle to the table, I used candles full of sparkling silver lights today. I draped them over these adorable faux fur runners and ornaments. I kept the place settings simple with dinner plates and white salad plates. Napkins are blue in color and have a silvery sheen. I wrapped the snow cookies with pom pom ribbon. To finish things off, I brought in some green. Do you know this plant? This is a laurel! Since I call mine Bayberry House, I thought I should have some laurel bushes in my area. These pieces add a unique element to my table and coordinate with the laurel I put in the white vases on my side wall. What do you think of my Christmas table decoration? Looking for more Christmas table decoration ideas? Try these: 12 Christmas Table Ideas Holiday Christmas Kitchen Ideas I hope you enjoy reading these photos and get an idea or two for creating your own holiday table. Dining room resources: Black metal serviette White dining table Dining chairs Wine glasses Champagne glasses Candles, art, faux fur tablecloth, dinnerware – HomeGoods And don’t forget, Christmas table decorating inspiration continues below. Be sure to check out how my fellow bloggers have decorated their halls. Time for Christmas Home Decor Ideas: Ella Claire | anderson + grant | Highlights from A to Z | Julie Blanner Dear Lily | My Sweet Savannah | French Country Cottage | Craftberry Bush Apartments For Rent | Boxwood Avenue | Inspired by Charm | Nina Hendrick Design Co. Love grows and emerges Zevy Joy | Maison de Cinq | Liz Marie Blog

You know, I like making charts. Today I will show you my Christmas decorations. I hope this inspires you to create something amazing in your home. If you’re looking for more Christmas table decorations, scroll down to the end of this post where I linked up my holiday table […]

Silver Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Silver Christmas Table Setting Ideas

I’m glad you found Inspired by Charm. Here you’ll find easy recipes, home decor inspiration, holiday inspiration and more. you can find Creating a home that you love is what it’s all about and I’m here to help you. I love to design a table and I’m happy to share seven creative ideas to put on the Christmas table today.

Budget Friendly Diy Christmas Centerpieces

I have set many Christmas tables over the years. This is one of my favorites. I hope you’re inspired to try one or two or all seven of these ideas!

Today I’m sharing seven Christmas table ideas. Originally, I thought I would share ideas from seven different tables I made.

What if I set a table with seven creative ideas on one table? It would be an interesting challenge.

Seven Christmas Table Setting Ideas #1 Use what you already have to set the table

Silver And Gold Christmas Tablescape

You know how much I love to set the table! One of my favorite things to do throughout the year was making the Christmas table.

But this is different. It’s a lot more organized and everything in there is stuff I already have.

I came up with a silver and gold theme and decided to create a formal table setting. It’s weird because I originally started with a “rustic” idea, but this is how it turned out!

Silver Christmas Table Setting Ideas

If you’re wondering how I come up with my tablescape ideas, I always look at what’s already there. Easier said than done for this table. He insisted that I go into the attic (third floor) and take out all my Christmas decorations. I also had to go into the Wagon House and take out the Christmas decorations that were stored there. (I know you’re wondering why Christmas decorations are kept in different places, but I’m happy to say that all my Christmas decorations are now happily together on the third floor.)

A Holiday Table Two Ways! — The Modern Romantics

After I saw everything in one place, it was easy to come up with this silver and gold theme. I have listed many silver and gold items that you can find here.

On this blog, I may occasionally use affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through the link, I will receive a small commission. The price you pay will be the same whether you use an affiliate link or go directly to the seller’s website through a non-affiliate link.

She is the makeover queen. I like to use things for a purpose other than their intended purpose.

For the vases, I used old cheese molds, glass butter jars, and brick molds (to name a few). For everyday supplies, I use mason jars. I have a lot of old window hangings in our house and I use old containers to store everything.

Simple Christmas Table Setting Ideas You’ll Want To Copy This Year

When this table came together, I realized that I needed some space. If you looked at the linens on my desk, you probably wouldn’t tell they were actually napkins! I don’t know why I don’t have the white set, but the update works fine for me. All you have to do is smooth and iron the napkins and the problem is solved.

Feel free to use something other than flowers in the center of the table. For this table I took some of my smaller trees and used them to decorate the center of my table.

I wanted to make a table out of my own wood. I love crystals and I found these trees at Pottery Barn (on sale of course) and I absolutely love them. Who would have thought that the correct name for the crystals in these trees is pendalog, not badger. Yes? Apparently, a pendalog is a large cut glass or crystal prism in the shape of a semi-drop or pear. (In case you’re wondering, a vase is usually a glass neck on a lamp socket to catch drips, or a chandelier to hold hanging glass prisms.)

Silver Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Over the years I have collected many antique dishes (and china and silver) from flea markets. I bought gold rimmed glasses at a Rose Bowl flea market ten years ago. I bought 24 glasses for $25. For some reason, I rarely use them, and I’m so glad they made an appearance on my blog today.

Best Diy Christmas Centerpieces

I bought cheap horseradish online last month, planning to do something with them for Thanksgiving. That didn’t happen, so I decided to cover them with (faux) silver and gold leaf. (Okay, to be honest, I was going to make them all silver, but I didn’t have enough metal leaf.

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