My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

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My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks – Today I am sharing the details of my third trimester pregnancy at 32 weeks. I can’t believe I’m 8 months pregnant! Enjoy my third 32 week pregnancy update.

How I feel: Thankfully and respectfully to our bodies, we are officially pregnant in August. It took me a while to fully understand that there was a 4kg girl growing inside of me, but I was so excited to see her move. I saw a graphic picture of his face from a recent ultrasound that I now draw every time he kicks and turns. Besides the aches and pains, I was so excited to be pregnant with my third and I was already thinking about how sad I was to take my last little life. We’re getting closer to her due date, but there hasn’t been a moment where I wish it was over.

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

Anxiety: My anxiety has increased recently, especially when my husband and daughter are on family vacations. The doctors say it is dangerous for me to travel far from home because the function of the placenta is unpredictable. Every time I get a little swelling or stinging, I’m afraid it’s going to quickly escalate and get worse.

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One way to combat pregnancy anxiety is to be a little more grounded and take care of yourself. During my press visit to CHB this week, I had a facial and prenatal massage at the Delamar West Hartford. Not only was the service great, but I was much clearer afterwards than I had been in months.

Braxton Hicks: Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between Braxton Hicks contractions and baby A’s loud movements. Sometimes he feels squeezed and his slow, jerky movements pull my whole stomach.

Did I mention that I’ve had nursing marks on my bra since I was 22 weeks pregnant?

Night Sweats: Even if you think you’ve escaped sweaty sleep during pregnancy, you may experience sweats in the third trimester. I don’t care if the air conditioner blows me in the face, I still take off my damp pajamas in the middle of the night.

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Heartburn: Postprandial vomiting was reduced with the addition of Protonix to the prescription. I still can’t eat large amounts of food without acid reflux, especially spicy foods or anything high in fat. Right now I eat whenever I’m hungry and it’s not much. I’ve had a cold and cough for the past week, so my appetite has decreased.

Baby Fun Facts: Baby A weighs about 4 pounds, which is about the size of a Polly Pocket Adventure toy (her big sisters have been waiting for this moment!). He is sick several times a day and it shows on the outside!

According to my request, his digestive system is completely prepared and ready to go. As the fat accumulates under the skin, it looks more and more like a newborn.

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

On my last ultrasound baby A was head down and curled up. She looks pretty flexible, but aren’t they all newborns?! I can feel it moving in rhythm with the regular cycle of sleep and wakefulness. Baby A wakes up at exactly the same time as me every morning, at 5am, and after a quick workout between 8pm and 9pm, he’s ready for the night by 10pm. Is this a sign that she sleeps better than her sisters?

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Child Registry: Me, because my mom and sisters are having a baby in a few weeks

. So much has changed in the 5 years since my last pregnancy that I felt lost when I was making a list of things we needed. Luckily, I received so many great recommendations from so many of you on Instagram (I’ll be sharing your must-have list soon!). Although I am a doctor, I am not your doctor. This information is for informational purposes only and should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional. Please read my full disclaimer for more information. This article may also contain affiliate links: if you use them, I will receive a commission.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Things start to get uncomfortable at this stage of pregnancy. I still have Braxton Hicks contractions every day and feel pressure in my pelvis every now and then, especially when she moves a lot. There is nothing I can do to relieve the symptoms other than come home from work and just rest.

I continue to experience cramps in both legs throughout the night. I have noticed that massaging my calves before bed helps with the symptoms.

Weeks + Baby/momma Update

Other Body Changes: No noticeable changes except my growing belly :). And I can totally see my belly button.

Diet Change: The biggest change I’ve made to my diet is eating less of the foods I’m used to. I tend to bloat more quickly these days, which I attribute to my diaphragm rising in my chest.

Appetite: No real appetite. I believe that a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients the body needs is the key to controlling appetite.

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

Workouts: This week, in addition to two peloton rides, I did the usual four strength exercises (presses, deadlifts, bench press and deadlifts).

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I’m really proud of myself for being able to do my strength and cardio before starting work at 5am.

Changes I made to my training: The only changes I made to my training was to use lighter weights and avoid being on my back for long periods of time.

With any barbell exercise, I always make sure to go through the motion carefully to minimize the risk of injury.

In my peloton classes I am always careful to avoid over breathing.

Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms & Baby Development

*Talk to your healthcare provider before beginning physical activity or heavy lifting during pregnancy.

At 32 weeks pregnant, your baby is an average of 16.5 inches long and weighs 4 pounds.

When checking the basal height, the top of the uterus should be 30-34 cm from the pubic bone.

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

A baby at 32 weeks looks like a full-term baby, with less subcutaneous fat. And baby’s toenails and toenails are growing!

Weeks Pregnant: Baby Development, Symptoms & Signs

Additionally, at birth, the baby will have lanugo, the fine hair that some babies have.

Although the baby is well developed at 32 weeks, many organs, including the brain, lungs and digestive system, will continue to develop until they are fully formed.

Results for fetuses between 30 and 34 weeks and infants born at more than 37 weeks remain very different.

Ultrasound is a quick and accurate way to determine the position of your baby. An ultrasound can easily be performed in a doctor’s office in less than a minute.

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

The second way is the Leopold maneuver. Leopold is a method that uses the hand to feel the outside of the uterus to determine the size and position of the fetus.

Leopold’s method is not reliable and requires an experienced person to perform it accurately. If your baby is breech, a caesarean section will be necessary.

Preterm labor is persistent painful uterine contractions that cause the cervix to dilate before 37 weeks.

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

Unfortunately, pregnant women who have had a preterm birth are at risk of another preterm birth.

Weeks Pregnant: Where Are Baby’s Feet?

If you’re born prematurely, you’ll be hospitalized and given steroids to help your baby’s lungs mature (because your baby’s lungs don’t mature until the due date) and medicine to stop labor temporarily.

The pediatric team will also discuss the management and care of premature babies with you.

However, it is still important to pay attention to how often your baby moves, as reduced fetal movement is cause for concern.

If you don’t feel like it, try drinking something sweet and go to a quiet room to focus on moving.

Third Trimester With Baby Mayhew & Pregnancy Recap!

However, if you have a medical condition that could affect your pregnancy, your doctor may order an ultrasound in the third trimester. Common reasons are:

You can also have prenatal fetal testing, which consists of a non-stress test (NST) or a biophysical profile (BPP), starting at 32 weeks.

NST is a way to monitor your baby’s oxygen status by monitoring heart rate.

My Maternity Photos At 32 Weeks

Fetal heart rate is an indirect measure of blood flow to the fetus, so it monitors oxygen levels.

Pregnant Bellies: Week By Week Photos

In the test, two invasive monitors are placed in the uterus, one to measure the baby’s heart rate and the other to measure uterine contractions for at least 20 minutes.

BPP is an ultrasound that monitors the baby’s movements, tone and breathing patterns in addition to the amnion.

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