Diy Wedding Card Holder

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Diy Wedding Card Holder – Make your own wedding card box with one of these cute DIY wedding ideas. Why go to the expense and hassle of renting a postbox when you can enjoy building your own. If DIY isn’t your thing, a friend or relative will happily take over.

As your guests begin to settle in for the wedding breakfast or evening snack, the happy couple will want to find a safe place to put their cards and gifts. A card box is a great place to sit and can easily be styled to fit your theme. Below we’ve found six different ideas that will inspire you to make your own card box. Click here for more easy DIY projects

Diy Wedding Card Holder

Diy Wedding Card Holder

We love this on-trend geometric wedding card box. Metallic and geometric lines are a perfect combination. This wedding card box is not a difficult wedding diary to try. As with all wedding DIY projects, make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

Wedding Card Box Ideas You Can Diy

A whimsical and simple wedding card box that only requires a mini greenhouse (try this one from Ikea) and a chalkboard pen to personalize.

DIY wedding card box may be a bit difficult to try but taking your time will make a very attractive prop at your wedding.

Another easy wedding card box to recreate using a vintage wooden crate and pretty bunting and flowers for decoration. Look for crates and boxes that can be upcycled or reused. Lettering is easy to print, making it one of the easiest wedding DIY ideas out there. Anyone can do this. Make sure it is placed somewhere so it can be emptied immediately. Guests are likely to leave behind cash and vouchers, making it easy to pray for opportunistic theft.

This is a very complicated wedding die, and if your skills aren’t up to it, a professional version is available here on Etsy through Amber Rosenberg Designs.

Wedding Card Box Ideas For Your Welcome Table

If anyone likes home DIY, this wooden postbox design might be right up your street. Add your own stickers or decals available here on Etsy.

If DIY isn’t your thing or you’re suddenly short on time, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the top 10 wedding card boxes on Etsy that you’ll love.

This wedding card box by Amber Rosenberg Design is very special and will make a beautiful keepsake to keep after the wedding.

Diy Wedding Card Holder

This super stylish geometric terrarium from Serious Aloe on Etsy is a beautiful wedding card box. It can be engraved on glass and makes a beautiful keepsake after the wedding. A place to keep wishes that you can refer back to.

A Bride On A Budget: Diy Wedding Card Box

This is a beautiful card box design from Event Card Designs on Etsy that can be locked and personalized.

Another beautiful wooden wedding card box from Mike’s Beautiful Designs on Etsy is perfect for a rustic wedding.

A super modern postbox that looks great in a minimalist wedding setting. This is a great prop from Hooray Days on Etsy Few things are more special than reading all the heartfelt messages your friends and family have left at your wedding reception, so don’t forget to give your guests a place to leave their wishes.

A post box or card box is perfect for this and can take center stage on the table, where you can display your guest book and personalize it by leaving a Polaroid camera for guests.

Wedding Card Box

You can rent absolutely stunning life-size and miniature Royal Mail-style post boxes (we’re talking red glitter to white and gold). If you want a romantic way to personalize your big day, DIY wedding post boxes or card boxes are super easy to make! Not only do they look great, but they’re easy to match with your theme, like vintage suitcases or globes.

A wicker picnic hamper is perfect for storing your cards and gives a lovely rustic feel. It’s great for spring-summer weddings, especially when you’re embracing outdoor elements like drinks on the lawn or picnic-inspired nibbles or afternoon tea. All you need is an old hamper – ask friends and family or check charity shops – and decorate it with bunting and garlands.

How cute is this American style vintage mail box! Again, Etsy and eBay are your friends here, and you can jazz it up with a lick of paint or leave it natural and messy. If one or two people or you are from abroad, recreating your country’s iconic post box for your day is a lovely touch.

Diy Wedding Card Holder

While you can rent post boxes, you can buy pre-made cardboard or make the cardboard yourself. There are two that we love from Hobbycraft – a tall cylindrical post box and a square post box – that are crying out to be painted, wrapped in fabric, glittered, stamped or added stickers. We love the added elegance in the front and the silk flowers in the back.

Custom Card Box Decal For Wedding Personalized Card Box

A large candle holder makes a great post box. Look for one that has a latch so it opens easily and has glass sides so other guests won’t be confused as to what it’s for. Even better if you use paint pens or apply cute decals on glass to show off your beautiful boho post box.

Old barrels make such an interesting centerpiece for your table. In the aforementioned Scottish-inspired wedding, they used a small, old whiskey barrel; You can find these or mini vintage wine barrels very cheaply on Etsy and eBay. Depending on the condition you get, a slap of polish or varnish may be necessary, but all you have to do is cut a slot in the top and paint the ‘cards’ on the side.

Search for greenhouse lights or decorative indoor greenhouses, and you’ll find many beautiful designs, from modern geometric to rustic wood. Want an amazing value? IKEA sells their Soccer Greenhouse for just £12 and only needs a front to complete it – you can find out more about it in our 19 IKEA Wedding Decor Hacks.

If your wedding is full of industrial chic design, clean lines and minimalist decor, you really need a modern wire basket to collect the cards. A simple basket on a white table will look messy and cold.

Ourwarm Diy Wedding Card Box With Lock Pvc White Gift Box Money Box Birthday Party Supplies Baby Shower Decorations|wedding Card Boxes|

Whether you’re into wanderlust or vintage themes, a well-traveled suitcase is a charming way to store your cards. We like it filled with second-hand books and flowers, but you can also draw paper airplanes, paint with old-fashioned maps, or put luggage tags in the area where guests can write extra notes.

The one you see in this picture is from The Perfect Card Box Company, but if you’re crafty you can DIY something similar. Someone with a saw can cut them together, or you can buy four wooden photo frames, glue them together and add a lid and base.

Cheap and simple acrylic boxes are readily available. Then you can let your imagination run wild on the character or design. It’s kept simple and contemporary, but the look is yours.

Diy Wedding Card Holder

The easiest way to store your cards is in a crate like this one. For a rustic look, let the grain show; For a themed look, make wood your wedding color. Even the self-confessed worst craftsman can handle it!

Best Wedding Card Box Ideas To Buy Or Diy

A wire basket was handy, but is a square cardboard box just as handy? The look of kraft paper adds rustic vibes to your box, and then a simple sign on the front is all it takes to tell people what to put in. Won’t be easy. Hobbycraft has many different box designs to choose from in different shapes, with and without lids.

Birdhouses are popular as centerpieces at vintage weddings, but how about using them as card holders? They are full of elegance and retro-chic.

If you want a sleek, modern look for your card box, how about choosing a geometric vase with a dramatic shape like this black orb? After using it at your wedding, it will make an admirable statement as part of your home decor.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try one of these ideas! This works well if you want your post box to match your theme.

Diy Wedding Card Box With Lock Rustic Wood Card Box Gift Card Holder Card Box Perfect For Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Graduations Hold Up 225 Cards

A travel-themed or destination wedding cries out for a globe card box. Buy a cardboard globe online and see how you decorate it. If you find a map printed out, you can use the pin to mark together all the places you’ve been on vacation; If you have a plane, you can paint it or make a paper mache

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