Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

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Creative Wedding Cake Toppers – Even the smallest details can be the highlight of the celebration. Example: The top of the wedding cake! Couples these days are getting more creative with the finishing touches on their big day dessert. You can choose one that reflects you and your groom’s personality, makes a bold statement, or fits the theme of your event. To inspire your own wedding, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite toppers to round off the celebration.

Technically, these gilded fish are place card holders. But why not display some as cake toppers before they are used at dinner parties for years?

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

In addition, entire movie lines can be quoted line by line, these dinos dressed as doctors by Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler are the highlight of the wedding cake.

Word Cake Toppers To Personalize Your Wedding Cake

Double the fun! Use these salt and pepper shakers as a cake topper at your wedding and forever on the dinner table.

It may look like a classic vintage design, but these whimsical animal wedding cake toppers come in dozens of adorable combos – bear and unicorn anyone?

Celebrate with a glitter topper that sparkles on the cake and can be kept as a keepsake.

Invite these little mice to the party. Artist Linda Facchi makes these protective covers entirely by hand and takes custom orders for specific animals, colors and accessories.

World Cake Topper. Beautiful Wedding Cake Topper, Unique Wedding Keepsake

Look closely – this topper is all about the little details. A hand-cut heart is suspended in the center of the red stamp.

These hand painted butterfly cakes are perfect for a small wedding cake at a casual outdoor wedding. The ones shown here are similar, but don’t worry if they’re sold out: get the DIY steps and make your own on Oh Happy Day.

These typographic gold and glitter acrylic cake toppers come in 29 designs and can be made to reflect your initials, name or favorite slogan.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Exclusive to BHLDN, ​​Alexis Mattox created this intricate laser-cut paper cake topper using recycled mint green paper and eco-friendly bamboo sticks.

Personalized Heart Ampersand Wedding Cake Topper

Designer Alice Marie Lynch honed her sewing and beading skills at John Galliano, Christian Dior and Sonia Rykle before creating these wonderfully whimsical cake toppers. More decorative than Etsy?

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Your wedding cake completes your wedding. Why not complement it with something personalized that speaks to your couple’s style? After all, you have already put a lot of effort into creating a unique and original event. Plus, you can keep your wedding cake topper as a keepsake for years after the annual preserved slice is gone.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers For 2022

Looking for ideas? What better place to shop than Etsy, an online marketplace full of amazing and unique finds? We’ve scoured the site for unique wedding cakes – find our favorites below.

PS: Still need a custom wedding cake? Use our seller marketplace to find bakers in your area and then reach your loved ones with your vision, including Topper Vision. Together, you can design the perfect dessert that includes any toppings you desire.

One of the best types of custom wedding cake toppers is personalized wedding cake toppers – we love them. Design a unique piece featuring silhouettes of you and your partner; Also, silhouettes of your pets.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Create an elegant reception atmosphere with this super-fun wooden wedding cake stand. Guaranteed to get the party started! With Pet Pug, Personalized Wedding Cake Topper With Pet Pug Dog, (8 Choices To Choose From For Pug,) Silhouette Cake Topper, Mr & Mrs, Bride And Groom, Made In The Usa,

Acrylic accents are trendy. Personalize this transparent cake topper with your name and it will look like they are floating above your dessert.

Of course you’ve seen “Mr. and Mrs.” and “Mr. and Mrs.” And cake toppers from “Mrs. and Mrs.” before. But have you ever seen such a decoration? We love the floral and laser cut details.

Bring on the poems! This cover “for the bees” is completely made for the garden party. (Trust us, if you have a different wedding theme, there are plenty of other creatively worded options.)

Are you planning a national event? This custom wedding cake topper is a super sweet choice. The deer head silhouettes face each other to form a heart in the wood. Ouch! (Bonus: you can personalize yours with special text.)

Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas To Inspire You

References to your shared interests are also great unique wedding cake toppers. Pick up this funny “Yoda One for Me” ornament

Wedding cake toppers don’t need words. In fact, leaving out the text can make yours more unique. These paper paddles are leaf-shaped. Use them to create an elegant tropical scene on top of your dessert.

Hello drama! Avoid the edible floral accent and opt for this charming decorative piece. The unique wedding cake is topped with a wooden ring decorated with trendy pampas and artificial flowers.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Go beyond individual silhouettes and create full paper portraits. These cake toppers are unique because they are made to order, just for you. Unique Wedding Cake Topper ,pregnant Bride And Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Unforgettable. Note: This requires some DIY, but the seller provides simple instructions, he promises. Pair it with another embellishment for a little something extra (like the “last” top image).

There really is no end to the super creative wedding cake colors on Etsy. This acrylic option has one of the best and most original geometric patterns we’ve seen.

Get a unique saying that really captures the essence of the couple, like this playful “Mutual Weirdness Forever” cake topper.

“The adventure begins” is a tried and true wedding phrase, but this personalized globe design is far from over the top. Create a unique cake topper with your initials and wedding date. Beach Get Away Shell Accents Wedding Cake Topper

Think about your hobbies and then choose a unique cake topper to celebrate them. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate this creative “reel love” option.

This wooden “Over the Moon” wedding cake topper has a unique modern design. We also love that you have a few neutrals and metallics to choose from.

How about this diamond shaped wooden cake topper? Elegant, stylish and the theme of the big day.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Experiment with colors for a truly unique wedding cake painting. This personalized piece follows a standard format – name one, name two – but the holographic design sets it apart nicely.

Creative Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Fun And Unique

Put your name in the light – or at least your initials. This vendor allows you to order marquee-style lettering to top your dessert. Even better, Etsy wedding cake toppers are decorated with fake flowers. How charming.

Pop culture lovers, this is the choice for you. A unique wedding cake topper nods to a famous person

What do we mean by a unique wedding cake topper for any theme? This Gatsby-worthy monogram is Art Deco.

Flowers and greenery aren’t the only options inspired by nature. Try a whimsical dessert with these (edible!) ultra-realistic butterflies.

Wedding Cake Toppers Inspiration

Looking for something bad? Check out this garland style “Just Married” cake topper with lace trim and bows.

We’ll give you another tip: if you’re still choosing a cake oven for your wedding, don’t forget to visit our vendor market! You need to discuss the size, shape and overall design of the wedding cake topper so that it blends seamlessly with the dessert. Can’t find an Etsy Wedding Cake Painter you like here? Professional cake decorators can also make edible toppings.

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Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

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