I Kind Of Hate The Bride Now And Im In The Wedding Party So Awkward

Thursday, November 24th 2022. | Weddings

I Kind Of Hate The Bride Now And Im In The Wedding Party So Awkward – By Lauren Levy Lauren Levy The Knot Contributor Lauren writes articles for The Knot Worldwide on topics ranging from real wedding and personal articles to lists and plans. Lauren has been in the wedding industry for ten years. Lauren is an entrepreneur and real wedding planner at The Knot.

I’m not an avid shopper and I’ve never been. And so, the idea of ​​trying on three clothes and then being so excited with the idea that I want to hand over my credit card for thousands of dollars on a non-refundable purchase, is not my type and never will be. . I knew walking into a beauty salon to meet my future mother, mother-in-law and bride, but I always knew: I knew I hated it. in my wedding dress and regret my decision.

I Kind Of Hate The Bride Now And Im In The Wedding Party So Awkward

I Kind Of Hate The Bride Now And Im In The Wedding Party So Awkward

It’s not my fault or my driver’s fault that this happened – worst case scenario. I was tired of shopping for clothes at different stores on the weekends that they tried to do. (Now that my fiance and I have been dating for over five years before getting engaged, I’m in no rush – I need time to work with my clothes instead of feeling rushed!) I also took the time to meet. surrounded by other brides who break down in tears when they try something and shed tears to get an “instant feeling”. My eyes are dry as I look at different clothes and do price checks, which secretly makes me wonder what is wrong with me.

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So when I went to that last meeting on that special weekend that my mom had planned, I was exhausted from thinking. The consultant was nice to begin with and even though I knew the general picture and style I was looking for, she was quick to pull the dress. At first, it was like dating again, nothing good when he was hanging out among other brides, shouting for joy at finding one. But the cheerleader pulled out another outfit that checked the right box. Also, even though I have money in my head, I have less money in my mind (I’m trying to get used to it because we’re paying for the wedding ourselves and it’s not easy!) This particular dress is so much better .

I know when I go out and my loved ones fly away, but my plan has not changed, this is a beautiful dress and I will wait to see if I will be like this morning. But the counselor started with the screen, signaling me to record the announcement that I decided to wear my clothes and talk about the paper. I asked if I could wait and come back or call to place a phone order and his attitude changed immediately.

“Think of the time you spent with your mother here from the city, and your mother-in-law was so happy that you couldn’t have it if you waited,” she said quietly. Please wait and think about it. ? Or are you just happy now?”

This shut me up immediately. I decided to go with it because I didn’t want to upset anyone or “ruin” anything, even though my body was screaming when I signed the dotted line. I remember pausing halfway through my signature, wondering why I did it if I wanted to wait. But when I walked out of the salon, that doubt turned into a lifelong worry, and I turned to my bride in the parking lot to tell her the truth: I made a big mistake. me So what should I do?

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I soon realized that I was trying to get out of the specific contract I had signed. Instead of trying to recover, I’m not in my depression and so I’m seeing more failure. I was at my last meeting that night, so the door was locked behind us and the salon was closed, until the next day. But that didn’t stop my lovely wife from wasting time and going to work. When I got home, he sent me a long email explaining what had happened, so it was recorded a minute after the appointment. He called as soon as the store reopened, asking about options and if the deal was still on.

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I Kind Of Hate The Bride Now And Im In The Wedding Party So Awkward

As I waited to hear back, I was more worried and scared than enjoying a good time. I’m worried that if I tell my mom and mother-in-law that I hate the way I dress, it will hurt them or they’ll put me down – which they don’t like and I don’t. . It’s on them. Looking at the photos taken during the signing, I smile, but my eyes are worried. But I have to remember that this dress is not scary – if I can’t find this dress. Part of the reason I got this pit in my stomach was that I felt like going in by signing up that night and had no choice but to think about it. It’s not the shirt’s fault. I also remember that this beauty salon works to make the bride happy, so hopefully they will have a heart, even though nothing is ordered or finished.

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It was 36 hours between the time I walked out of the salon and when they reopened and the wait felt like forever. But I used that time to research my options, what other brides were in this situation, and to contact my credit card about the insurance/protection options available to me. I researched websites that could sell this dress but I couldn’t get it off. Educating myself about the different options helped me feel a little more secure (and therefore hated the look) while I waited to see what the store had to say.

After sharing with the bride and friends what was happening and I was upset, I often heard “clothes hurt” which is a common thing I know. But that’s not what happened here. This is not an unknown problem, it is driven by constant Instagram posts. I never get bored when I reunite and remember why I fell in love with clothing in the first place. That’s because I didn’t – and I knew it from the beginning. Knowing that I didn’t go for the “normal” outfit, regretting it and actually choosing the wrong outfit helped me stay strong and act quickly instead of thinking or trying to wait it out if I “changed again” in my opinion”. .

With the concern of this dress, I must remember exactly what it means: only clothes. If they don’t pay and give me a loan and I can’t sell, it’s not the end of the world. I’m always lucky enough to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams in a beautiful wedding dress, something I can’t take for granted. No matter the outcome, there are bigger things to worry about in life, and I can’t eat myself.

I’m lucky in my situation because the beauty salon is willing to work with me and give me a credit that can be used for other clothes. Although I didn’t want to go back there or see that counselor, I did feel like I was in control of what I was going to wear on my wedding day. Before jumping into a costume hunt, I give myself time. And when I started again, I let my stomach guide and clear from the beginning of the selection: “Please, don’t ask me to answer yes today, I’m not. with clear instructions, it’s brought me a feeling like pressure and hope on me, and later I was able to find other clothes that my heart loves as much as I do.

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