Decorations For Winter Wonderland

Friday, November 4th 2022. | Weddings

Decorations For Winter Wonderland – These easy Christmas fireplace ideas will turn your fireplace into a great holiday space. Enjoy this winter fireplace and other 19 Christmas fireplace ideas!

Welcome to Week 4 of the Easy Christmas Season series! Can you believe that Christmas is only 1 month away? Each week my blogging friends and I share a different Christmas project to inspire you for the season. So far we’ve shared Christmas craft and DIY ideas, DIY Christmas decorations and Christmas printables, and this week we’ve got some great ideas. Christmas will show you! You can find all the patterns at the end of the post, be sure to check them out.

Decorations For Winter Wonderland

Decorations For Winter Wonderland

The fireplace seems to be the focal point when it comes to Christmas decorations. In fact, decorating our sign is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to decorate. We have tall windows that extend over the fireplace and built-in shelves on either side. I have a hard time finding the balance between a horizontal and an oversized look. It usually takes a lot of fiddling and tweaking before I find one I like. 😉

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Today I thought I’d share the steps for assembling this winter Christmas mantel. Hope this helps inspire you for your own fireplace.

I always start with one big center in the middle of the fireplace and then build from there. This year I kept the same black ribbon I used for our wreath. I toyed with adding a crown or a bang to it but decided to keep it simple.

Although I really like the look of fresh greens, I usually opt for artificial greens for practicality. This year I found these adorable pom pom wreaths and thought they would be perfect for our mantel. Our regular faux wreath was too thick to work with, so I decided to use greens instead. I used two different types of picks and just attached them starting in the center of the coat and working outwards.

Once the crown is in place, add other things to add interest and fill in any gaps. I used pine cones and dried clay stars to cover the snow I made last year, but there are many other options. Pretty ribbons, jewelry, dried oranges, cinnamon decorations – anything goes!

Christmas Winter Decorations For Home Winter Wonderland Decorations Wooden Led Snowflake Table Centerpiece Winter Letters Freestanding For Winter Christmas Holiday Shelf Home Office Table Decor

You can’t have a fireplace without socks! They are the best way to add color or create warmth and something interesting. I bought these white socks a few years ago and still love them. Of course we have different family stockings on Christmas Eve, but I use them all season long.

I always add something tall to the ends of both sides of the fireplace. I got these black metal candle holders for Christmas last year and these taper candles use batteries to add the perfect warm glow! The candles are turned on and off remotely and can be left burning for 2-8 hours. You can also choose between a bright glow or a more flickering candle.

For me, lights are always the best Christmas decoration. It just gives a nice glow and adds warmth and coziness. I love using warm white lights and this is even better! The smart plugs we bought last year make it easy to turn your Christmas lights on and off – especially if the plugs are in awkward places. I connect it to my phone and click a button all over the house to turn it on and off. If you want, you can also use the voice assistant with your Alexa or Google Assistant.

Decorations For Winter Wonderland

All the links to the pieces used in our fireplace can be found below. Let me know if you have any questions!

Decorations For A Homemade Winter Wonderland

Thanks for entering! I hope you enjoyed our Christmas mantel ideas and were inspired to decorate your own! Next week I’ll be sharing the rest of our family room, so be sure to come back to check out the whole space! You can see some of our past Christmas decorations here…

For more great Christmas fireplace decorating ideas and design ideas, check out these great options from my blog friends. You can visit their posts by clicking on the links below the images. Winter wonderland decor is perfect for the winter holidays – it’s beautiful, clean and very memorable, a very special choice for Christmas and as we all want to get into the holiday spirit this year, why not rock the theme for your home decor? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

The main Christmas decoration is usually a fir tree, what should a winter Christmas tree look like? Enjoy a traditional Christmas tree, flowers, matte or white and decorate with neutral colors – white, silver, metal and all decorations, fabric flowers, ribbons, oranges, pom poms and beads – whatever you want, but in the same tone as your tree. it’s frozen. You can also use a bunch of snowy Christmas trees without decorations or lights – create a snowy fairy tale in the room!

A beautiful Christmas tree with white and metallic decorations is always a great idea to create a beautiful winter feeling

Experience Never Before Winter Wonderland Party Decoration

A beautiful winter street with many Christmas trees printed in baskets and pots and without decorations like walking through a snowy forest

Christmas tree covered in white fur wreath, beaded border, silver tip and oranges for a beautiful winter feel.

A couple of Christmas trees stacked in baskets and faux fur, faux fur on the table, metal glasses to create a beautiful winter scene

Decorations For Winter Wonderland

A frozen Christmas tree with metal decorations, knitted socks and faux fur chairs create a wonderful winter feeling

How To Decorate Your House Like A Winter Wonderland When You Have Kids

Winter Christmas tree – a collection of white, silver and gold ornaments, fabric flowers and ribbons.

Create a beautiful winter mood with some plants and lights in baskets and white fabrics – it’s easy

Winter nursery decorations with white ornaments and green corners and christmas trees decorated with green and dark ornaments.

Decorating for the winter season is usually done in neutral tones, with metallic touches if desired and lots of white. Wreaths and lanterns made of stones and white decorations on the mantel and trellis table, white woolen carpets, knitted blankets and pillows, small plants in baskets or in metal. If you want an icy feel, use silver, if you want a warm look, add garden touches, baskets and branches and decorations, make curtains under the tree with small pictures and houses and faux snow. Get inspired and start your own winter fairy tale! Winter Onederland 1st Birthday Decorations Winter Wonderland 1st Birthday Party Decorations For Girl Pink Snowflake Themed Party Supplies Onederland Banner Cake Topper

Bar idea for a cold winter place – sign, some Christmas branches, white trees, silver and white decorations, candles and pom poms

A beautiful fireplace with velvet and faux fur pillows, a snowy Christmas tree and some woolen socks create a wonderful winter feeling

Dreamy winter living room with lights, small trees, printed Christmas tree, cones and grapes

Decorations For Winter Wonderland

Frozen living room with white christmas trees and silver and white decorations, white faux fur on furniture and chic frozen mantle decorations

Winter Wonderland Decorations

Beautiful winter scene with frozen fire branches, printed Christmas tree, wreath and snowballs on fire.

Beautiful winter scene with faux fur, white and gold decorations, candles in glass candlesticks, small Christmas tree firs

A gloomy winter living room with a cluster of candles, a printed Christmas tree in a bucket with lights and branches

Snowy Christmas tree with lights, faux fur socks and a large knitted scarf, candles in wooden candlesticks for a wonderful winter feeling

How To Decorate A Winter Wonderland White Christmas Tree

Entrance to a beautiful winter landscape with miniature Christmas trees, wooden lanterns, an armchair and a pink pillow.

Winter window with Christmas wreath, wreath with lights, small Christmas trees, vintage jewelry and silver jewelry in a vase.

A beautiful winter corner printed with Christmas tree lights, icicles, stars, open shelves and winter scenes of pure love.

Decorations For Winter Wonderland

A beautiful winter scene with a small tree, pillow and knitted blanket, small trees and houses on the comfort table.

Winter Wonderland Decor Archives

A beautiful winter living room with a white area, pillows and rugs, small trees, candles, lots of stars and lights.

Chic winter wonderland Christmas decoration with white stockings, bouquet of flowers, candles, white deer, metal tree on shelf

A bunch of Christmas trees and lights, lots of snowflakes, lights, signs, branches and a white couch and pillows for a wintry feel Welcome to my Texas house! Thanks for visiting! My website is the best resource for resources, links, images and information on all of the above.

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