Deep Purple Flowers For Wedding

Sunday, January 22nd 2023. | Weddings

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Deep Purple Flowers For Wedding

Deep Purple Flowers For Wedding

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This beautiful mix of sunflowers, hand-drawn paints and charcoal, is filled with well-preserved and dried herbs. Pictured is an 8 inch bride. Hand covered.

* Sola flowers are handmade with soft materials (like balsa) so each one is unique! They feel like brown paper. You can see some leaves or small holes – these are made by nature and are not everywhere.

Dark Purple Lavender Lilac Wedding Bouquet For Bridal Flowers

* Sola flowers will last forever! Save the piece for your wedding (or re-purpose flowers in a new way!).

* I can color match your wedding – this works best if you give me a swatch to hold in person – but I can also do a matching match. Contact me to discuss the program!

* To keep your flowers looking their best, avoid direct sunlight and high humidity. To clean your flowers (if they are dusty!), I use a vacuum cleaner – it removes dust and dirt easily from the flowers. 🙂

Deep Purple Flowers For Wedding

Sola flowers are made from a plant that grows in Asia – a good substitute for balsa wood. This is not a heavy product – it’s very soft, it can mold when wet (but it can also break when wet!), and it’s beautiful. Each bracelet is handmade, so each bracelet is a unique piece of art! As such, each plant is slightly different in appearance – some may have a different color to the peel (this is rare, unless it’s a peel!) and some may have a different texture.

Purple & Lavender Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet Calla Lilies Purple Hydra

Yes I take great care in handling and shipping to ensure your flowers are safe and beautiful. Natural colors give the flowers more volume and are less delicate. Generally, the darker the color, the softer the flower can be. The color scheme is slightly different. However, they are more powerful than you might think! If you have any questions or want to order the perfect Sola Flowers for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me! (There is an additional fee for paint.)

Some of my flowers were broken during shipping, but the ones I ordered are beautiful. What can we do?

First – please tell me! 🙂 I’m always trying to improve myself and I appreciate it when people call me using the first message so I can help! Bigger products will come with a touch of equipment. If the edges of the flower are only cut, I recommend cutting carefully with scissors to remove the cracks, and a little paint in the same shade (mixed with water!) will immediately cover it. My goal is always to get your flowers to you in the best condition, but delicate nature sometimes gets in the way. 🙂 I’m always happy to help solve problems and appreciate the opportunity to do so!

I use paint for every collection and can usually get close to many colors. Due to viewing on different screens, colors may vary slightly. Because each batch of flowers is naturally dyed, the shade may vary slightly. Ling’s Moment Deep Purple Artificial Flowers Combo Box Set For Diy Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces Arrangements Bridal Shower Party Home Decorations

Yes, most custom products will get at least a few images – often in different categories of content integration. I give free evidence – up to a point. Please do not abuse this policy – I want you to enjoy your items and enjoy showing off what you are seeing. After 3 changes, signs and changes will be charged $5+. This policy is to help me keep track of things – if something goes wrong with your order while I’m processing it, I’m going to fix it for you!

I use a wall of two boxes for most books – especially those that travel a long way. I -always- recommend using Priority Shipping to get your items to you as quickly and with as few contacts as possible. Each box is packed as tightly as possible – to prevent things from moving, I have to pack things very small, which can cause a little damage. Babies need to breathe after your order arrives – and sometimes I add extra, just in case. To give your flowers the room they need and avoid any visible spots, please remove them from the packaging as soon as possible and store them safely in a vase or jar until the day of the ceremony.

Yes – I do! I love being able to help when I can! However, Expedited Orders cannot be canceled once placed, so please keep this in mind when purchasing and planning.

Deep Purple Flowers For Wedding

Currently, I measure both the diameter and the centimeter. I usually have 5 cm, 7 cm and 9-10 cm sizes available in many sizes. I’m happy to send pictures of each size if you’d like – I’m working on making a list with dimensions. 🙂 I can also make custom sizes up to 12 inches – just message me to discuss!

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How quickly I receive your order depends on a few different factors. If you’re ordering something special, you’ve probably talked to me before and I know you need something for yourself. I work on schedule according to the required/suggested date. If you order and don’t let me know when you need it or have a specific date you want, I’ll slip it into my schedule where it fits – this changes my processing times. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my schedule – I do my best to accommodate all requests.

When you receive your items, I ask that you carefully open each item and remove it from the box. Bouquets are best placed neatly in vases/containers to protect them from all over the place. I’m happy to advise on “fluffing” any flowers that may be a little off from shipping! A little water and a simple replacement works wonders. 🙂

I love this flower. I bought one just to see how they looked and fell in love. I bring large flowers and buy small flowers for my party.

I just received the bouquet the other day and it was everything I wanted! I needed an item delivered before the advertised date and the seller was able to ship it early so I had the time I needed it!

Dark Purple Wedding Flowers Fake Roses Deep Purple Flower 100

It came out fine. Afton was able to do some things in her writing like changing the bride’s flowers to gray instead of charcoal and customizing the groom’s boutonniere. All is well and we are very happy. Excellent customer service, great work…highly recommended!!!

Leslie, you are beautiful! Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so glad you’re happy!! You have my best wishes. 🙂

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Deep Purple Flowers For Wedding

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