Diy Backdrop For Wedding

Tuesday, December 20th 2022. | Weddings

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Want to learn how to make your own DIY tulle wedding backdrop to use as wedding decorations? Check out this simple DIY tutorial.

Diy Backdrop For Wedding

Diy Backdrop For Wedding

When someone asks how things are going with the wedding, I pull my hair and yell, “I’ve been married less than 3 months, my fingers are covered in hot glue, we have to live now.” There is no use for the living room or the dining room and a tulle monster lives in my studio!

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Yes, the panic has begun. But there’s nothing a relaxing night of wedding planning and DIY-ing can’t beat. Thank you. The goodness

I realized that I can *delete* the app on my phone that gives me a countdown to the second I walk down the aisle. But I find it’s a good reality check to keep my eyes peeled. Let me know that this marriage is happening between 2 months and 20 days and there is still a lot to do. And that means it’s time to prioritize.

There is a long list of items that I am DIY-ing for my big day. Since our wedding is in the woods outside my mom’s house and we’re using the barn, there’s a lot of decorating to do. And that means there are a lot of things I have to do to make the house a wedding venue.

“Lately my hobby has been cruising eBay, Amazon, Michaels and other craft stores to find whatever deals I can on bulk felt.

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I spent about $300 on the tulle and have somewhere around 400 yards of it. In my experience, I found tulle to be extremely expensive to walk into a craft store and start buying by the yard. However, thanks to 40% off coupons for craft stores (combined with sales and searching online), I was able to find the cheapest possible prices for the tulle I needed.

My “Wall of Tulle” will hang in the barn, covering the walls from ceiling to floor. Along with the floating balloons, I think it will turn the barn into a romantic reception area in my head!

Pictured here is my inspiration for the balloon ceiling in the barn. We plan to have tons of balloons floating above our heads as we dance the night away. So thankful my dad already has an air compressor to blow them out!

Diy Backdrop For Wedding

I decided to share my loose tutorial showing how I made my own wall of tulle. I built it in a way that seemed like the simplest solution to make the “installation” of the wall as easy as possible. Fortunately, we had plenty to do a few weekends before the wedding and I had enough of stapling tulle on the stairs and praying to the wedding gods — not my idea of ​​fun. So here’s my vision:

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How to Make a Tulle Wedding Backdrop Step 1: Measure and cut string to the length of your walls

Take a piece of string. With help, hold one corner while your helper walks to the other corner and then tie a knot in the corner. Then, did the same thing around the barn to indicate the length of each wall and to identify my corners. The cost of that string – $1 for a 50 yard spool. Also, when you do this step, make sure you measure the height you plan to hang the string from the floor so you know exactly how long your pieces of tulle need to be. to shave

Hang your Dori in your home/workplace. It is best to hang your wire at a height similar to the height you use it. I started by measuring how far apart I tied the pieces of tulle.

Living Room to Dining Room – Wire stretched from one side to the other. Photo from my iphone

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Cut your tulle into strips of the length you need. Ours were 12 foot pieces (the height at which we hang the “wall”). Then, wrap each part over the twine. Note: This can be overwhelming. Make sure you tie your wire well so it doesn’t fall apart like mine did. I had to break out the hammer and nails.

If you just want a pure white wall, feel free to add your chosen colors as you wish. I decided to incorporate purple tulle (one of our colors) from a small spool (about 4 inches thick) and tied it between each section of tulle.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest to see how others had done similar projects. After much discussion, I decided to simply join the sections. For each 54-inch piece of tulle, I took the ends and tied each one with twine, folding the tulle in a U shape between the attached points. Loved the way the extra tulle created a crest on the top edge.

Diy Backdrop For Wedding

A more successful solution to this project is to fold your tulle in half, then loop the ends through the round U shape around the wire so that the loose ends hang down.

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We are lending a friend’s Christmas lights. The general line of lights, as well as the hanging icicle lights, will be around the top of the perimeter of the barn. They will also hang over the top of the cover when the veil meets the “ceiling”.

Once you’ve done it, you need to figure out what to do with it? The tulle must be stored carefully. If you keep this thing in the box for the next three months, you will definitely regret it. You will cringe at all the work you have to do to remove wrinkles and folds. If a bath or closet isn’t big enough for this monster, you may have a problem.

Personally, I had additional background beyond the stand I had on hand from my photography business. This keeps the tulle wall draped perfectly and wrinkle-free. me

Pro tip: If you have pets, keep the door closed. You don’t want them tearing it to shreds before the wedding day.

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Depending on how big your tulle wall is, it can fill an entire car to transport it. I’m pretty sure it would take up the entire back of my hatchback Mazda 3. It would take a dedicated trip to get it from my place to my mom’s house.

You can easily use this same technique to put together a simple single-wall backdrop. Time is money, so if you don’t feel like spending the time or energy, shop around for a pre-made option.

What do you think Would you try this DIY project or order yours online? Join us in the community to chat all things DIY wedding!

Diy Backdrop For Wedding

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Check your email to confirm your subscription, and then we’ll send you your FREE Wedding Planning Timeline + Checklist! In early August, I had the honor of hosting my sister’s bridal shower at my home.

I knew I wanted to create something special for her background, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

Of course, a balloon arch was the first thing that came to my mind, but I knew I wouldn’t want to be working late at night right before her shower.

So I started researching different ideas and finally settled on the idea of ​​making this bridal shower backdrop.

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And since I knew I wanted to do it way ahead of time, we started making this backdrop about a month before her shower.

Roger was kind enough to help me every step of the way. From making the frame to painting it, to giving me flowers as per my requirement.

1. First, create or assemble a frame background. I used custom hooks and zip ties to attach the frame to my wall for added security.

Diy Backdrop For Wedding

2. Hang the curtain over the backdrop and then using clothespins, pin the fabric firmly to the front of the backdrop.

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4. Finally arrange the fake flowers and greenery to attach to the garland with floral wire. I recommend starting with the stems of the greenery and the larger flowers. Then add smaller flower stems and finally add smaller green stems to fill in any gaps.

5. That’s it! I hope your bridal shower is as full of love and beauty as your bridal shower backdrop!

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