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Friday, January 19th 2024. | Weddings
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Creating the Perfect Boho Wedding Centerpiece

Are you planning a boho-themed wedding and looking for the perfect centerpiece ideas? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating beautiful DIY boho wedding centerpieces that will add a touch of whimsical charm to your special day.

1. Mason Jar Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are a popular choice for boho weddings due to their rustic and natural appeal. To create a mason jar succulent arrangement, start by filling a mason jar with small pebbles or sand for drainage. Then, add a layer of potting soil and carefully plant your chosen succulents. Finish off the arrangement by placing a few decorative stones or moss on top.

2. Wildflower Bouquet

For a more organic and bohemian look, consider creating a wildflower bouquet as your centerpiece. Gather an assortment of wildflowers in different colors and sizes. Tie them together with a ribbon or twine and place them in a mason jar or a vintage-style vase. This DIY centerpiece will bring a touch of whimsy and natural beauty to your wedding tables.

3. Dreamcatcher Centerpiece

Boho weddings are all about incorporating dreamcatchers into the decor. To create a dreamcatcher centerpiece, start by selecting a large dreamcatcher with intricate details. Hang it from a wooden dowel or a suspended branch and place it at the center of your table. You can add candles, flowers, or feathers to enhance the boho vibe.

4. Vintage Lantern Arrangement

Add a touch of romance to your boho wedding with vintage lantern centerpieces. Find antique lanterns in different sizes and styles. Fill them with candles or fairy lights and surround them with flowers or greenery. The soft glow of the lanterns will create a magical ambiance that is perfect for a boho-themed wedding.

5. Macrame Table Runner with Terrariums

Macrame is a staple in boho decor, so why not incorporate it into your wedding centerpieces? Create a macrame table runner and hang small terrariums filled with succulents or air plants from it. This unique centerpiece will add a bohemian touch to your tables and will be a conversation starter among your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How far in advance should I create my DIY boho wedding centerpieces?

It is best to start creating your DIY boho wedding centerpieces at least a few weeks before your wedding. This will allow you enough time to gather all the materials and experiment with different designs to find the perfect centerpiece for your special day.

2. Where can I find the materials for my DIY boho wedding centerpieces?

You can find the materials for your DIY boho wedding centerpieces at craft stores, online marketplaces, or even in your backyard. Look for items such as mason jars, wildflowers, vintage lanterns, macrame, and succulents to create the perfect boho centerpiece.

3. Can I personalize my DIY boho wedding centerpieces?

Absolutely! Personalizing your DIY boho wedding centerpieces adds a special touch to your wedding decor. Consider adding elements that reflect your personality, such as photographs, trinkets, or sentimental items. This will make your centerpieces even more meaningful and unique.

4. How can I make my DIY boho wedding centerpieces budget-friendly?

Creating budget-friendly DIY boho wedding centerpieces is easy. Look for affordable materials such as thrifted lanterns, wildflowers from your garden, or repurposed items. You can also consider renting or borrowing items to save costs. Get creative and think outside the box to achieve a boho look without breaking the bank.

5. Can I use artificial flowers in my DIY boho wedding centerpieces?

Absolutely! Using artificial flowers in your DIY boho wedding centerpieces is a great option if you want a long-lasting centerpiece or if you have allergies. Look for high-quality artificial flowers that mimic the look and feel of real flowers. You can also mix artificial and real flowers for a more natural and budget-friendly arrangement.


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