Bride And Groom Apparel

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Bride And Groom Apparel

Bride And Groom Apparel

Here we absolutely love bridal fashion (hence our name!). There’s something about a breath-taking dress that makes our hearts beat faster. But they only taste good. Equally worthy of recognition and something that we are very excited about is the groom’s attire. After all, this is their big day and an opportunity to show off their style.

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We’ve featured tons of stylish grooms at our real-life weddings, and each one has a unique look that doesn’t disappoint. More and more grooms are playing with their attire and wearing unique items that reflect their personality or unique relationship. Fun patterns, unexpected colors and luxurious fabrics are entering the groom’s fashion. Whether it’s a cufflink engraved with their wedding date or a loved one’s watch, many grooms change their look with emotion.

Not only do these grooms get creative with their outfits, but they also use their designs as an opportunity to create a bridal aesthetic. A velvet jacket looks great against a winter background, and light bedding complements a beach party. Some grooms wore formal tuxedos and formal ties for formal events, while others wore low-maintenance suits for intimate events.

From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, these tailors didn’t shy away from style. For all the inspiration you need, here are 30 Real Wedding Groom Looks that prove grooms really do have the best style.

David Frisbey wanted his clothes to make a statement when he planned his wedding to Aisha Beau Johnson, a self-confessed blogger and speaker. He decided to wear a custom maroon tuxedo by Matt Harpalani of Imparali Custom Tailors. “When we started planning our wedding, we saw pictures of celebrities wearing tuxedos in the same color, and that inspired her look,” says Aisha. They loved the eye-catching shade so much that it influenced their entire wedding color palette!

Colour Coordinated Outfit Trends For The Bride & Groom

Model and content creator Clinton Moxham headed to Men’s Wearhouse in search of the perfect wedding tuxedo (and we shopped with her!). After trying on five different styles, he settled on a Vera Wang two-button tuxedo. Clinton wanted something timeless rather than trendy, so she liked the tuxedo to be “simple, black and elegant.” He explained, “The last thing I want is to look back in 10 years and say, ‘What was I thinking when I put on the crazy suit?’ “

Avlok Kohli’s wedding weekend could celebrate both Indian and Western culture, so he wanted to wear a unique outfit for the occasion. For the Indian ceremony, she wore an intricately embroidered gold sherwani by Varsha Patel that matched perfectly with her bride’s golden lehenga.

Kyler Rowley chose a traditional black tuxedo for his wedding. “Kyler always knew he wanted our wedding to be formal, so choosing a tuxedo was an easy decision,” said bride Carrie Merrill. the best part? The groom accessorized his classic look with a unique twist: a feather bow tie from Brackish Brand.

Bride And Groom Apparel

Michael Dumaine and Javier Ruisanches wanted to express their style and coherence through their fashion choices, so they created a custom design for Vestium. “However, neither of us knew what the other was wearing until the wedding day,” the couple said. Michael finally created a black paisley jacket with a silk finish. Meanwhile, Javi produced a green jacket with a floral print and customized it with special details. “I wanted to make sure my suit was unique,” explains Javi. He engraved their wedding date and his favorite Bible verse on the inside of his jacket, along with the following words:

Groom In Classic Blue Suit And Bride Wearing Elegant Dress With Blue Skirt

To honor his beloved family, Steven Ross paired a navy blue Winston & Lee tuxedo with gold jewelry that had personal meaning for him. “She was wearing a watch from Stephen’s father, a gold ring from my late father, and a bracelet from her late grandfather,” said bride Robin Iglehart.

Dan Bar Shira wore three different looks for his Burning Man-themed Israeli wedding to actress Inbar Lavi, all designed by Shany Lasry and Ali Mohana. For his first look, the groom wore desert white linen. “They chose neutral fabrics that combined the bright, festive colors of the landscape,” Inbar recalls.

A black tuxedo with a U-shaped waistcoat and red lining was Tavarres Jefferson’s wedding choice. To signify their relationship, she wore monogrammed cufflinks, with the couple’s initials on one and their wedding date on the other. Tavarres also wanted to show off her fashion sense, so she paired her outfit with Christian Louboutin red-soled pumps.

Isaac Park looked dapper in a black suit at his wedding to Jessie Kim. As part of Korean tradition, Isaac also wears a silver watch that Jessie’s parents gave her. “Every time I look at her, she reminds me of the faith and love I have not only for Jesse, but for his entire family,” the groom said.

Wear Your Love

Actresses Chantel VanSanten and Victor Webster hosted three different wedding ceremonies, so each event deserved its own fashion moment. For the second ceremony, Victor wore a cardamom velvet three-piece suit by Favorbrook. “The color changed depending on the light,” notes Chantel. “Golden brown to brown, almost forest green.”

Former NBA player and current coach of the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks, Derek Fisher, traded in his suit and sneakers for a matching blue Octavius ​​Terry suit on his wedding day. He finished his look with a matching bow tie and an orchid white buttonhole.

Green is Serena Hampton’s favorite color, so she and Marvin Yates decided to break with tradition and dress in a bold shade for their desert outing. Marvin Custom designed his green bark suit at Indochino, paired with a green pocket square.

Bride And Groom Apparel

After deciding to marry Toral Vaidya, Raj Chimanji wanted his wedding attire to complement his partner’s. Raja’s custom silk sherwani with gold floral embroidery on Torala lehenga. What about add-ons? The groom wore a three-layer green suit

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Ryan Guss paid tribute in a black tuxedo for his big day. By monogramming the groom’s cufflinks and tucking a photo of his grandfather into his pocket, Ryan can keep an important family member close to him during the celebration.

Although Jake Goren and Derek Klamerus wore black tuxedos to their wedding ceremony, they each gave their outfits a unique look. Derek’s shirt had a navy blue shawl collar and Jake’s had a navy blue lapel.

Corey Printup has taken it a step further by not only developing the original design of its suits, but introducing even more customization options. Corey showed his commitment to his bride by stamping his name on the inside of his jacket and embroidering the phrase “I Do For Life” on the outside of the collar.

Andrew Bowman wore a black Menguin suit and black Allen Edmonds shoes for an intimate fall wedding. Andrew wore a Shinola watch he had received to commemorate his relationship with Alena Kaufman and cufflinks with flowers from Wave Hill, a New York City public park.

Mother Of The Bride And Groom Dresses We Love For A Spring Wedding

Ryan Young’s only way to stay warm during a snowy wedding in Colorado was to wrap himself in a thick velvet suit. Ryan’s black velvet J. Hilburn jacket was custom, and his black alligator leather cowboy boots rounded off the wintry look.

At Patrick Muyot’s romantic English wedding, the groom wore a navy three-piece suit from Zebel Bespoke in London. He completed his classic ensemble with a black bow tie, black sunglasses, gold cufflinks and his wife’s silver and rose gold rotating watch.

When Taj Tashombe married Morgan Robinson, she wanted her accessories to shine. She paired her custom gray three-piece outfit with black and tortoiseshell Celine sunglasses, Prada shoes and beaded bracelets. “Taj pearl bracelets are characterized by their healing and balancing properties,” explains Morgan.

Bride And Groom Apparel

Rich Ferreira wanted to find the perfect accessories for her spring wedding in Cabo San Lucas. After shopping, he chose a black wool tuxedo from Bogliola Milano. “The moment I tried it on, the fit was perfect, and the bodice was a little flattering with a slightly larger top,” says the groom. “Formal but the material was still very light, perfect for a warm wedding.”

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NHL star Sheldon Surrey decided to create a bridal look with his bride and model

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