What Hairstyle With This Dress 3

Friday, November 18th 2022. | Weddings

What Hairstyle With This Dress 3 – I don’t know about you, but during the holidays my calendar is always full of formal events and work with family, friends, colleagues, etc. And I am constantly looking for new ways to do my hair or improve my makeup for these! For today’s post, I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite local salons, Goldplaited, to bring you three fun holiday styles that are sure to turn up the show at any event. Any event you may have! As someone who works all day in addition to having a blog, I end up attending a lot of events right at work. With that in mind, all of these hairstyles can be worn during the day and then updated for the evening with a splash of lipstick and freshen up your makeup!

New Year’s wreaths are still in fashion and add sophistication and sweetness to any look! This hairstyle and makeup is by far my favorite of all the hairstyles we put together. I actually wore this hairstyle to an event last night and got so many compliments on it! I absolutely love how the hair is tied in the back and has curls not only underneath but going through the center of the braid. This look would be perfect for a holiday party or dinner with your family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

What Hairstyle With This Dress 3

What Hairstyle With This Dress 3

This hairstyle is the perfect combination of a festival with a little “cool”. I love this braid and I think it can go with so many different outfits! You can pair it with jeans and a white t-shirt, or you can wear a long formal dress and walk the red carpet! I can totally see myself wearing this texture during the day at work and then switching the shirt out for something more fun like this lace top for a night out with friends.

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This hairstyle looks simpler when it comes to the hair, but these purple-toned lips pack a punch! I’m not usually a fan of dark lipstick because I have a lighter face, lighter skin tone, but it’s fun to change things up and paint a dark lip with all the metallic tones.kinda for this look! This hairstyle can also be used for many occasions and in many different looks, but I will definitely save my lips for after the sun goes down!

I hope you all like these looks as much as we had fun putting them together! As a blogger, I love working with local businesses and the Goldplaited team is amazing. They also did my hair and makeup for my senior year celebration last springĀ and every experience I’ve had with them has been amazing. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the Chicagoland area! Off the shoulder wedding dresses are not just a seasonal trend. We’ve all seen this neckline on bridesmaids, runway shows, and wedding aisles for decades. We won’t be the first to admit that it’s exciting to see it grow in popularity this wedding season.

At first, this dramatic and distinctive neckline may seem difficult to style, but when done properly, it is simply breathtaking. You want to find a wedding hairstyle that accentuates the neck and shows off the vibe of your bridal dress and look.

We’ve rounded up the best hairstyles for off the shoulder wedding dresses to help inspire your bridal look.

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What is the key to matching a one shoulder dress? Find accessories that accentuate the asymmetric neckline and the mood of your dress. Often this means less is more. Let the distinctive diagonal neckline be the focal point of your bridal look.

Whether your off-the-shoulder dress has dramatic ruffles or a sophisticated spaghetti strap, choosing a hairstyle is crucial to ensure that your overall look is balanced and well-proportioned. You can play asymmetrical or you can even go neutral with your hair falling behind your shoulders.

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What Hairstyle With This Dress 3

A side swept hairstyle with an off the shoulder dress will always look classic and chic. You can pin one side up with a small comb over the ears or a subtle braid for a boho chic look.

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We love the one shoulder neckline because it flatters the face and jaw line. If you are looking for a sleek and modern hairstyle, the simple low bun is the perfect hairstyle to achieve this look. A simple bun can complement the simplicity of a shoulder and accentuate dramatic lines.

Your updated hairstyle and size will depend a lot on the vibe and style of your wedding dress and the venue.

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For a minimalist yet stylish look, pull the polished curls back and pin them in place behind the ears. This is a great choice if your dress has dramatic ruching or a sculptural element that you want to accentuate.

For a modern and sleek look, you can’t go wrong with a ponytail. Whether the hair is low and sleek or the hair is high and bouncy, the bridal ponytail shows #hairgoals.

An asymmetrical neck doesn’t necessarily only require a side swept hairstyle or a low side ponytail. In fact, the loose waves that fall gently behind the shoulders create a neutral feel and make your dress the focal point.

What Hairstyle With This Dress 3

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