Do Not Buy From Jareds Diamond Not Certified

Thursday, December 29th 2022. | Weddings

Do Not Buy From Jareds Diamond Not Certified – Sterling Jewelers, owner of at least a dozen jewelry stores, overstates the weight of diamonds on jewelry sold at its brick-and-mortar and online Jared the Galleria of Jewelry stores, according to a new class action lawsuit.

The nationwide class action lawsuit was filed in Florida on August 23 by lead plaintiff Thomas Kimbrough, who alleges that the company systematically overestimated the total weight of uncertified diamonds, knowing that consumers had no way of knowing that the weight was overestimated prior to purchase is not.

Do Not Buy From Jareds Diamond Not Certified

Do Not Buy From Jareds Diamond Not Certified

In August 2018, Kimbrough purchased a diamond ring at Jared the Galleria of Neil Lane Bridal Set Collection in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The diamond ring was accompanied by a product description purporting to depict the total weight of the diamonds in fractions of carats, the statement said.

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After the ring was purchased, the store provided Kimbro with an “insurance replacement estimate” card describing the ring’s physical characteristics, but the card did not prominently state that the weight of the diamonds was inaccurate. According to Kimbrough, the card also did not have a prominent message about the weight limit used by the store.

However, the insurance card contained a record of the total weight of the diamonds purchased to two decimal places.

“Unbeknownst to the plaintiff at the time, the diamond weight written in the product description was less than the actual weight of the diamond,” Kimbro’s lawsuit against Jared states.

Jared’s lawsuit states that according to the Federal Trade Commission, when a diamond’s weight is reported as a decimal, the diamond’s weight must be accurate to the last decimal place. There are also certain requirements when the weight of a diamond is indicated in fractions.

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“If the weight of a diamond is given as fractions of a carat, a clear disclosure of the fact that the weight of the diamond is not exact must be made near the fraction representation and a disclosure of the reasonable range of weight for each fraction (or weight tolerance used), must also be done,” the statement said.

The statement claims that the weight of Jared’s diamonds, which are displayed in decimal numbers, are not accurate to the last decimal point, and when displayed as fractions of a carat, there is no explicit disclosure of the fact that the diamond weight is not accurate. , nor the disclosure of the permissible weight used.

“Instead of disclosing the actual weight of the diamonds to consumers, the Defendant mislabeled the weight in order to increase the value of the jewelry it sold,” the class action alleges, adding that the company’s affirmative statements concealed the true weight of the diamonds. make them misleading. and false practices.

Do Not Buy From Jareds Diamond Not Certified

Kimbro wants to represent a nationwide class of consumers who bought diamonds from Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and were misled by the diamond’s stated weight. He also wants to represent Florida’s underclass. He is suing for violations of Florida’s unfair trade and consumer protection laws, as well as for unjust enrichment and breach of contract. He is seeking class certification, damages, restitution, court fees and costs, and a jury trial.

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Have you ever bought a diamond whose carat is measured in fractions? Let us know if your piece contains a disclosure in the comments section!

Kimbrough is represented by Michael A. Citron of Mac Legal, P.A.; Igor Hernandez of Cornish Hernandez Gonzalez, PLLC; and Eli R. Levy and Venessa Valdez Solis of Levy & Partners, PLLC.

Jared Jewelers Fake Diamond Weight Class Action – Kimbro v. Sterling Jewelers Inc. Case no. 1:21-cv-23038-MGC in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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A beautiful, brilliant 1 carat Leo diamond set in 18k white gold!! This appears to be a unique ring as I can’t find a comparable combination (documented in photos) from eBay, Jareds, Kay, etc. anywhere online. Note: This is not a sale; I don’t need to get rid of it, but worry about going on and all that jazz, it’s a top quality ring you can afford, a few grand down, checked regularly by Jared until 2016 since purchase. As you can see from the GemEx exposure chart, this ring, represented by the yellow marks, scores highly in all 3 categories, down to ‘brilliant’, ‘fire’ and ‘brilliant’.

This is a lion certified diamond and anything i can do to ensure it is exactly as advertised please let me know…

Do Not Buy From Jareds Diamond Not Certified

Description: One 18k white gold diamond engagement ring. Contains one modified center round diamond set with a 4 prong Leo diamond. The width of the strap narrows from 4.1 mm to 2.7 mm.

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ALAMZ: Shape: Modified Round Lion Cut Diamond, Quantity: 1, Actual Weight: 0.970 Carat Dimensions: Maximum Diameter – 6.46mm. the minimum diameter is 6.33 mm; Depth: 3.93 mm; Depth %: 61.5% Band: medium, slightly thick, faceted. Sharpness: SI2, Color: I, Symmetry: Good, Polish: Very Good, Additional Description: “Leo 216687” Replacement Cost: $7464

METAL: Metal: Gold, Verified, Purity: 18K, Color: White, Condition: Good, Finish: Highly Polished, Manufacturing Method: Cast, Marks/Engraving/Distinctions: 18k NAJ, Weight: 3.0 dwt, Additional Description: Center Diamond Set platinum. Replacement cost: $1,245

There is nothing, no situation, no past feelings or bad juju that can take away the star quality of this pretty little ring. Most of the girls I showed it too after my ex and I broke up wanted it for themselves and their eyes got big and big when they saw it. Just before, during and after the breakup, I myself took for granted what a special little ring it was, and then you see other people’s reactions to it.

Buy with confidence knowing that aside from going back in time and being able to change a lot of things myself, I have no regrets about going this far with this particular girl. There were other big issues working against us, not the ring. It is something too special to carry any negativity with it. I know it will make someone happy. As all my friends and family say, you have to share the things that mattered most to you both, that meant promise and intention… Make it count for you, do it right, but it starts with a little glitter.

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