Purple And Silver Wedding Colors

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Purple Wedding Color – Purple has been a popular and loved wedding color for decades. Purple includes many shades, from the traditional “royal” purple to blue or red purple. Whatever purple you choose as your wedding color, mix it with other shades of purple. They look elegant as seen in the wedding ceremony of the princess.

Purple And Silver Wedding Colors

Purple And Silver Wedding Colors

While there are many, many shades of purple, for this post I’ve narrowed it down to violet, pale purple, lavender, orchid, and apricot.

What Color Does The Mother Of The Groom Wear?

I have chosen purple which offers a variety of colors in the purple family. This will get you into the “ball park” of what colors you want to use, and then you may want to go lighter, darker, or change the tone. I recommend choosing your bridesmaid dresses first before you lock in your colors. This way it will be less stressful for you.

Purple, as shown below, is considered violet blue (also known as violet blue) on the color wheel, but I chose it for this post because it is “common purple” and what most people think of when they hear “purple.” It’s a bit dramatic and usually a “wow” wedding color! Looks great with turquoise and royal blue, but don’t limit your options…think orange, pink, red, silver, gold and more!

Light purple is a softer version of purple with slightly gray undertones. The color is often called lavender, but they are not the same, as will be seen in the two collages below. Light purple is a great choice for spring and summer weddings.

Lavender is often referred to as “pink violet.” It is more sophisticated than pale purple and, like most purples, works well with green or blue. As you can see in a couple of pictures below, it looks amazing in gold too!

Modern Silver Bokeh, Purple Snowflakes Wedding Invitation

Lilac is purple like pink, similar to lavender, but with a pink tint. It’s a shade of apricot blossom. If you love gardening, this will be a great choice for you! In 2014, a yellow color called Radiant Orchid was chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year.

Oak is the darkest of all the colors I’ve shown here. It is similar to the color of soybeans, chestnuts, egg yolks, pasta and wine. This is a great choice for fall as it goes well with gray and orange. I think oak with silver is a particularly great combination.

Note that in the plugin I only use one color to help you see the effect of the color. In fact, you may want to mix it with other colors and/or other colors.

Purple And Silver Wedding Colors

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Wedding Color Palette

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