Romona Keveza Price Range Own One

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Romona Keveza Price Range Own One – A designer loved by celebrities and real brides alike, Romona Keveza has been worn by some of Hollywood’s most famous women. While the brand’s ready-to-wear collections have been seen on everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie, Romona Keveza’s wedding dresses are known for translating that same sense of Hollywood glamor into a luxurious wedding collection. With her signature pure beauty, Romona Keveza continues to inspire brides to show awareness with her long-lasting gowns. Her unique vision as an evening wear and bridal designer gives real brides the chance to dress like red carpet royalty on their wedding day.

Silk Garden-inspired silk Mikado deep V-neck wedding dress with terracotta, yellow, ivy green, deep red and lavender flowers.

Romona Keveza Price Range Own One

Romona Keveza Price Range Own One

Known for femininity, sophistication and luxury, Romona Keveza wedding dresses are characterized by a commitment to high quality craftsmanship. Bridal collections are often directly influenced by the clothes of Hollywood stars Keveza brings a sense of red carpet glamor to every dress she designs.

Romona Keveza — Warren Barron Bridal

New York based designer, Romona Keveza started her fashion career in 1999 with little of her savings and hard work to support it. After great success in bridal and evening wear, she went on to launch her own bridal line, BAGS by Romona Keveza followed by a luxury ready-to-wear collection. Recently, the brand introduced ROMONA New York as a line with a youthful and free spirit. All Romona Keveza bridal gowns are proudly made in North America and can be purchased at select global retailers or at Romona Keveza’s flagship bridal store in Rockefeller Plaza.

Following the success of her eponymous label, Romona Keveza launched several additional lines, including LEGENDS Romona Keveza in 2005. Designed as an affordable Hollywood-inspired bridal collection, the LEGENDS label embodies the same chic aesthetic while being successful. increase in customers. Later in 2009, the designer presented his Romona Keveza Collection, which has become a staple of red carpet shows.

A new addition to the brand, ROMONA New York, was launched in 2017 for clothes designed with a minimalist aesthetic and an affordable price. ROMONA New York emphasizes an informal, more vibrant vibe, which we’re excited to see reflected in Romona Keveza 2022 wedding dresses.

With designs priced from $3,000 to $35,000, Romona Keveza wedding dresses have a long standing reputation among luxury wedding goers. Over the years, many dresses have been inspired by famous people, including the dress worn by Angelina Jolie. In 2011, Jolie attended the premiere of In The Land of Blood and Honey wearing a navy one-shoulder Romona Queveza dress that later inspired the same design in her bridal collection.

A Strapless Wedding Gown From The Romona Keveza Collection.

As the go-to designer for the biggest names in Hollywood, Romona Keveza’s gowns have been worn by many celebrities on the red carpet and down the wedding aisle. Stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande, Kate Hudson, Regina King, and many others have stepped out in Keveza’s designs, further increasing her Hollywood appeal.

Equally popular among celebrity brides, Romona Keveza’s wedding dress has been worn by Cheryl Burke, Lauren Scruggs, Lisa Salzer and Cheryl Hines among others.

Although the brand has grown rapidly since its inception in 1999, Romona Keveza has been exclusively designed and owned by Keveza until now. This gives Romona Keveza 2022 brides a unique opportunity to know that their wedding dresses are being designed by a legend herself.

Romona Keveza Price Range Own One

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Romona Keveza Price Range Own One

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