Does Anyone Actually Sell Anything On Poshmark

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Does Anyone Actually Sell Anything On Poshmark – I’ve been selling my beloved clothes on Poshmark since the spring of 2015. Personally, I had a better selling experience on Poshmark than eBay, so I switched, and I’m still selling on Poshmark almost six years later! This is definitely one of the best apps for selling used clothes and I also enjoy buying used clothes although I definitely sell more than I buy. (If you’re new to selling on Poshmark, I recommend you read my top tips for selling (and avoiding bad buyers)! I recently updated that post with the latest information.)

Today I’m answering 10 of your most frequently asked questions about selling on Poshmark! Ask me other questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.

Does Anyone Actually Sell Anything On Poshmark

Does Anyone Actually Sell Anything On Poshmark

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Earn Cash Today: How To Make Money On Poshmark

First: If you’re new to selling, read my top tips for selling (and avoiding bad buyers). If you’ve sold something and are now in a dry spell, that’s normal, especially for freelance sellers. I can go a month or more without selling and then suddenly have five a week. It all depends on the season, who is looking for what and what happens if they find your item! Do your best with your photos, titles and descriptions, keep sharing your items regularly and don’t get discouraged. Try offering markdowns on Closet Clear Out days, relist old items (more on that below), and list new items to freshen up your closet!

What do I do if someone comments on my list and asks me to email them? Is it a scam? How do I remove Poshmark spam comments?

If someone comments on one of your listings and asks you to email them, which sometimes happens right after a new item is listed, it’s a scam. Do not block any Poshmark posts from Poshmark. It is against the TOS. If someone has made spammy or otherwise horrible comments, you can report the account and in the comments click the light gray flag next to the reply button below the comment. This marks the comment as spam and will be automatically removed by Poshmark Do not reply to these comments – any comments you make on your own list will remain until you delete the list. (Sold listings cannot be deleted.)

The Copy List feature might just be my favorite Poshmark update of the past year! If you want to re-register any of your old/old items, you will need to manually upload new photos and re-enter your information. Now, all you have to do is hit the Copy Listing button (found at the bottom when you edit your listing information, right next to Delete Listing) and Poshmark will create a copy of your listing with the same image, description, and everything else. The information is awesome! Before copying, I recommend changing the list price of the original listing to a higher number so that when you make the copy, you can start fresh with a reduced price! Don’t forget to also remove the “Copy -” text you added to your title (and don’t forget to add back any title that was cut out).

How To Sell On Poshmark: Expert Tips From A Successful Seller

Deleting and re-listing old/old items, even items with lots of likes, pushes it to the top of the Just In category, causing fresh eyeballs to see your item and potentially make a purchase! If those original likes were interested in buying your item, they would have bought it by now. (If you’re not sure where Just In is located, click on a brand in one of your lists, then tap the up/down arrows on the right side of the screen, then sort by Just In to see the latest items recently listed.) I have some old/vintage items. Have relisted and sold items — and I often sell them for more than the lowest price I previously listed! FYI: If you use the duplicate listing feature within 60 days of posting a listing, it will not be pushed to the top of the Just In category.

A guest buyer is someone who found your item through a Google search and didn’t want to create an account to check out, so Poshmark assigns them a “fake”/guest account name with no profile attached. Don’t be upset! It is completely safe to send them (and more often than not these buyers pay full price!) You will probably have to wait a full three days before the payment is released, since they will not be able to accept it with their guest account. Guest buyers can create an account after making a purchase, so you can also see changes to their username. All normal! Most sellers will tell you they love guest buyers because they pay full price and don’t start drama!

Shipping the Poshmark sale couldn’t be easier! The buyer pays the shipping cost (unless you offer free shipping to the buyer and the money comes from your earnings) and Poshmark automatically emails you a shipping slip. Pack your item in a standard brown box (feel free to reuse any boxes and other packaging materials you have!) or a Priority Mail box (note: do not use a Priority Mail Express box), attach the label and drop it off at a post office, set up a package delivery at your home, or deliver to the postman. (UPS and Fedex will not accept it.) You must use the label provided by Poshmark or you are not covered if it gets lost in transit, or the buyer can claim they never received it and you are SOL.

Does Anyone Actually Sell Anything On Poshmark

What do I do if a buyer asks me to ship to a different address than the address on the Poshmark shipping label?

How To Sell Clothes On Poshmark

Remind your buyer that they can change their shipping address in the app, which will generate a new label for you to use. Under no circumstances should you ship the package to an address that is not on the label provided by Poshmark. As I said above, Poshmark will not help you if your package is lost or if the buyer kicks you out of the sale. Use only the label provided by Poshmark and ship to the address on the label. The buyer will have to figure out the rest from there.

What happens if the buyer does not accept their order? What if a buyer doesn’t rate me or leave a profit report?

Buyers have three days to receive their order. Don’t bother them to accept it – as soon as those three days are up, the funds will be released to you. Poshmark automatically sends reminders to accept orders. Not all buyers will rate and not all 5-star reviewers will leave messages of love (comments with 5-star reviews are left – they are visible on user profiles). Don’t get hung up on them. As long as the order is accepted without opening a case, then everything is fine because you have received payment!

Unfortunately, no, sellers cannot rate buyers the same way sellers rate buyers. If you have a difficult shopper, you can alert others by leaving a comment on their Meet the Posher list (if they have one). You can also remove love notes—some buyers give 5 stars and then leave nasty/untrue love notes because they know they’re visible to others. My best advice is to block anyone who is really nasty but hopefully you won’t have to deal with any of these buyers!

Poshmark Tips & Tricks To Make You $$$

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have in the comments below and I can try to answer! Otherwise, my favorite resource is the Poshmark subreddit! It’s full of full-time and freelance sellers and buyers sharing tips, tricks, best practices, and other information. When I started selling on Poshmark, I just wanted to turn every piece of unloved clothing into money.

I had a closet full of clothes I no longer wore. Some things no longer fit, some I no longer need for work and others I fell in love with.

Although I enjoy the platform, selling on Poshmark is not my full time job. I consider myself more of a Poshmark enthusiast than an expert. I’m a part-time seller who uses Poshmark occasionally as a source of income.

Does Anyone Actually Sell Anything On Poshmark

So can you make money on Poshmark? absolutely I have made decent money over the years and am completely satisfied using the app. I also think that if you want to sell clothes on Poshmark it could be a profitable side job for extra money or a full time job for the right person.

How To Make Money On Poshmark [complete 2022 Guide]

Selling on Poshmark can be very profitable. The Poshmark app is free, shipping and shipping materials are free, and you can start with supplies you already have. More stock is available cheaper. You don’t need to spend money on marketing to turn Poshmark into a profitable full-time job or side business.

It’s worth it

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