Elegant Black And White Party Ideas

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Elegant Black And White Party Ideas – Looking for a fun theme for your New Year’s Eve party? Experience a black and white party filled with black and white favors, black and white party games, and other awesome New Year’s Eve party decorations! This guide will give you everything you need to throw an amazing black and white New Year’s Eve!

There is only one rule when it comes to hosting a black and white party – it must be black and white, including the dress code! A few years ago we had a black and white party with our friends and this year we are doing it again on New Year’s Eve.

Elegant Black And White Party Ideas

Elegant Black And White Party Ideas

A black and white team is the perfect team theme for an adult game night, dinner with friends or, in this case, New Year’s Eve. This is perfect for the New Year because black and white tends to rely on an adult and sophisticated vibe, although you can do it all with kids!

Black And White Checkered Plastic Tablecloths. Measures 54

When I first came up with the idea of ​​throwing a black and white party on New Year’s Eve, I was a little nervous trying to come up with food that fit the theme. That was before I realized that Shindigz has a whole range of candies that can be ordered by color, and we’re not just talking about bubble gums and Sixlets, we’re talking about black and white Dum Dum, black and white Hershey kisses and even. black and white candy. Perfect for filling those little apothecary jars.

You can make not only the candies they give to themselves, but also printable wrappers for other candies, like the labels I made these days for chocolate bars, big chocolate suckers, and these candy cubes for 2018. Of course, it was very easy to assemble this black and white dessert table.

In addition to candy, I just picked up a couple of other desserts – Oreos, black and white cookies (yes), white cake topped with black sprinkles and Sixlets, chocolate and white flour donuts, and Devil’s Food muffins with white icing. Who knew black and white food could be so delicious?

While I was preparing the dessert table, you can go the tastier route by choosing some of these:

White, Silver And Black

I kept it simple with decorations for our party because I like simple things. I used a piece of black and white striped fabric as a tablecloth over a table marked with a black and white paper ornament. And I added some hats and lei from the black and white Christmas collection to my cake stand to tie it all together.

For my back table, I ordered a set of black 2018 Megaloon balloons (and only used 18 because the balloons are too big) and used these balloon weights tied with sheer thread to hold them up. Last but not least, I tied black and white Happy New Year balloons to our mailbox.

The beauty of the black and white theme is that any printable games are very easy to fit into this theme – just print these New Year’s quizzes in black and white, and voila, you have a themed game! Here is a whole collection of Christmas games that you can print in black and white.

Elegant Black And White Party Ideas

Have everyone bring a black and white gift wrapped in black and white film (a splash of color is great), print these black and white gift exchange cards, and order this giant black and white styrofoam cube to raffle off one of the sweetest gifts ever. . exchange games at any time.

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Luckily, black and white is a pretty popular color, so finding black and white gifts isn’t difficult. If you can’t think of anything, an Oreos packaging with a gift card attached to the bottom is a good option.

Say this song is one of my favorites at parties. Divide the group in two, play a short snippet of the song, and see which group guesses the song first. One note for the song title and one note for the artist. Detailed instructions for playing the song title can be found here.

For a black and white New Year’s Eve party, you can play in two different ways. You can create a list of songs with black or white titles in the title, or just create a playlist of the best songs of the year. You can find the black and white playlist below or find my new year name to sing here.

One of my favorite party games is reverse charades and I love it because you can tailor it to any theme. The general idea is that instead of traditional charades in which one person does something while the group guesses, in reverse charades one person guesses while the whole group works together to do their thing. This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen.

Sparkling Senior Graduation Party With Shutterfly — Kristi Murphy

I’ve compiled a list of black and white words that work well for this. You can find them by clicking on the big pink button below. You can combine it with last year’s hot list and get people to play with it! It might be hard to guess, but it will be interesting to see someone play the role of the battle between Thor and the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, one of this year’s biggest movies.

Full instructions can be found here, and a list of black and white charade cards can be found here. Here is a small sample list.

Enter your name and email address in the form below to receive free printable black and white game cards and song lists. If you don’t see the form, click here to access it.

Elegant Black And White Party Ideas

One of my favorite moments for winning games is working with cookies. Because the Oreos are black and white, it’s a fun game that goes perfectly with the theme. Give everyone a cookie and see who can be the first to get it from forehead to mouth without hands! You can also try any other New Year moment to win games.

Black And White Party Attire And Hosting Tips

No need to create a complicated photo booth for a party. Just buy a set or two of these black cardboard frames from Shindigz and place them, along with hats, bows and lei, in this black and white New Year’s Eve party set to create an impromptu photo booth. And instead of taking color photos, set your printer to print black and white photos.

Is there a better black and white party than black and white photography? Black and white is a classic color combination suitable for any event and any party, it will be 100% beautiful. Today I want to share some cool ideas on how to dress up a party with these two colors and still keep it classy.

First, think about what event you will be celebrating: a birthday or a Halloween party? Thanksgiving or Christmas? Choose a decor that suits your time and make it as beautiful as possible.

Decorate your tables and living room in black and white, keep it simple and elegant. White chairs, black tables, plain tablecloths, black and white plates and glasses will be your base. Balloons are a cheap and easy way to decorate, choose black and white, add ribbon and bows in the same colors. Choose black and white candles and candle holders, black vases with white flowers to brighten up the space. If it’s a fall or Halloween party, make some cool black and white pumpkins adorned with bows, accessories, and nails.

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Food is an important part of your party and will help style the décor. Candy buffets and stands are the focal points where you can display your black and white desserts: oreos, candies, M&Ms, cupcakes and cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons and chocolate mousse. If you think this decoration scheme is boring or not bright, you can always sprinkle it with gold and glitter, even if they are edible. Make your party the most stylish!

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Molly Allen is a former bridal bakery owner and former event planner. She is now a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle, travel, food and drink.

Elegant Black And White Party Ideas

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