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Elope Dresses – We’ve compiled a list of the best elopement wedding dress styles using our experience working with a variety of wedding dresses in a variety of seasonal landscapes.

Disclosure: We have included some affiliate links to various elopement dresses and accessories in this post. If you click on and end up buying something, we may get a small percentage of that sale. None of these clothing designers or retailers have paid us to share their information, it is our sincere advice and preference. We hope this article helped you find the perfect elopement dress!

Elope Dresses

Elope Dresses

Don’t let the name “prom dress” fool you, these gorgeous dresses look incredible outdoors! Eye-catching nature allows every bride to have trees, mountains, cliffs or busy water as the backdrop. Because the fabric is so loose, it’s actually easier to slip in than dresses of smaller fabrics, such as flared skirts. One small problem is that prom dresses tend to collect dirt and branches as you move around – but our brides wore naturally dusty dresses, like a Medal of Honor!

Wedding Dress Designer Rebecca Schoneveld’s Winter Elopement

A-line skirts are classic and suitable for all body types. This silhouette hugs your waist and flows back to accentuate your natural waist. Often these clothes flow like water, capturing the breeze and creating some of the most beautiful natural movement in photos. These flowy garments allow you to easily grab all the fabrics, drape them around your arms, and travel around!

Mermaid dresses are one of the most suitable forms of dresses and are perfect for women who want to accentuate all their curves. One thing you must keep in mind is that because these garments fit snugly against the feet, they can be more difficult to move. Our advice – choose a mermaid dress with stretchy fabric that opens up a lot behind your hips. This will make traveling, running and jumping easier for you!

If you’re getting married in nature with the witness of Mother Nature, it’s only natural to unleash your inner boho goddess! Boho wedding dresses come in many different styles, but one thing to consider during your search is the fabric. Find a dress with a sporty fabric! It will look great in photos, easier to pass, and it will reflect all the movement in nature; wind, water, sky, sun, moon and the earth itself.

Simple, casual dresses are one of the most classic and elegant wedding dresses. One of their great things is how they can compliment any type of landscape! If you are pairing with a simple dress, we recommend adding your own unique flare to the outfit. You can dress up your casual outfit with fun accessories like belts, headwear, jewelry, shawls, seasonal bouquets, statement shoes, and more.

Elopement Wedding Dress Ideas

The two-piece set is so much fun! You can dress it up with a simple white tank top and a flowy skirt, a lace bodice and a princess skirt, or find some satisfying combination of the two in between. Either way, we recommend a skirt with a lot of movement in the fabric of the skirt. The best part is the versatility of the two-piece elopement outfit and the option to use your separates again in the future!

These are for brides who want a whimsical gown that will make you feel like a magical fairy flying through the enchanted forest. A romantic elopement wedding dress is best paired with tasteful lace or embroidered details, layers of flowing fabrics, and flattering shapes that will make your eyes shine!

If you’re eloping on the beach, you’re probably looking for an elegant boho dress that flutters beautifully with the rolling wind. There is a chance that your clothes will get wet with sand, so fabric quality is important. Silk, polyester, and some types of chiffon are great fabrics because the sand will roll on them. If you choose a tulle dress, you can expect plenty of wet sand to shape itself into the fabric throughout the day.

Elope Dresses

If you’re looking for an elopement wedding dress, you’re already a non-traditional bride. But if you want a dress that really stands out, colorful dresses are a great option! The things we recommend are mostly shades of white with dip-dyed, gradient, or subtle color layers. This way, you are guaranteed to stand out in any landscape. Other elements such as embroidery, glitter, unique fabrics, sleeves and jewelry are all things to look for in a unique wedding dress.

Top 10 Best Elopement Wedding Dresses And Their Designers

Dressing up doesn’t feel good, but you still want a stunning outfit? Jumpsuits or custom fitted suits are the way to go! Suits are great and you can show off your style with accessories like jewelry, ties and corsages. Our advice is to avoid stiff fabrics and find something with a little stretch so you can still wear your clothes comfortably.

We hope you found this guide helpful in finding the elopement dress of your dreams! If you haven’t had enough, head over to our other article on how to find the perfect elopement gown!

The foxes are Brandon and Gabi Fox, an adventurous husband and wife elopement photography team who live and travel in the 1972 DIY refurbished Airstream. They are based in the Pacific Northwest, but travel in western states and beyond for work and pleasure. Elopement photography is award-winning, described as candid photography that captures the true state of a couple, where they are, blending images of love with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

We’re a team of dog-loving, backpacking, desert-dwelling, sun-seeking, art-creating adventure lovers – with the happiest people – you and your partner helping plan, create and document incredible days!

Picking The Perfect Elopement Dress: Your Go To Guide 2021

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Elope Dresses

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How To Find The Perfect Hiking Wedding Dress

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