Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

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When choosing your wedding flowers, you must first finalize the wedding color palette. If purple is one of the colors you’ve decided on, you’re in luck: Not only does this color make wonderful floral choices for purple wedding bouquets, but it also looks amazing in your centerpieces, centerpieces, and other floral accents. Ready to prepare for your wedding florist consultation? We’ll give you a rundown of some of the most popular purple flowers, along with pictures of how you can use them for your own event, so you can share your favorite ideas with a professional when the time comes.

Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

No matter the season or theme of your wedding, there are dozens of purple flowers to choose from. Here are some common options for bouquets and other wedding arrangements.

Loveliest Purple Lavender Wedding Ideas 2023

During winter and early spring, anemones are easily identified by their prominent black center. The purple variety blooms in a bold purple shade, but you can also find anemones in white, red, pink, blue, maroon, and bicolor varieties.

Considered one of the most classic wedding flowers, calla lilies have an elongated, cup-like shape. They are available in many light or dark purple varieties and naturally bloom in late spring and summer.

Instead of single stems like other purple wedding flowers, clematis flowers grow on a climbing vine. They have a unique star-inspired shape and bloom in early summer.

Delphinium flowers, sometimes called larkspur, grow on tall, upright stems. Available in pastel purple, blue, pink and white, these summer wedding flowers will give your decor a wildflower-esque look.

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With shades ranging from light purple to deep plum, hydrangeas are among the most popular purple flowers. They are at their peak in early summer and can be incorporated into a handful of different wedding styles, from beachy to rustic or classic. Depending on how they are grown, hydrangeas come in white, pink, blue and multi-colored varieties depending on the acidity of the soil.

Add this fragrant herb to your wedding decor to enhance your guests’ memories of the day. Lavender is at its peak during the hottest months of June to August, and its rustic look makes it a popular choice for wedding themes.

Sometimes confused with lavender, lilacs are actually a flowering tree rather than an herb. Flowers bloom on thick, strong branches in mid-spring. Like lavender, lilacs are very fragrant and have a subtle, powdery scent.

Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

There are thousands of different orchid species, but the most popular for weddings are Phalaenopsis orchids, Cymbidium orchids and Dendrobium orchids. All orchids sold commercially are grown in greenhouses, meaning they are available for weddings all year round.

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Whether you choose petite spray roses or a dreamy garden rose variety, roses are another incredibly popular purple flower variety. Most are available year-round, but some rare items can come at a high price.

Your wedding bouquet is a must-have in many formal portraits of your big day. Check out these real-life designs to inspire your own purple posy.

When it comes to matching wedding color palettes, purple and blue are like two peas in a pod. The dusty blue and ivory ribbons tied into this sweet bouquet are the perfect finishing touch to the purple and pastel purple flowers.

A cascading wedding bouquet shape is perfect if vine-like flowers like these purple clematis are incorporated into the design. Flower petals cascade down from the arrangement, creating an eye-catching waterfall effect.

Top 8 Purple Wedding Color Combos For 2023

Looking for more vibrant images of purple wedding flowers? An assortment of fuchsia and raspberry-hued flowers will add energy and excitement to your bouquet, especially if you add a giant king protea to the centerpiece.

Perfectly sized for an elopement or intimate ceremony, this petite bouquet of spring wedding flowers features pastel purple sweet peas, delicate lily of the valley and fluffy pink peonies that stand out in texture.

Leave the flowers odd and uneven to get a rustic, fresh look from the garden. This bouquet includes violet bouquet, wax flowers, limonium and decorative grasses.

Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding Style: A French wedding-themed festival is more romantic than Paris — why not add some French flair to your wedding? There are many ways to do it — you don’t have to be French.

Stunning Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Bridal bouquets may be smaller and more elaborate than the main bouquet, but they are still important. Combine a purple color palette with similar roses, scabiosa, clematis buds, stock and wall ferns.

Deep purple flowers like plums and eggplants are beautiful for a fall wedding. Eucalyptus stems and hints of white astrantia break up the saturated palette and complete the overall look.

Tap into your moody side with a combination of mulberry-hued scabiosa, blush astilbe and creamy rosebud. If you don’t have seasonal reds and greens, we’ve designed this dark bouquet for a late fall or winter wedding.

As their name suggests, jewel tones can add a glamorous and elegant look to your wedding color palette. For a bouquet, consider stems of purple orchids, crimson roses, purple privet berries and oversized pink peonies.

Gorgeous Winter Wedding Bouquets

Light purple flowers, lilacs, sweet peas and lisianthus can easily be paired with other pink and orange flowers for a summer wedding. This whimsical collection also includes garden roses, cosmos, foxglove and berries.

A bouquet of purple phalaenopsis orchids, white calla lilies and trailing vines looks classic and chic, while vibrant colors can work for a beach wedding or tropical theme.

Accented with clematis, zinnias and berries in pink and purple tones, the striking detail in this bouquet is actually the cluster of white roses on one side.

Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

Beyond bouquets, purple flowers look incredible as part of your wedding decorations. From ceremony decorations to centerpieces, here are some ideas you can recreate.

Mint And Purple Wedding Ideas

Create a magical backdrop for your vows by adding a wisteria arch or canopy to your altar. These wisteria vines are pink, but you can switch to a purple variety to bring out your color palette or add pots of purple delphinium.

Lavender is often associated with rustic themes and casual dress codes, but this boutonniere is a great example of how the fragrant plant can work with black tie. Finish the boutonniere with a satin ribbon for a more formal look.

For something more contemporary, choose a mix of calla lilies, lisianthus and leafy greens in your wedding corsages or groom’s boutonnieres.

Long-stemmed flowers like delphiniums, stocks and foxgloves can be used to create a statement hallway decor. When they stand up, they give the illusion of growing straight out of the grass at an outdoor event.

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Thinking of adding candles to your wedding decor? Don’t limit yourself to plain white candles. Light purple pillar candles look great in centerpieces or aisle markers when purple flowers or petals are added.

This beautiful wedding favor card idea makes a decorative statement wall and wedding favor. Place single purple stems in glass test tubes, then tag each guest with their name and table assignment.

This spring arrangement of hydrangeas, tulips and delphiniums in mismatched vases will quickly brighten up a reception table, venue bathroom or bar top.

Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

You don’t have to use tall wedding centerpieces to make an impact on your tablescapes. A monochromatic arrangement of purple roses and foliage looks great when you pair them with perfectly coordinated table accents like purple candle holders, patterned china or fresh fruit like grapes.

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Want to add hints of purple without going all out? Paint lilac, like these Plumosa branches, to bring color through accents while limiting the actual flowers to blush or ivory tones.

We love this simple wedding place setting idea for a garden theme or romantic spring time wedding. In addition to sweet peas, you can also use lavender, lilac, or colored baby’s breath.

Filled with pale pink roses, white sweet peas, dark purple ranunculus and greenery, this minimalist wedding centerpiece is classic and timeless.

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to decorate a nude wedding cake, and this two-tiered candy nails it with the help of purple roses and scabiosa.

Purple Wedding Ideas That Are Here For A Major Comeback

If you’re looking for unique wedding favor ideas, send your guests home with potted lavender plants. The plants are very easy to grow, so they can be enjoyed by gardeners and non-green thumbs alike.

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Purple Wedding Flower Ideas

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