Ghost Chairs Tacky Or Chic

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Ghost Chairs Tacky Or Chic – Once considered kitsch, acrylic has become a trendy material to add edge to a modern dining room or to give a fun edge to a more traditional space. In more than 20 dining areas, these Dering Hall designers have creatively paired acrylic/lucite chairs with stylish accessories and a variety of materials including marble, wood and metal.

A matching acrylic table and dining chairs in an open concept layout help create a cohesive look for the dining area. Design by Axis Mundi.

Ghost Chairs Tacky Or Chic

Ghost Chairs Tacky Or Chic

In the Brio Interior Design space, the sophisticated, synthetic style of the seats is covered with a fine, unique carpet.

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Enjoy a deep appeal in the Art Deco style, as seen in this dining area from JMA Interior Design.

When placed in front of the large windows, the modern acrylic bench creates a striking contrast with the views outside. Workroom C.

Part of a sophisticated, organic design, the acrylic chairs provide a modern focal point. Design by Amanda Barnes Interiors.

Experiment with a more trendy look including acrylic chair legs. Design by Jackson Page Interiors.

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As part of minimalist design, acrylic chairs help make a statement with colorful artwork. Design by Jeff Schlarb Design Studio.

In this design by Wendy Labrum Interiors, the bench seats match the banquettes.

Surrounding the banquette, these elegant chairs are designed in a mid-century modern style. Interior design by April Powers.

Ghost Chairs Tacky Or Chic

Here, Prop Positions Inc. matching the seating furniture with the surrounding dining area to keep the look light and cohesive.

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UK Price Brittany Kost, editor-in-chief, is the editor-in-chief of Carish, writing about beautiful objects, unique interiors, and the influence of history on contemporary design. There is nothing worse than sitting in a chair that looks good but feels uncomfortable. It’s definitely a trick. But Philippe Starck has a ghostly, healing charm. These chairs can easily blend into any space, from a kitchen or dining room to a living room, study or office. They can be mixed below or loaded according to their focus.

According to lead expert Julie Muniz, ghost chairs get their name from the material they are made of. “Those made of clear plastic or glass almost disappear into the room, leaving a slim silhouette. Designers love them because they work with any decor and are especially good for small spaces. “

According to Muniz, although many people associate the Ghost chair with designer Philippe Starck, the first chair to use that name was designed fifteen years ago by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi. In 1987, Boeri and Katayanagi created a monolithic lounge chair using a 12 mm thick sheet of glass. The chair is checked in materials such as bold words. “Boeri was tired of designing chairs, so he decided to create one that was invisible,” he said.

In 2002, Starck based what is now known as the Ghost Chair on a Louis XV style chair. Working with Kartell, Starck used injection molded polycarbonate to create a fully transparent seat. “The combination of historic style with modern materials and construction makes the city a modern powerhouse,” explained Muniz.

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The Louis Ghost 4852 chair by French designer Philippe Starck for the Italian design company Kartell… [+] is on view at the Kartell Museum in Milan on March 23, 2010. Around 1,000 Kartell objects are displayed in the museum of the Italian design company, founded in 1949 to produce plastic design products. AFP PHOTO / GIUSEPPE CACACE WITH AFP STORY BY MATHIEU GORSE

But Louis Ghost’s chair wasn’t Stark’s first prominent chair. In 1998, he designed La Maria, a basic side chair made of transparent or colored polycarbonate. In addition, furniture designers have been experimenting with transparent plastics since Lucite was invented in 1931. Art collector Helena Rubinstein’s 1940s living room is filled with Lucite, including chairs. Later in the 1960s and 70s, Charles Hollis Jones designed Lucite furniture for the Hollywood glitterati. The name Ghost didn’t appear until 1987.”

Interior designer Sormeh Rienne, who recently designed the Guild Hotel in San Diego, loves Ghost chairs for their unparalleled versatility. “At a time when pleasure and visual stimulation are synonymous, this chair is truly a perfect pair. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, this chair works. The ghost seat is an ode, reference, and homage, transcending time and space, resting for a moment. “

Ghost Chairs Tacky Or Chic

When it comes to how she likes to arrange the chairs, Riehenne says it should be “a very quiet moment, with a very subtle effect.”

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He especially likes warm corner floors, light white walls and seats with plants that allow the corner to become a feature. “Because of their comfort and flexibility, they can decorate any setting, but my advice is to let the chair have its moment. “

The Louis Ghost was so successful that Starck and Kartell created a whole line of Ghost products, all of which are available in Perigold.

In addition to the transparent material, Louis Ghost Arm Chairs are available in several colors, including light green, smoke gray, orange, blue, and pale yellow. Solid colors also available include glossy white and light black. Many people like to combine the original brightness with a solid color around the dining table for a brighter look.

Ghostbuster nightstands and tray tables are an easy way to bring this open look into a bedroom. It beautifully compliments a heavily wallpapered or painted wall.

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The ghost did not stop there, Starck created a variety of outdoor chairs, tables and accessories, including mirrors, for indoor and outdoor use.

The legacy of this seat is that it can last forever. Ghost chairs are made from recycled materials, so they are environmentally friendly. However, it is difficult to imagine the destruction of one. Fortunately, there is a market for resale on sites like 1stdibs.

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