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Enchanted Wedding Themes – If you are a bride who loves camping, exploring the woods or generally loves freedom, adventure and nature; then you should come here. A forest wedding theme suits you best on your big day. It is very magical and intimate and offers you the natural beauty of the forest and its stunning scenery as a backdrop.

Imagine so much rich nature and vast forests that are already built in and will stand the test of time. From wild wildflowers to towering trees, babbling streams, mossy floors and more. Wedding venues in the forest are simply beautiful. But if you want to personalize the whole event, take inspiration from these forest wedding ideas.

Enchanted Wedding Themes

Enchanted Wedding Themes

A forest wedding is also known as a forest wedding. It takes place in the forest or contains natural elements.

Romantic Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

The wedding ceremony is probably the most important part of the wedding day. From the exchange of vows to the first kiss and beyond, you want it to be unforgettable. For an indoor or outdoor forest wedding ceremony, incorporate velvety green walkways and glowing lantern lights for a charming cave look. To create a sense of intimacy and romance, add a few spanning tree crowns.

Candles can also be hung in the venue to add magic. A forest-themed wedding can also be enlivened by adding stump benches for guests and ball lighting, which will give the place an otherworldly look. If you’re hosting a sunset ceremony, take advantage of greenery by using it as an accent on pale flowers to energize wooded areas. Even so, not everything has to be green, especially in autumn. Incorporate Lucite accents, a mirrored bridal aisle, and cascades of baby’s breath for a new twist.

Bring a magical forest wedding reception to life with stunning decorations. Summon the shades of bark-covered trees and pine-strewn floors. Alternative colors like white, black and brown. Start with trellised ceilings adorned with loose leaf vines to create a relaxed contrast with boxwood wall panels and carved trees. Add some white flowers to add some sparkle to this uplifting color palette. If you’re looking for a fairytale look, incorporate towering redwoods mixed with rustic wood details and lush greenery.

Set up a luxurious living room seating area and clip it to the light for a starry and glowing photogenic backdrop. If you step away from the conventional, you can work with opulent pinks in flowers for elegance and endless candlelight to create an otherworldly atmosphere. LED lights, wooden folding chairs, soft flowers, chandeliers hanging from the tree, open birch teepees, elegant porcelain and hanging colorful candles bring the overall look of the 21st century. But keep comfort in mind and don’t forget to hand out repellants or light candles against insects.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Ideas

For a woodland-style wedding, transform your ceremony table into a personalized fantasy island with lush centerpieces and a stunning woodland landscape. Dig vase-shaped holes in some organic branches to add texture and depth to this charming scene. Opt for candlesticks woven with bells and twigs and brighten them up with fresh moss and fairy lights. Surround the ferns with candlelight and surrounding greenery, or create natural and soft ikebana-style centerpieces with orbs of candlelight around twisted vines or succulents to complement the majesty of the outdoors.

Opt for eucalyptus garlands in jewel-toned vases or twine-wrapped mason jars for more rustic woodland-inspired decorations. These ornaments are easy to create, but you have to decide how modern, extravagant or minimalist you want them to be. Also, choose your color palette from natural tones, earth tones and jewel tones. Your decorations will embody the palette and give your environment a cohesive look.

Adopt an unusual look by using a fresh white, brown or linen color on your tables to complement your wooden wedding tables with an enchanted forest theme. You can also liven up your woodland wedding decor by choosing glittery gold sheets and napkins, burgundy flowers and sparkling vintage candelabras for a bit of drama. Use leaves as greeting cards or make some modern ones in the shape of leaves.

Enchanted Wedding Themes

To evoke bohemian or rustic magic in the woods, place acrylic escort cards on wooden mats to tie everything together. Add some guesswork chargers with tree bark and stump panels to complete the woodland look. Use white, gold, black or silver cutlery. You can also mix and match them by adding white or pastel monogrammed napkins and green runners. Throw in tea lights and hurricanes to create an ethereal glow and atmosphere.

Romantic Enchanted Forest Wedding Ideas: Create The Dream!

Decorate a white wedding cake with flowers and ferns to create a magical woodland wedding theme. Complete the woody atmosphere with a backdrop with leaves and a tree ring cake. Decorate the cake with buzzing bees, curly leaf tendrils, delicate mushrooms and sweet flowers on the frosting details. Other options include decorating the cake with cones, sugar flowers, twigs and berries, which will give the crust the atmosphere of a birch forest.

For a casual, modern vibe, go half-naked with fruits, berries, greens and flowers, either fresh or dried. Add some drama by adding moss cushions, bird tips, antlers and leaves. If you’re looking to create something whimsical, mimic wood or bark with buttercream or monogram cutouts made from fresh sugar flowers or leaves. Include grass, sugar mushrooms, moss and even wildflowers. Add some whimsical toppers like deer and foxes, or neutral and metallic toppers that look like tree bark.

Enjoy an unforgettable wedding at lush outdoor wedding venues in the United States. From a soothing yet mystical setting to a magical atmosphere and nature-inspired beauty and ethereal scenic backdrops, these places have it all. Choose from our top five locations for a forest wedding.

The Sawtooth National Forest in Stanley, Idaho offers mountain ranges, lakes, hiking trails, and beautiful trees that add believability to the heavenly atmosphere. This place is also known for its famous mountain range where many couples organize unforgettable events.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Archives

Nicely situated on the northern part of the California coast, it’s everything dream scenery is made of. The place has lots of trees, lush greenery, a beach and a mega dose of rustic charm. If a couple wants to combine a beach and forest wedding, this is the place for you.

This beautiful forest area is located in Alaska and is the largest in the United States. This is the place for all adventurous couples as they will be surrounded by crystal clear lakes, towering pine trees, wildlife and cascading waterfalls.

So in all of Hawaii, Maui is a lush rainforest full of waterfalls, greenery, hiking trails and more. This place is also known for its many beaches, so the scenery options are endless.

Enchanted Wedding Themes

California is the beautiful home of the impressive Sequoia National Forest, which is home to the tallest trees in the world, the sequoias. This forest also has dramatic peaks, hiking trails, and over a million acres of sprawling land to give you the privacy you need.

Purple Wedding Florals By Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

Deciding on a forest wedding theme is one of the best decisions any adventurous, outdoor-loving couple will make. It brings nature to its true, full beauty. To complete this theme, we have collected some creative ideas in this post. Get inspired and go into eternity with an unforgettable wedding celebration. If you are a 2018 bride and are wondering what wedding theme and color to choose, this post will be more than enough to help you figure it out. We’ve dived deep into all the details and bring you the latest trends of 2018, here’s everything you need to know! Read on and feel free to share your favorite styles with your friends.

If you like fairy tales and mysticism, a wedding in an enchanted forest is the right choice! This trendy wedding theme is full of bold flowers, dark moss, green decor and candle lights that can create a captivating backdrop and make your wedding truly romantic.

In 2018, the big trend is to mix urban and vintage style. With all the vintage details decorated in an urban setting, couples can easily turn their wedding into a romantic dream.

We believe that the garden wedding will dominate the style of weddings in 2018 as well. Who can get enough of a stunning wedding with lush greenery?

Enchanted Garden Wedding Theme Floral Inspiration

Barns and farms have been hot for several years and we don’t see it slowing down. This rustic wedding trend seems to be here to stay and we expect this trend to continue in 2018.

Currently, metallics with a large proportion of copper and rose gold are very popular. Featuring acrylic, plexiglass and geometric accent wedding decor. From brands to menus, the theme is definitely a super cool idea.

Muted light blue is our new favorite accent color and it looks like the trend is here to stay. Perfectly combined with a range of neutral shades – pink, green, grey, cream, coral… the possibilities are endless!

Enchanted Wedding Themes

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