Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish

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Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish – The AC fall collection is always my favorite because I love mixing and matching fall color palettes and fall polishes. This year they didn’t disappoint, especially when they came out in the exact army green polish of my dreams! I think most of these are too much for my personal collection, but I have found some lipsticks or polishes that are very close, and I have a comparison below!

Left to right: “Cargo Cameo,” “Heart of the Jungle,” “Waterfall in Love,” “The Wave of Things,” “Don’t Get Dirty” and “Adrenaline Brush.”

Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish

Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish

“This is a colorful campaign you won’t want to miss, as nails are irresistible in the new limited edition Essay 2020 collection. Six warm, earthy shades inspired by a thrilling journey through the heart of the jungle. With an understated, subtle AC point – this fall shade breaks convention with bold, electrifying and spectacular hues.” – Article

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Heart of the Jungle is a green nail polish with yellow undertones. This is two coats and the sky is layered over my favorite AC polish. I love how beautiful it is! If you get one from this collection, I’d say this is a must!

“Cargo Cameo” is a dark pearl. I love brown nails in the fall and this pearl polish makes nails shine! These were two thin coats.

Waterfall in Love is a rich red royal blue nail polish. I was surprised by this for my fall collection, but even more surprised by how much I love it as a transition shade from summer to fall! I’m currently rocking this and love how flattering the blue look is on the nails. These are two thin coats.

Don’t Smudge is a leopard orange nail polish with a pearly finish. It’s unlike anything else in my collection and makes my nails glow from within. It gives me Thanksgiving vibes and it takes three thin coats to achieve this shade, but it can be done in less time depending on how long you want the color to be!

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“Adrenaline Brush” is a vibrant red nail polish with a yellow undertone. When I first saw this I was sure I had a hat for it in my collection, but I wasn’t surprised. I’m not a big fan of red nails so I don’t have a lot of red polish, but this one leans towards a brighter finish than I have! It took two thin coats.

“Shake of Things” is a deep fruity mauve nail polish with red undertones. I adore these fruity peels in the fall, especially when they apply like a dream. It’s perfect for taking two thin coats and heading out into the shade in the cooler months.

Surprisingly, this new version only had two polishes. Below are a bunch of them, so you can see what other AC polishes are in color!

Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish

“All Waves” is a slightly lighter shade of blue with the same undertones as “Waterfall in Love”. They’re a little different, but if you only wear blue lacquer in the family, this might be something you can handle!

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The four are so close to each other that I can barely tell the difference between the lights. If you’re a “Bahama Mama,” a “Certified DJ,” or a “New Year’s Color,” I’d say you don’t need a “wave of things.” On the other hand, if you’re a fan of one of these three and haven’t been able to find them before or are looking for a replacement shade, then this is a great option!

After replacing all six I have to say that the article did a great job with this set! The formulas are all great, the shades they come out of are fun and different, and I love how they blend! My top three are “Heart of the Jungle”, “Bag Cameo” and “Don’t Notice”.

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I’m a born and raised Vermonter who became a bit obsessed with AC polish (see my nail thread for the look) and all things beauty in 2014, and the obsession has only grown stronger since then! If you’d like to work with me or talk about anything related to waxing, beauty and personal care, email me at This is one colorful promotion you won’t want to miss. Because nails can’t miss the new limited edition Essie Fall 2020 Jungle Heart collection.

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Happy Fall! It was in the 70s and it started to be really cool, even though I knew it wasn’t that cool. Anyway, today I’m going to give you a review of my decks and the AC Heart of the Jungle collection!

This fall, get your luggage ready because you’re going to fall in love with the exciting Jungle Heart! Embrace the adrenaline rush by taking a leap of faith among the live birds of paradise. Naturally, it will take a while for things to get into the swing of things once you get going! Remember, it’s amazing to see among these leafy curves, so don’t get spotted by speedy friends!

The collection consists of six warm, earthy shades inspired by a thrilling journey into the heart of the jungle. This autumn shade will break the convention with bold, electrifying and spectacular colors.

Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish

Heart of the Jungle | AC describes Heart of the Jungle as a yellow creamy gray green nail polish. The formula on this is really great and I find this easily sheer, even in 2 coats.

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Cargo Cameo | Cargo Cameo is described by Essie as a warm brown nail polish with pearl undertones. I call this a copper polish, you can really see the red copper shimmer in it! The formula was once again amazing. I found it to be completely transparent after 2 coats. It was pretty flat and had no brush marks.

Waterfall in love AC describes Waterfall in Love as a rich red royal blue nail polish. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a lot of red in this polish, but it’s a really unique rich yet slightly dusty royal blue. I love it and can’t wait to wear it as the weather gets cooler! Again, an incredible formula from this deep AC cream. It was super buttery, smooth, self-leveling and transparent in 2 easy coats!

It’s invisible so I love this color! I know a lot of people think this color is ugly, but I really like it. Essie describes it as a leopard orange nail polish with accent pearls. The formula is a little different than the others in this collection, but it’s still easy to apply and I find that it’s not completely opaque in 2-3 coats. Again, it didn’t show up after I dried the brush!

Adrenaline Brush Adrenaline Brush is described as a yellow vibrant red nail polish. This red looks a little “burnt” – but in a beautiful autumnal way! I really like this red, more than I thought I would (because I’m always thinking “how can we innovate a red creme?!”) ⁠ACE has done it again, and I love that this polish is completely sheer and 2. Also available in jackets.

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Swing of Things Essie describes “Swing of Things” as a deep fruity purple nail polish with red foliage. This fruit/grape shade, which is so popular in the fall, is not my jam. But by the way, out of all the shades in this family this season, I think this is my favorite! A simple quote!

So, what do I think of this collection? Well, I think all the shades are beautiful, but I think all of these main collections had the same idea and energy when creating these collections.

I love the color and formula, so I know I’ll be wearing a few of these this season! If I had to pick a favorite, I don’t think it would be Stain and Love Falls. What are your favorites?

Essie Heart Of The Jungle Nail Polish

The heart of Jungle Collection and AC

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