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Wednesday, November 8th 2023. | Weddings
38 Funny Wedding Photo Booth Props Gold and Black Wedding
38 Funny Wedding Photo Booth Props Gold and Black Wedding from


Weddings are joyous occasions filled with love, laughter, and celebration. One way to make your wedding day even more memorable is by having a photo booth with fun props. These props can bring out the inner child in your guests and create hilarious and heartwarming memories. In this article, we will explore some fun wedding photo booth props that are sure to make your special day even more enjoyable.

1. Funny Hats

Nothing says fun like a silly hat. Whether it’s a giant sombrero, a sparkly tiara, or a cowboy hat, funny hats can instantly transform your guests into characters from a comedy movie. Encourage your guests to try on different hats and strike a pose for the camera. These props are not only entertaining but also add a touch of whimsy to your wedding photos.

2. Oversized Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love oversized sunglasses? They are not only fashionable but also incredibly funny. Provide a variety of oversized sunglasses in different colors and shapes to suit your guests’ personalities. Watch as your friends and family members put on these sunglasses and strike their best model poses. These props are guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to your wedding photo booth.

3. Fake Mustaches

Adding fake mustaches to your wedding photo booth props can create hilarious and memorable moments. Whether your guests choose a handlebar mustache, a pencil mustache, or a curly mustache, these props are sure to bring out the inner comedian in everyone. Watch as your guests transform into different characters and strike funny poses. These mustaches are easy to stick on and remove, making them perfect for a photo booth.

4. Silly Signs

Incorporating silly signs into your photo booth can add a touch of humor to your wedding photos. You can create signs with funny phrases like “I came for the cake” or “Dancing queen in the making.” Encourage your guests to hold up these signs and strike a pose for the camera. These props not only create laughter but also serve as a reminder of the fun-filled atmosphere of your wedding day.

5. Costume Accessories

Take your wedding photo booth to the next level by providing costume accessories like feather boas, superhero capes, and fairy wings. These props allow your guests to fully immerse themselves in the photo booth experience and unleash their creativity. Watch as your friends and family members transform into superheroes, princesses, or rockstars. These costume accessories are sure to create unforgettable memories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I make my own photo booth props?

Yes, you can definitely make your own photo booth props. There are plenty of online tutorials and templates available that can guide you through the process. Get creative and personalize your props to match your wedding theme or your own unique style.

2. Where can I buy photo booth props?

Photo booth props can be found at party supply stores, online retailers, and even craft stores. You can also consider renting props from a photo booth rental company. Make sure to browse different options and choose props that fit your wedding theme and personal preferences.

3. How many props should I provide?

The number of props you provide depends on the size of your photo booth and the number of guests attending your wedding. It’s always better to have more props than fewer, as it gives your guests more variety to choose from. Aim for a good mix of hats, glasses, signs, and other accessories to ensure everyone can find something they like.

4. Should I provide a mirror or a frame prop?

Providing a mirror or a frame prop can add an interactive element to your photo booth. Guests can use these props to frame their faces or create unique compositions. However, these props can be bulky and may take up valuable space in your photo booth, so consider your space limitations before including them.

5. How can I encourage my guests to use the photo booth props?

One way to encourage your guests to use the photo booth props is by setting up a designated area for the photo booth and making it easily accessible. You can also have a sign or a chalkboard with instructions or funny prompts to encourage your guests to join in on the fun. Additionally, having a dedicated attendant near the photo booth can help guide and engage your guests with the props.

6. Can I customize the props with my wedding hashtag or date?

Absolutely! Customizing your props with your wedding hashtag or date adds a personal touch to your photo booth. You can include these details on signs, hats, or even on the frames of the props. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and it will make the photos even more special.

7. Should I provide props for children as well?

Yes, it’s a great idea to provide props specifically for children. Consider including smaller-sized hats, glasses, and signs that are suitable for kids. This ensures that everyone, regardless of age, can have fun and participate in the photo booth experience.

8. Can I reuse the props for other events?

Most photo booth props are made to be reusable. However, it’s important to check the quality of the props before reusing them for other events. If they are damaged or worn out, it’s best to replace them with new props to ensure the best photo booth experience for your guests.

9. Can I provide props related to my wedding theme?

Absolutely! In fact, incorporating props related to your wedding theme can enhance the overall atmosphere and make the photos more cohesive. For example, if you’re having a beach-themed wedding, you can provide props like seashells, sunglasses, and Hawaiian leis.

10. How can I display the photos taken in the photo booth?

There are several ways to display the photos taken in the photo booth. You can create a dedicated photo booth display area where guests can hang their photos on a string or attach them to a bulletin board. Alternatively, you can provide a photo album or a guestbook where guests can stick their photos and leave a message for the newlyweds.


Fun wedding photo booth props are a fantastic way to add excitement and laughter to your special day. Whether it’s silly hats, oversized sunglasses, or funny signs, these props allow your guests to let loose and create unforgettable memories. Remember to customize the props to match your wedding theme and encourage your guests to have fun and be creative. So, set up a photo booth and let the fun begin!


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