Gel Nail Polish For French Manicure

Thursday, January 19th 2023. | Weddings

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Gel Nail Polish For French Manicure

Gel Nail Polish For French Manicure

A simple at-home manicure is a great way to take care of yourself. However, If you find a style that looks like a time-saving nail polish on social media, only to be disappointed with your DIY results. Things can go south—and completely ruin your cool—quickly.

Light Pink Gel Polish Perfect For Nude French Tip Nails Manicures

Over the past few years, TikTok has become a hub for finding tips and tricks that will help you in your daily life. Frankly speaking, Some jobs are… some jobs are absolute disasters. The hit-or-miss nature of user-generated tips sometimes makes us doubt whether the hack will live up to the hype. Experimenting with beauty tricks and seeing which sticks is part of the fun.

Are the latest TikTok videos flooding our timelines? The pieces demonstrate how to do the perfect French manicure without the mess—and this technique is definitely worth trying.

Check out these effortless French manicures that are taking TikTok by storm, and read on to find out how to try them at home.

Traditionally, a French tip nail is achieved by drawing a curve on the nail before filling it with your desired color. As you can imagine, This can take some practice if you don’t have a perfectly steady hand. But thanks to Tiktok’s innovators, Nail enthusiasts have found a safe way to create a look with silicone nail clippers, and the technique has really taken off.

How You Can Master The Modern Day French Manicure

Videos of successful French manicures using silicone nail molding tools and beauty sponges are flooding our timelines. Some even get creative by experimenting with color variations. See for yourself.

Nail experts Brittany Boyce and Tamara DiLullo tested the trick for themselves and are happy to report that it really works. Nails Of LA founder Boyce says, “I’m happy to report that this trick really works, and that it works with regular nail polish and nail polish formulas.”

DiLullo opted to give up her nail piercings and try the beauty sponge technique, which she happily reports is “still pretty good.” A CND Brand Ambassador says, “The natural nail tips are repeatedly pressed against the surface, so you don’t use a clipper, which can quickly damage the surface. When I teach nail art, I never explain it to my students. Don’t use acetone on these tools because it destroys the delicate silicone. Instead, remove the excess color with a buffer. Yes, you’re right.”

Gel Nail Polish For French Manicure

On the other hand, NailPro magazine manicurist and educator Rebecca Ludwig recommends purchasing a silicone nail stamper designed specifically for your French manicure needs, and a replacement silicone nail polish remover because silicone nail clippers are “a.” “. A little thicker.”

Black French Tip Nails, Nail Polish Wraps, Nail Art

As for ease of use, Boyce claims this technology is very user-friendly. “Thankfully, this virus hack is beginner-friendly and easy enough to DIY at home,” she shared. “You don’t need long nails to pull off this trick.”

“Too little nail polish on the stamp will dry it too quickly, and it won’t work,” explains Ludwig. She notes that it’s important to place the stamps evenly on the stamper so they dry evenly.

“You want the nail to be positioned toward the edge of your nail instead of sinking into the middle of the puddle on top of the silicone nail stamp. That way, the nail polish doesn’t get under your fingers, but covers the top of your nail,” says Boyce.

“This trick will make a total mess on short nails,” says Ludwig. Instead, keep your nails slightly longer to prevent polish from getting on your fingers.

Aillsa Milky White Gel Nail Polish

Not interested in trying the hack? If you’re still looking for an amazing French manicure at home, our experts have you covered.

“Another way to get a clean French tip at home is to use the ORLY Half Moon Guide ($5) to give yourself the perfect bow,” suggests Boyce.

For an alternative to nail stickers, DiLullo recommends trying punched stickers. “They really work because they are round and give the perfect smile line. Plus, they’re so satisfying to peel.”

Gel Nail Polish For French Manicure

Our tip: If you want to avoid nail polish altogether, try a traditional French polish like Mani Muse Little White Lies Perfectly Press Gel Manicure ($16). For classic twists, Try Tella Nails Not Your Barbie Girl Press On Nails ($16) for a creative French tip using the Nails by LA Modest Set ($16). Disclaimer:  All products I recommend are items that I own. I bought mine and now I love it. You will see links to sites like Amazon called affiliate links. This means I will receive a small commission for purchases made at no cost to my readers.

Impress Press On Nails Gel Manicure

Here is my YouTube video with all the steps for your DIY Gelish French Manicure. Scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

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French Manicures: 25 Ideas And Photos

Supplies for Gelish French Manicure: Cuticle pusher Bond/primer (helps polish adhere and last) Gelish kit (pH bond, foundation, top coat) Eye shadow brush Gelish Polish – Simple Sheer LED Healing Light 91% isopropyl alcohol – make sure you don’t get 70%. Glass nail file (suitable for filing natural nails rather than using nail clippers) Nail file block; emery boards, …

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Gel Nail Polish For French Manicure

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Daisy Dnd Gel Polish Clear Pink 441

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How cute are these colorful French nails for summer? Click here to see the colors I used and French manicure tips + tricks.

Last week I finally got to work on the nail polish sticks for my gel polish collection. It’s one of those backlog projects that I end up scrapping for no particular reason other than the fact that it takes too much time. Now that I’m on the other side, I regret not doing this sooner! It’s a fun way to while away my afternoon and look at the beautiful colors.

Super Gel French Manicure

If you read this post about my DIY/home gel mania, You’ll know that I’m a fan of doing my own gel nails at home. I even expanded to gel nail extensions.

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