Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding

Wednesday, November 23rd 2022. | Weddings

Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding – The trailer for “Shotgun Wedding” shows Jennifer Lopez fighting pirates in a wedding dress and Jennifer Coolidge with a firearm. What more could we want?

More than two decades ago, Lopez returned to marriage with her own wedding to Ben Affleck, the recent romp Marry Me, and now, Shotgun Wedding. How many votes can this woman write? As long as there is ink in the world, she is apparently willing to write thousands.

Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding

Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding

But it’s not Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson or Maluma who wants to take his hand in this new romantic comedy. This time, Josh Duhamel is ready for a big wedding crash with J.Lo. (Duhamel was a last-minute replacement for Armie Hammer, who was forced to leave the production in his recent scandal.)

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As the trailer begins, things don’t go perfectly for Lopez and Duhamel’s characters. As was allegedly the case at J.Lo’s wedding, the couple’s respective families in the film are tied up in too much drama.

Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Duhamel) have everything prepared and ready when the nightmares begin. Tom is so laser focused on the centerpieces that he doesn’t stop for a minute to kiss his girlfriend! However, their whole evening is interrupted by Tom’s mother (Jennifer Coolidge), who brings many gifts for the newlyweds (including a big old knife, which decapitated part of Tom’s family).

Something is not right. Darcy’s ex (Lenny Kravitz) arrives in a helicopter out of the sky. The vibrations are off. The aura of the wedding is dark, cloudy, dangerous – and Darcy is preparing for the worst.

Refers to guns, while Darcy and Tom’s ceremony is taken hostage by a group of pirates who want to rob them of all their money, fancy wedding gifts, even J.Lo’s precious dress. But this newly bonded family didn’t go down without a fight.

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By the end of the trailer, everyone is in complete hysteria. Darcy rips entire layers off her dress, saying she “always wanted something less traditional.” Tom has handcuffs for his wife and a grenade. And Jennifer Coolidge unloads a gun, which is possibly the best thing we’ll see all week, unless, that is, you don’t have to be part of America’s pro-gun faction to enjoy many of the articles on this list. Of course, they are mainly gifts for gun lovers, but most of them can fit perfectly into almost any man cave or bachelor pad. That’s because everyone isn’t mortal. Unless you’re trying to build a coaster. But we don’t think you have!

Even the most masculine of men need to protect their furniture from condensation. What better way to do that than with these sturdy 12 Gauge Coasters? Let your guests know that you care about your things and that you can kill them if they mess up. Shop here

You know what’s even cooler than being a gun lover? Be a responsible gun lover. For those focused on security, there are few better tools than the BISONLOCK Fingerprint Trigger Lock. It has a 360-degree fingerprint touch that allows you to quickly unlock your weapon in any situation, even in zero visibility. Shop here

Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding

Perfect wall art for the gun enthusiast’s man cave, these patent prints come in a set of 4 glossy photo prints that are 8 inches by 10 inches each. Shop here

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These “Bulletproof” stone glasses are the only stone glasses worth having. I admit it’s quite the statement for glasses, but these rocks glasses with marbles embedded in them are infinitely cool and so damn patriotic. They are also a perfect conversation starter when drinking a whiskey with friends. Shop here — (Go here for glasses without “Merica)

When you have to lock your gun, really lock your gun. Even gun nuts know that. You can’t put it on your nightstand and hope your kids never come to find it. With this SentrySafe, you can choose the option that suits you best. They come with electronic locks, key locks and even a fingerprint biometric lock. And if you have two guns (one his and one his, maybe?), They also offer a safe with this capacity. Shop here

Wrap your AR-15 in red, white and blue with GunSkins Vinyl Camouflage Kit. If you prefer something else, no worries, these covers come in 24 different patterns. Show off your piece with pride. Shop here

Represent your love for America with this unique 12 Gauge American Flat Wall Art. This kickass piece of American glory is made from 91 used 12 gauge shells put together perfectly to match the American flag. Made with pride in the USA. Shop here – get 15% off with code “DW15”

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If you find yourself in a situation where you must use your weapon, it will likely be in a poorly lit environment. Not only will the Streamlight Tactical Weapon Mount Light allow you to see your target, but it will also disorient you at the same time. Shop here

Let’s be honest with each other, where else are you going to store your double barrel shotgun in a rain storm? Answer: nowhere. The case’s rugged Dri-Loc seal keeps the elements at bay, and the foam grip keeps your firearm in place. Shop here

Do you like wine and a second amendment propionate? Well, we have the gift of the weapon for you, a perfectly mounted 50 caliber bull corkscrew so you can pop the bottles and show your faith. 50 Caliber BMG is often used in high powered machine guns and means business. Made and shot in the USA. Shop here – get 15% off with code “DW15”

Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding

Straight from our list of the 30 coolest bottle openers, this .50 caliber bullet is the only way a gun enthusiast should ever open a beer. Shop here

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If you prefer whiskey rocks to traditional ice cream, then these are by far the best whiskey rocks you can buy. Just make sure you can’t accidentally swallow it. Seems like a legitimate concern for all big gulpers. Shop here

Keep up to four of your guns safe with Gero’s durable ABS plastic gun case specially designed to withstand drops. And keep it dry with the waterproof edge that can even withstand being completely submerged in water. Shop here

This mug makes our list of gifts for gun lovers because look. Just look at it. It’s rock. Shop here

What else is there to say that these shot glasses don’t already speak for themselves. They are cool as hell and you will be hard pressed to find a better set than the ones offered by Barbuzzo. Shop here

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The next time you’re at the shooting range, make a statement with these unique bullet earrings. These headphones are made from 9 mm casings and have an impressive noise cancellation rate of 27. This set comes with a carrying case and a key ring. A great gift idea for the gun owner in your life.

Speaking of gun clothes, these shirts are bound to offend someone. And that’s 90% of the reason we buy most of our clothes, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Shop here

Speaking of apparel, this American Outdoorsman shooting shirt is made from 100% cotton and features three pockets plus a padded gun patch with an optional recoil pad insert. In addition to this, it is backed by a lifetime warranty from the company against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Shop here

Gifts For A Shotgun Wedding

This is the perfect gift for the man who loves his truck (almost) as much as he loves the right to bear arms. These rebuilt ball sleeves fit the valve stem caps found in car tires perfectly. We love that this is a more subtle and unique way to show your love for modern weapons. Shop here – get 15% off with code “DW15”

Personalized Bullet Lapel Pin Vase Custom Shotgun

Fun Fact: Randolph Engineering’s collection of aviator sunglasses has been standard issue for the US military since 1982. Need more? Shop here

Do you or someone you know love military memorabilia as well as a good smoke? Then, for God’s sake, you should check out this unique ash 105 MM Howitzer from Luck Shot USA. Since World War II, the Howitzer has been in use by the United States Armed Forces, and is still in use to this day. This is a great addition to your man cave. Sit back, light a stogie and enjoy the day. Shop here – get 15% off with code “DW15”

Do you even have a gun strapped to your desk bro? If you answered no, it’s time to get one! This particular vault is made of 18-gauge steel, has a digital keypad, and has a quick-release roller shutter drawer for quick access. Shop here

Like the Six Shooter shot glasses above, they are also incredibly cool. The only difference is that they come at a fraction of the price. I will

The Walking Dead

You’ll always remember to put your pens away when you have this platinum finished 50 gauge revolver pen holder on your desk. Shop here

This is a form of ice. Made in the shape of a gun. I don’t know what else there

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