Weddings In A Barn Ideas

Friday, November 25th 2022. | Weddings

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Whether you’re envisioning a big day steeped in rustic charm or keeping it with a modern spin, a barn wedding can seamlessly see you through any type of celebration (yes, even the last one). After all, tasteful touches such as curtains, a white sofa or a romantic green sit perfectly in a timeless wood palette. Not to mention, this site comes with versatile inspiration for every step of your wedding, from farm fresh menus to anniversary celebrations or invitations. Move into your family property or a new place to teach, then say “I do” up front and bring the celebration (or vice versa!).

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

…for your stationery! Photo invitations featuring your wedding venue give friends and family a glimpse of the upcoming celebration. In addition, meaningful wedding memories, many?

Top Ten Photos To Capture At Your Barn Wedding Venue

If your venue also offers a farmhouse on the property, turn the cozy space into a pre-wedding dressing room with your wedding party. How love blossoms at a barn wedding?!

Whether it’s a solo shot with your future partner, guests mingling, or even just the setting, any barn location is perfect for some scrapbook-worthy photos. Just take this picture of a wedding scene for inspiration.

Photo by Judy Pak Photography; Planning and Design by Ang Weddings and Events; Floral design by Saipua; Location near Blue Hill Stone Barns

Whatever the day of your wedding, let the beautiful natural surroundings and color point to the aesthetics of the celebration. After all, nothing brings out a shed like stunning vines or blooming foliage, especially during fall.

An Intimate Gathering 10 Gorgeous Rustic Barn Wedding Venues

Photo by Tec Petaja; Wedding Planning and Design by Jessica Sloane; Floral design by Amy Osaba Design; Located near Blackberry Farm

Red carpet weddings are popular for a reason! Create rustic barn decor and match the season, as this couple did for their late December wedding at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.

Before you move inside the reception hall, consider setting up the event in front of the barn. Really let the focal point shine and arrange seating that faces the facade, or consider it a stunning backdrop like this celebration in Aspen, Colorado.

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

PHOTO BY Madeline Broderick; Floral design with Splints and Daisies; Rental by Barnes Farm Tables; Place near the Booking House

Rustic Fall Barn Wedding Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

If you choose to get married in a barn, make your ceremony space between the rafters. We love how this hallway leads to the focal point of the center.

This event setup is a barn wedding dream! Here, the couple created a cozy and warm space by transforming an open barn space with a leafy arch and a candlelit hallway.

We love the look of lights at country weddings, whether they’re marking the aisle (as shown in this North Carolina wedding) or decorating the reception hall.

Take this ceremonial display as proof that “country” can be done in an honorable way. No straw or bales here. Instead, the couple created a chic atmosphere with bench seats, warm blankets and natural green accents.

Wedding Venues Nashville Tn

Give your nearest and dearest time to wander around and check things out during cocktail hour—and we highly recommend sneaking in a little to do the same, as this couple did at their wedding.

Many times, the barn area can be a nice backyard—but it’s relatively open! -. Take advantage of the blank canvas but fill the room with an eclectic mix of vintage furniture, rugs, and lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere like this welcoming party.

Photo by Rachel Havel; Planning and Design by Kate Ryan of Gold Leaf Event Design & Production; Floral design by Aspen Branch; Rented by RENTALS Eclectic Hive; Halcyon Productions; Advanced Rental Group; Chaparral Ranch area

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

Consider combining neutrals and earth tones with wood accents for a look that feels cohesive, no matter what type of wedding you are.

Clever Ways To Elevate Your Barn Wedding

Create an indoor-outdoor feel by carving your shed door. The space is covered in locally-harvested hops and filled with comfortable sofas upholstered in leather and wine-colored linens.

Photo by Kristin Sweeting; Planning and Design by H Three Events; Floral design by Flora Lightning; Located near Trinity View Farm

In a nod to music festivals, the couple’s flowers warmly welcomed guests with a matching arrangement of peaceful symbols on the venue’s farmhouse sliding doors. While we love this peaceful look at a wedding, this look can be pulled off no matter what your style is.

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography; Design and Layout by Jennifer Laraia; Floral design by Amy Osaba Design; Located near Blackberry Farm

Magnolia’s 16 Essential Questions To Ask Your Potential Barn Wedding Venue

For cocktail hour, create a comfortable seating area with a cool color palette and soft, compact furniture for added elegance. Bonus points for comfortable yet stylish furniture that enhances the setting (without losing it), like the one shown here.

Photo by Laura Gordon; Planning and Design by Easton Events; Wedding Design and Flowers from Beehive Events; The venue is Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard

While barn doors are beautiful on their own, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them into an entryway as well. Check out this wedding, where the entrance was draped with neutral drapes and a beautiful arbor holding Russian olives, cotoneasters, garden spray roses, and peonies—talk about a big reveal moment!

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

Treat the paths around the building as an extension of your altar, especially those that lead to the barn itself, as this couple did. Use decorative items such as lanterns, stunning flower arrangements, or rows of candles to draw the attention of your guests.

Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas For A Spring Wedding

Photo by Rebecca Fishman of Birds of a Feather Photography; Design by Jesi Haack Design; Planning by The Love Riot; Location at Dos Pueblos Ranch; Floral design by JL Designs

Create a warehouse login frame with a unique look, such as a welcome message or main menu. The setup, for example, was successful – the newlyweds wrote the names of the guests on pink fireworks with a token of their foreign partner’s card.

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Planning by Easton Events; Floral design by Mindy Rice; Paper Products by Yonder Design; The location is Brush Creek Ranch

Instead of placing the partner cart outside the counter, we recommend displaying it on a board outside the barn entrance. There’s something about a large display next to a large area, as shown here.

Sweet And Romantic Rustic Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas

You decided to have a barn wedding for a reason, right? Make the barn the star of the show by accenting the string lights and sticking to the neutral tones in the table below.

As the sun goes down, keep the energy high from dinner to the dance floor with an indoor light show – think extra lights, candles, lanterns… and more food for the night! Check here for more creative ideas for this romantic Aspen wedding.

Photo by Jess Jolin; Planning and Design by Lindsey M Events; Floral design by BloomBar; Location at Cunningham Ranch; Lighting by Griffin & Griffin Lighting

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

The couple wanted their wedding to feel like a full-fledged dinner, so a cozy U-shaped wooden table was set up. Aquamarines and waxes further enhance their relaxed look with an air of sophistication.

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No matter how you hang it, whether you are decorating the front door or facing the dinner table, these beautiful pieces help to separate the spaces and add an extra dimension. Choose soft, subdued hues to incorporate a rustic vibe carefully, as this couple did for their California wedding.

Photo by Laura Gordon; Planning and Design by Easton Events; Wedding Design and Flowers from Beehive Events; The venue is Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard

Make the most of a farm setting (naturally!) in the same direction, as shown in this romantic wedding in Virginia. When combined with a chandelier, the look is large and refined – but also rustic due to the light wood tones.

The best part about rivets built into the barn and upper rafters? They are prime real estate for a romantic string lights. Layer the beams below with a burst of creeping foliage, too, for a charming indoor garden party reminiscent of this celebration of nature.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Any (yes, Any!) Style

We love the idea of ​​marrying your wedding style to the color palette of the warehouse, as this couple did by aligning the chairs or tables to match the beams or panels. Even if the hues don’t match perfectly, a monochromatic style will look good.

Use lighting to draw guests’ attention to a special area, whether it’s a large open window, a hanging installation, or a center table. At this dream wedding in New Zealand, fairy lights were added overhead to create the look of a starry sky.

As a festive nod to the farm setting, add fresh produce to your table for a colorful, low-key look. Or, take it one step further with a farm-to-table menu, perhaps right to your “I do’s” like this couple did in Tennessee.

Weddings In A Barn Ideas

Wedding theme?! The couple turned their green thumbs up and decorated with bright tropical foliage for a fun, modern twist.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography; Design and Layout by Jennifer Laraia; Floral design by Amy Osaba Design; Located near Blackberry Farm

A barn venue will come with high ceilings, so take advantage of the extra space by filling it with hanging fixtures that match your wedding style. Here, we dig right into the underpinnings of this traditional taper candle.

Don’t feel confined to the country because you married in the country. In this California wedding, the couple

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