H Colored Diamond 1

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Choosing a diamond color depends on many factors. Find out why G, H and I diamonds offer the best value for your money and how to choose the best color for your ring.

H Colored Diamond 1

H Colored Diamond 1

When buying a diamond for an engagement ring, many people stress about the color. We’re here to clean it up (no pun intended).

Ct Round Brilliant Diamond, Gia Certified, H Color, Si1 Clarity (set In Solitaire)

Many people think that a colorless diamond will look brighter, but color has nothing to do with brilliance (which is cut all the way through). But it is still an important factor as it contributes to the overall appearance of the diamond.

This does not mean that you should put your money on high color grades (again, put it on cuts). In fact, this is an area where you can save a significant amount of money. The casual enthusiast will not be able to tell the difference between the color grades.

In this guide, we’ll talk about what to consider when it comes to paint and how to choose the best paint for the best value. We’ll use a real example from a James Allen diamond, one of our favorite online jewelers.

Best Diamond Color: A “colorless” D-F diamond is indistinguishable to the naked eye from a light yellow shade of G-J grades. Decor and style are also important. Colorless diamonds need white gold or platinum bands to enhance their icy appeal, while yellow gold completes the G-J grades.

Pear 1.00 Carat Lab Grown Diamond, H, Vs1, Igi Lg436046964

Bottom Line: Depending on where you shop, prices can vary dramatically. To get the best value, you should check out online retailers like James Allen.

They are up to 40% cheaper than big box jewelry and their huge selection allows you to choose the exact cut and color you want. This can mean thousands of dollars in savings. (See live prices for nearly colorless diamonds here)

Diamond color refers to the color found in colorless diamonds (we are not talking about diamonds that are yellow, pink, blue, etc. True colorless diamonds are very rare and most will have a yellow tint.

H Colored Diamond 1

Before you go to a local jeweler, read Blue Nile reviews and James Allen reviews. These reputable online retailers offer high-quality photos and videos of their gemstones so buyers know what they’re getting.

Carat Vs1 Clarity H Color Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

GIA determines color by placing a loose diamond upside down and comparing it to a set of parent stones. Reverse diamonds because the color shows up more clearly this way. It is actually very difficult to distinguish color when looking at a diamond face up.

For example, did you notice how from the side, the yellow in this diamond stands out more than when you look at it face up? Don’t worry though, because when attached to the ring, people will only see it face up.

This example is taken from an H grade diamond. Just looking at this diamond alone may not be meaningful to you. So now, let’s see how all the colors compare side by side face up.

The diamonds here represent the color range from D to K. At what point do you start to see very prominent yellow?

Sold Price: 3.01ct Oval Diamond H Colour Si2 Grade

Please note: these diamonds were chosen to illustrate the color differences only. We don’t choose it carefully to make sure it’s clean eyes or for other reasons.

When you look at diamonds side by side like this, it may be easier to pick out the one that looks more yellow than its neighbor. Furthermore, these diamonds are magnified. But the fact is that the naked eye cannot see the difference in color so easily.

Colorless diamonds (D,E,F) are priced high because they are rare. D diamonds are completely colorless, while F diamonds have a small amount of color that can only be detected by a skilled gemologist when viewed face down.

H Colored Diamond 1

But the average eye cannot tell the difference at all. Normal people can’t tell the difference between a colorless diamond and an H diamond. Sometimes, people can’t tell the difference between a colorless diamond and a J! Especially the diamond on the ring is admired only upwards and reflects light to the viewer’s eyes.

Stock 6418 1.50ct. Round 18k White Gold Engagement Ring Color H Clarity Si1 Lab Created

This is a very personal choice. There are people (especially in the Asian market) who look for perfection, and like to know that they have something rare. Some people also enjoy the very ice-white look of D-colored diamonds.

But to the average person, an H diamond will also appear perfectly white. Paying extra for these “colorless” stamps is just paying for something you can’t fully appreciate.

At least 3-4 grade differences are required for the color to be clear when comparing diamonds side by side. So unless your fiancé is going to compare his diamond side by side with his best friend’s perfectly colorless diamond, it’s a pretty safe bet that he won’t know that his diamond is “almost colorless.”

Now that we’ve established that you likely won’t notice the difference between a nearly colorless diamond and a colorless diamond, let’s take a look at how much prices can vary based on color alone.

Why K Color Diamond Is Perfect For Yellow Gold Rings

We will use the same diamond as above. All of these diamonds from James Allen are 1 carat (as a gauge), VS2 clarity and excellent cuts. The only difference is the color. To keep it fair, we have selected for each the lowest priced diamond with these characteristics.

Wow! The price difference is amazing. A real 1 carat colorless diamond costs almost $7,000, while an H diamond is $5,250.

If it’s hard to tell the difference in color to the naked eye without a side-by-side comparison, I think it’s pretty obvious which is the more budget-friendly option.

H Colored Diamond 1

Tip: If you’re buying from an online diamond store with no pictures and you’re not very sure, G-H is a safe bet. You will pay a little more, but you can be sure that no yellow color will be felt. But that’s why we don’t recommend making a blind purchase of such importance. At James Allen you can find a diamond that seems perfect to you and rotate it to view it in HD from all angles.

Why H Diamond Color Is Good Enough For The Best Value

We’ve talked about price and side-by-side color comparisons, but really, making the right choice is more complicated than that.

The color of the metal you choose for the setting will have a significant impact on how your white (or yellow) diamond looks. You probably already know what color metal your girl likes—whether it’s white gold or platinum, yellow gold or rose gold—and chances are it’s non-negotiable. So now, you just need to choose the most suitable diamond color grade for the metal.

Look at those two rings. Without me telling you which diamond was used, which one do you think is better?

Would you be surprised if we now reveal that both diamonds have a J color grade (the lowest end of the nearly colorless range)? As you can see, a yellow gold set complements the band very well, while a platinum set looks more yellow in comparison. This one in yellow gold even looks whiter!

Diamond Ring In 18k 1 Carat In G H Color, Vs Si Clarity Round Pave Diamonds For Sale At 1stdibs

If you know you want a yellow gold or rose gold band, you can drop the color even further, to a J or K (some people even do an M), and it will look just fine. Whether you are okay with a white gold or platinum J band is up to you.

Both diamonds have an F color grade (bottom of the colorless range). But the yellow gold set has more yellow.

Diamonds will naturally wear the color of their surroundings (in this case, the band). So if you set it in a yellow gold band, even the most colorless and icy diamond will have a warmer yellow color. In this case, it is a waste to remove the dough for colorless diamonds. Put that money towards better cuts.

H Colored Diamond 1

Tip: If you’re not sure how your diamond color will look compared to the band color, you can look at different scenarios on James Allen. For example, for the settings above, you can play with different metal and diamond properties and see a 360-degree HD video for each.

Ct H Color Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace 14k Wg 2.3gm 16 1/2” Chain

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You hear that diamonds are forever when you buy engagement rings. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay that much.

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White Gold Engagement Ring With 0,15 Carat Diamond, Colour H, Clarity Vs

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