Hairmakeup Recommendations In Hudson Valley Region

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Hairmakeup Recommendations In Hudson Valley Region – Photography by Kurt Joseph, photo by Alexandria Gallio. Alexandria Gallio has been decorating an international clientele of women and celebrities since her Newburgh debut, and still takes time to meditate every morning.

Not everyone can have a girl. Although the term is flying like wildfire on social media, it appears in perfectly placed photos and hashtags.

Hairmakeup Recommendations In Hudson Valley Region

Hairmakeup Recommendations In Hudson Valley Region

Clothes are a very difficult thing to understand the truth. As a prerequisite, it requires long hours, unexpected obstacles and passion

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When it all seems impossible. But having a girlfriend is not the same thing. It’s a lifestyle that requires constant ups and downs for the passion that makes the work worthwhile.

Alexandria Galio is the owner of the girl. As an international campaign and celebrity makeup artist based in the Hudson Valley, she spends her days painting the faces of actors, models and everyone in between. On any given day, she could be perfecting a bride’s eye shadow, creating a subtle glow for a makeup campaign to grace the shelves at Sephora, or working behind the scenes on a Jet Blue commercial. Her laundry list of clients is extensive—creative directors, event planners, and magazine editors, to name a few—and shows no signs of slowing down, and she likes it.

So how did a great artist appear in the Hudson Valley? The only way to find out is to go back to the beginning.

A visual person by nature, Galio first experienced the appeal of makeup as a girl watching her mother apply eyeshadow and mascara. At school, she began skipping elementary school to hide in the bathroom and experiment with makeup. Although he enrolled in community college, he skipped three days of classes to pursue his artistic vision. Switching to testing, she entered Capri Cosmetology in Newburgh and never looked back.

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At the age of 18, Gallo took the leap and founded Bridal by Alexandria in the Hudson Valley. Working with mentors in the area, he learned what the industry was all about. She took on the dirty work, doing everything from brushing to fetching coffee, absorbing everything about networking and dealing with different faces.

As one of the youngest makeup artists in the Valley, Gallio knew he had to always be on top to prove himself as the real deal. What she lacks in years of experience, she makes up for by booking wedding after wedding – up to 150 a year – and perfecting her signature ‘no makeup’ look.

“I focused on learning how to perfect my skin,” she recalls. “That’s when I found my niche, I love skin-focused work. Trends come and go, but healthy, beautiful skin always exists.

Hairmakeup Recommendations In Hudson Valley Region

At first, the focus was on bridal makeup for Galio. She chose this industry not only for the opportunity to be a part of someone’s special day, but also for the ability to deliver incredible results under pressure.

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He says: “You have to work on different skin types, different eye shapes, and sometimes you’re in a small hotel room with old yellow lights that cast shadows off the walls and glow in all kinds of false tones.”

Although she loved and still loves creating glamorous looks for Hudson Valley brides, she admits that there is a stigma attached to bridal work in the makeup industry, which is often little or no. Not valid. For Galio, however, it remains a way for him to test himself and adapt to less-than-ideal conditions.

As Giglio ventured into the world of makeup artistry in the Hudson Valley, she also started commercial ventures in New York. Before she knew it, she was creating Instagram-worthy looks for celebrities and influencers, working her magic on editorial photos, and creating glowing skin for TV and advertising campaigns.

“Today, you can go to every Sephora, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Ulta and see huge posters and pictures of my work on the walls. You can open a magazine and see a beauty campaign I’ve done.” a “punch me” moment.”

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A special “punch me” moment came when she posed with Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic. By the end of the day, Didianovic was so impressed with Galio’s talent that he posted him on his social media pages and hired him to help with master classes.

But even as his career soars, Gallio must balance his demanding schedule with one hit after another on the road. Over the years, he faced endless criticism that his work wasn’t good enough or that he wasn’t established enough in the field. He said that there are many people who support him in the industry. He saw the loss of family and friends.

“I told people I wasn’t going to go far because I didn’t have an agent to represent me. I was telling people it was too risky to get a job with the security of freelancing.” The people who told me it’s been 10 years [that] he’s been calling me and asking if I’m hiring.”

Hairmakeup Recommendations In Hudson Valley Region

Check out this post on Instagram. It’s one of those sneaky things, hit me up… Stop by @ultabeauty tomorrow to pick up some goodies for my customers and see my makeup on the walls around the store. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with those moments. . Published work for @bumbleandbumble and @lovephilosophy (you can see both). It took years to get to this point, lots of emails, lots of freelance work, lots of help, lots of rejections, lots of lessons, lots of NO’s, lots of coffee dates, lots of stuff. Travelling, many early mornings and late nights, you get the point…. Just remember to go at your own pace and this waiver is protection. It takes time to learn your craft or trade, build trust, build genuine relationships with colleagues (I now consider them friends), manage your ego, recharge and know your self-esteem – these are the building blocks of your career. . blocks. . . For those of you who have been following me for a while – it took a minute, but it finally got us here!! … Finally… Still buying beauty blenders 😂🙌ðŸ¼ðŸ•. Don’t chase what you love!!! X Alexandria. . . . #makeupartist #makeupbyalexandriagilleo #lovephilosophy #bumbleandbumble #ultabeauty #ulta #beauty #promua #nycmakeupartist #production #beautyblogger #cleanliness #hair #fashion #business #bashkybek #fashion #business #bashkybakty #39 hours until 12 hours.

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Galio, who is now a national beauty pageant leader, spends her days behind the scenes in photo shoots and television networks. Because each day is unique, it fits between two- to six-hour trips to New York City and flights that take him around the world. In her spare time – when she has it – she writes articles for a lifestyle blog, which she has maintained for the past ten years. Recently, she’s partnered with beauty brands to create content and even hosted a makeup masterclass in Manhattan this summer with Wonder Beauty.

Overall, he continues to list clients with names as diverse as ABC, ELLE, Etsy, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley. On Celebrity Row, he worked his magic on faces like Adriana Lima, Barbara Corcoran and Paul Rudd. Lest anyone forget, she still runs the Hudson Valley wedding studio she started 12 years ago.

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