Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire

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Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire – Your dream Oahu wedding can become a reality! Just keep these 7 tips in mind when planning your wedding in Hawaii.

Destination weddings are growing in popularity as more and more people shun hotel ballrooms for a scenic wedding on a secluded beach. An Oahu wedding is the perfect choice any time of the year. No international travel means you can convince more guests to come and you will find a range of beautiful locations for your wedding ceremony and reception. Here are 7 tips for planning your Oahu wedding.

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire

If you are planning your Hawaii wedding remotely, consider hiring the services of a wedding planner or coordinator. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the venues. Your wedding coordinator will help you choose the ceremony location, suggest reception locations, arrange local vendor services and more.

Honolulu Sunrise Bridal Photoshoot — Hawaii Wedding Photographer

An even easier way to plan an Oahu wedding remotely is by choosing one of the many packages offered by Oahu resorts and hotels. If you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, then you’re in luck because many of the hotels offering these packages are right on the water. What is included in these wedding packages varies by accommodation. Some offer packages that include everything you need for your big day, while others may only include venue rental and other a la carte services and catering.

Seems obvious right? Some couples are so overwhelmed by the thought of all the details that go into planning their Oahu event that they risk it all. This is a mistake. Choose your date and reserve your venue as early as possible. You can take care of all the other details as you go, but you’ve reserved the venue you want to ensure you can make your first choice. You can worry about the menu, guest list, music and other details later, but book your venue as soon as possible.

The weather is one of the best reasons for getting married in Hawaii, but you should have a plan B in case it rains on your wedding day. Options include renting a canopy to set up on the beach, or an indoor venue as a backup plan. You’ll find that some indoor venues have great ocean views, so this isn’t a terribly disappointing second choice. Even on rainy days in Hawaii, it doesn’t usually rain all day. If it’s possible to be flexible about the time of your ceremony – or if you think a misty rain could add to the charm of your wedding – then you might be able to hold your ceremony outdoors even when it rains.

Many couples who choose to have an Oahu wedding make the day even more special by adding a few local touches. This can be as simple as wearing leis or as elaborate as hiring hula dancers or fire dancers to put on a show for guests or local musicians to play Hawaiian music at the reception. Your wedding coordinator can help you add those local touches that will make your day unforgettable!

How To Choose A Beach Wedding Dress

This applies to any destination wedding, not just a Hawaii wedding. If you’re getting married on the beach—or anywhere out there—you might want to reconsider choosing a voluminous wedding dress. As you walk across the sand, your dress will continue to collect sand. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable in a lighter, more airy fabric than many traditional dresses. Keep these things in mind when shopping for your dream dress so you don’t feel unhappy or uncomfortable on your big day.

When looking for hotels for your Oahu event, remember you’re looking for something convenient for your guests who may want to explore the island. Location is everything. The good news is that if you choose a resort or hotel package for your Oahu wedding, you’re eligible for a room discount and the property is likely right on the water. Be sure to ask for a room contingent for your guests so that there is enough space for all guests. As a rule, the block and special prices expire a few weeks before the event. If your guests book their own room for your Hawaiian wedding, be sure to let them know the deadline to get the special rate.

At Simple Maui Wedding, we have the pleasure of meeting couples from all over the world! And we

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire

Whatever we do – from coordinating thousands of miles away to meeting in person – we strive to offer our best advice and answer every question, no matter how small. One of the things we hear a lot, especially from couples planning their beach wedding attire, is the question of what to wear:

Tips For A Perfect Hawaiian Wedding

– Second, to help you think about what’s possible (and also 100% on point), we’ve combed through our albums and collected the 10 most memorable Maui wedding styles! Sure we can be one

Scroll with us to see all the glamour, all the trends and all the beautiful smiles on the wedding day!

Beach wedding attire was the perfect balance between a relaxed elopement and a very special occasion. Anh’s dress was a simple cut with boho-chic detailing. She looked comfortable and relaxed in her clothes. Josh’s cute suit really completes his look!

The Ambibola dress features a slim silhouette with a glamorous detachable train and dramatic veil. Her white tropical bouquet was the perfect Hawaiian touch! He wasn’t afraid to be super glamorous, even at the beach!

Brandi And Tia’s Hawaii Beach Elopement On Magic Island

Kristina’s relaxed lace dress is the perfect look for a seaside elopement. The less formal beach wedding attire allows the groom to skip the suit and wear button-up trousers. We love that he put his outfit together by choosing well-fitting clothes and tucking in his shirt!

Kelsy didn’t shy away from a full A-line gown for her Hawaiian wedding. Her chic and classic bridal style had great princess vibes. Wyatt looked like his Prince Charming in his suit but kept it a little more relaxed by skipping the tie.

Jay’s full print suit was a bold choice and we love people who take risks! These two prove that even the best-dressed groom won’t outwit his bride. Jamie was radiant in her vintage gold colored dress that matched Jay’s suit perfectly.

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire

Anthony was “something blue” Alli. The linen suit was perfect for a tropical wedding and the color made the look extra fun. Alli wore a beautiful dress with a dramatic veil. They looked comfortable in their dresses but were still dressed for the unique occasion!

Waimea Plantation Wedding

We don’t see many double breasted jackets on grooms and we think Nazim really pulls the look! Instead of a tie, he wore a printed button for a relaxed and confident look.

Nimet was at the forefront of the off the shoulder dress trend and really rocked the look! Off-the-shoulder dresses can be limiting if you’re hoping to dance the night away at your wedding, but beach brides usually have simpler receptions planned so they can wear the style without worry. This couple toned down their Maui wedding style by mixing shades of cream, ice blue, and ivory instead of matching everything in one shade of white. He kept her gaze more subtle.

Miranda’s one-of-a-kind dress featured floral embroidery that added a fun pop of color to the vintage look. Her boho braids and tropical flowers brought her whole look together. We also love Kevin’s blue suit with pocket squares!

These two were classic glam for beach weddings. Michael wore a sleek black tuxedo with a bow tie and analie a cathedral length veil with flawless Hollywood waves. Its tropical bouquet ties the entire look into a dream of tropical splendor.

A Casual Beach Wedding In Puako, Hawaii

Katy & Chelsea didn’t miss a single detail when coordinating their Maui wedding style. They couldn’t plan the pastel sunset in the same tones as their wardrobe, but they sure had a chance to have it! You can have non-traditional beach wedding attire and add color to your ceremony while still looking chic and well-dressed.

It can get really hot in a suit on the beach. But dressing up for your wedding is one way to show how special this moment is. Each of the suits fitted perfectly, and the combination of navy and slate made them well matched but also unique.

Knowing our couples is the highlight of our work! We are always so impressed and delighted to see our clients express their unique personalities through their wedding dresses. There are hundreds of ways to create unforgettable Maui wedding styles on your big day – don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with color and cut… but above all, be

Hawaiian Beach Wedding Attire

For more helpful tips, see 5 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Attire for Hawaii Beach Grooms.

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