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Wedding Favors Food – It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of ​​a summer wedding. Longer days and warmer weather put almost everyone in a party mood. If you’re planning a honeymoon during the season, take advantage of the good vibes. The best way to do it? Spread it even further with the help of seasonal wedding favors. Luckily for you, we have tons of great inspiration to say thank you to your summer guests.

With all the splendor of summer, there are also some inconveniences. Take the heat, which is only nice up to a point. With that in mind, it’s never a bad idea to themed your gifts with attendee comfort in mind. Do you want to protect the revelers from the sun? Try sunglasses, hats or umbrellas. Worried about bugs crashing the party? Bug spray is a good option. Does the forecast call for very high temperatures? Fans can chill anyone. With such gifts, your party-goers will enjoy watching you at your wedding.

Wedding Favors Food

Wedding Favors Food

Other fun options include beach bags and luggage tags for customers to use later on summer vacations. Or you can turn to the richness of the season: summer flowers and fruits offer additional possibilities. As you can see, there are many ways to give your guests something to look forward to. Get even more inspiration by clicking through to find out more about all of our favorite summer wedding gifts. These recommendations will help you throw the best summer party while still enjoying the date of your big day in June, July, August or September to the fullest.

Wedding Favor Ideas That Don’t Suck

Fun hats will shade guests during an outdoor celebration, but they’ll last a lot longer. The Twelve Events designed this sign of favor.

Bring back the sparks of childhood summers for a fun favor that doubles as a night out decoration. These from Wedding Sparklers Outlet were sassy with “You’re hot!” labeled.

At this summer event, every guest was treated to the ultimate tequila shot: a lime, some schnapps and a personalized glass made from Himalayan salt. Grit & Grace came up with the idea and Laura Hooper Calligraphy wrote each participant’s name.

The travel accessories will serve you well for the upcoming summer vacation. Lady Liberty Events was responsible for this luggage tag wall.

Oz Rustic Jam Wedding Favors Edible Fall Wedding

Nobody likes a can of sweat, good thing it can be avoided! Koozies can be worn during a casual summer affair and then used in the future. You’re That Girl Designs made this available.

Lavender is a summer flower and the scent is so gentle. Give away fragrance in spray form: Clementine Weddings made the decorative bags with these gifts.

You can associate the mugs with the colder months (hello, hot chocolate). However, the camp drinks will transport participants back to their dreamy summer days. These were filled with kid-friendly snacks and just furthered the theme.

Wedding Favors Food

You might associate the mugs with the colder months (hello, hot chocolate). However, the camp drinks will transport participants back to their dreamy summer days. These were filled with kid-friendly snacks, which only furthered the theme.

Spring Wedding Favors Under $2 — Wine & Sprinkles

Personalized tote bags (like this one, designed by Chiara Scuito) are a perfect addition to your summer plans for beach days and picnics.

For a practical favor, give guests tissues. The detail will come in handy during warm (or emotional) ceremonies. sweat and tears go

Give the gift of endless fun in the sun by gifting beach balls to your partygoers. They have been personalized by Laura Hooper Calligraphy.

Will your ceremony take place on a sandy or grassy site? Save your guests the hassle of lying on the floor or sifting all the dirt off their shoes by offering them flip flops.

His & Her Favorite Snacks Set Of 10 Wedding Favor Clear

If you know your outdoor ceremony is going to be great in the middle of a heat wave, don’t skimp on the preparation. A good starting point? Paper compartments at each seat.

Keep all eyes on you (and away from all eyes) with a favor idea that’s fun while being useful, like these sunglasses turned into escort cards.

These nautical bottle openers were cute and quirky. Whether your bar is honesty or not, patrons will be using similar gifts throughout the summer.

Wedding Favors Food

There is no more typical summer wedding idea than s’mores. Individually wrapped party favors not only add something extra sweet to the big day, but also help guests keep their blood sugar levels up for a night of dancing.

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will (actually) Love

Not only are signature cocktails a great wedding idea, but you can add a little extra punch to your drinks by turning each glass into a wedding gift. Guests can drink lemonade (and everything else) from it for the rest of the summer.

Sometimes the setting sun can cause major climate change. Snuggly blanket favors like these match the drop in temperature.

Your guests will always have you to thank for this favor idea: individual bottles of bug spray. This gift is a lifesaver at outdoor events where mosquitoes can be a problem!

These wedding favors are definitely something your guests will need on the big day, especially if you’re hoping for clear skies. Umbrellas (or parasols) keep everyone shaded and look really fun in photos too.

Mason Jar Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Another adult celebratory drink vehicle is always a good idea when it comes to summer weddings. These custom glasses fit the bill well. Dear offer! Get Your $300 Offer! Use for photos and videos. Sale ends October 31, 2022.

This is how shopping is fun! Of course, all things perfectly and aesthetically lined up on a store shelf look beautiful, but they lack one thing: the soul of homemade! There’s something about making something from scratch that shows skill, character and uniqueness, all its little imperfections and quirks just add personality. Do you remember how you felt when you received a handmade card from your best friend, or how you felt inside when you created your friend’s first birthday scrapbook? There is something about a gift made with love that cannot be priced, because love is priceless! So when it’s time to marry the love of your life, it makes perfect sense to add something handmade as part of your wedding favor. The first thing we love about making something with a personal touch for your guests for wedding favors is the thought and effort that goes into it. After all, your guests are sure to make an effort on their own when they come to the biggest day of their lives, and giving them something handmade and homemade shows you’re grateful and you mean business! Of course, DIY gifts don’t have to be a labor of love that requires an enormous amount of time. It can be simple enough and still be unique and special, like homemade cookies, succulents, or hand-painted coasters! Another thing we love about a good DIY wedding favor is that while it’s very considerate and sentimental, it’s relatively inexpensive and helps you save money on overpriced gifts that aren’t just common and mass-produced can be made but also added to your wedding. Budget! And we all know how expensive a wedding can be! If you are a couple with a creative mind or on a tight budget, we have some amazing ideas for some DIY wedding favors. Bonus: It’s a great way to connect with your partner!

Fun fact: everyone loves cookies! Or brownies and cakes or other baked goods! So you can’t go wrong with incorporating baked goods into your wedding favor. You can make it easy on yourself by stacking a family recipe with your favorite baked goods and wrapping it with a whimsical twist, or you can put all the ingredients in a mason jar and print the recipe on a card to place around the jar. . Everyone will enjoy a treat on the car ride home, and it will appease those with a sweet tooth just enough!

Wedding Favors Food

Perfect for green weddings or more nature-inspired weddings, greeting your guests with a potted plant, whether it’s a succulent in a hand-painted pot or a well-designed mini terrarium garden is always a good idea! There’s something about giving plants as gifts that’s so healthy, enriching, and rewarding that it’s good for both the giver and the recipient! Plus, it’s a sustainable wedding favor that’s eco-friendly and helps make our planet greener, so pluses for that! It also makes pretty perfect home decor, so everyone will love taking home a baby plant from a wedding. You can also add seed pods of your favorite flowers as part of your wedding flavor.

Diy Beeswax Wrap Wedding Favors

If your wedding is one where your guests are staying over the weekend (or overnight), it can be a good idea to give them a welcome bag that doubles as a wedding gift. It can hold anything your guests need after a night out, maybe a pair of sunglasses, a hangover drink, Advil, etc. It can make your guests’ stay more comfortable and give them a few laughs too! You can match it to the theme or color of the wedding as for a

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