Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

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Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding – What a delight these two are! Not only did Cassie and Manoj bring beautiful and rich colors to their wedding day, they brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around them.

We were very excited about their vision of combining our cultures for a wedding celebration. They brought both Manoj’s Indian culture and Cassie’s American culture to each day! We especially love how they started the day in traditional Indian attire – then changed into traditional American attire for the reception. So nice that you have two different looks!

Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

The day dawned with golden sunshine and a cool breeze. After a hot southern summer that stretched all the way into October, Cassie and Manoj’s wedding day promised to fulfill every dream of a beautiful fall day!

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While Kris Clark Designs and Metropolitan DJ worked their magic outdoors, transforming both the outdoor ceremony site and the reception ballroom into something breathtaking, Ashley the Fabulous and Leslie Ware worked their magic with hair and makeup! The groom’s mother invited her friends to help the girls with the sari. It was a bustle of the most joyful activity!

Cassie and Manoj decided to start the day in traditional Indian clothes. All the rich colors of the wedding party were so beautiful! Their wedding included many ceremonies from Manoj’s culture, as well as traditional American vows.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour while Cassie, Manoj and the bridal party changed into traditional American attire. We used the beautiful light of the romantic carousel to capture more pictures!

The reception was absolutely amazing. Kris Clark Designs and Metropolitan DJ transformed this ballroom into a fairytale with curtains, flowers, chandeliers and lighting. Along with some (delicious!) Indian food served at the reception, of course! I couldn’t get enough of all the beautiful sarees these gorgeous women wore!! So colorful and rich!

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After dancing the night away, Cassie and Manoj ended their evening with a sweet dance. What great memories of that day!

Cassie and Manoj, thank you so much for letting us be a part of this amazing day! You are such a sweet and fun couple and we can’t imagine our J&A family without you! Thank you for sharing your traditions and families with us! Have fun in Singapore! We can’t wait to hear about it all! <3

A big shout out to these amazing vendors who helped create a magical day for Cassie and Manoj: With South Asians living all over the world, it’s no surprise that fusion weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

We all strive to make our wedding unique, but fusion weddings have the added challenge of not only “bringing together” two (or more) cultures, traditions and/or religions, but also pleasing both sides of the family. .

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How many events do you have? What kind of events do you have? Your mom wants a big fat Indian wedding, but she doesn’t want a 300 person reception. You and your partner want a simple ceremony and reception on the beach, but both parents don’t like the idea. In Indian families, it is not always easy to make independent decisions (without interference) and it is really easy to create. Stick with me and I’ll go over what you should know before making a decision:

The first step in every step of the wedding planning process (in every culture) is communication. Set expectations from the start with both families so there are no surprises later. Yes, that’s easier said than done. Despite the open communication, every wedding brings some kind of tension.

The challenge with Indian fusion weddings is that parents may still want a grand Indian wedding experience. The reality is that they may not realize it and may not be ready to accept this fact yet. Whether it’s hard for parents to accept or not, you should be aware of any underlying expectations that you probably don’t even know about right now.

Talk to your family about it, listen to them and take it from there. Now is also a good time to explain your wishes about what you (and your partner) want in your wedding.

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TIP: Even if your parents aren’t planning any events, keep them in the loop. Parents need to know. You will find that there is less room for conflict when you involve them. But if you keep those expectations clear, you’re likely to see less conflict.

If your parents really want a big event, organize a separate sangeet or pre-wedding reception to include Indian traditions like a singer, raas/garba, dance performances, etc. Keep the wedding ceremony and reception small (or your preferred numbers). A little more about the events!

Wedding traditions fascinate me, especially since many traditions come from hundreds of years ago. I wanted to share some of my favorite traditions that I’ve seen around the world. Maybe this will be an inspiration!

Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

Philippines: The bride and groom release a pair of pigeons – one female and one male – this represents the newlyweds living a happy life together.

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Ireland: The bride must keep her feet while sitting on the dance floor at all times while dancing or she will give the evil fairies an “advantage” (not sure what they do exactly… but it means no jumping!)

Peru: Pieces of ribbon are attached to the bottom of the wedding cake layers. A fake wedding ring is attached to one of the ribbons. All the single ladies try to pull the string and the lucky lady who finds the string with the ring attached is said to be the next one to get married!

Above all, what is important to you and your partner? What traditions or customs are important to you both now, and what traditions do you want to pass on to the next generation?

If it’s your religion that defines you, incorporating certain elements into the ceremony can be a focus. If it’s your love for Bhangra music, play it during your wedding. Whatever it is, discuss what’s important to you first so you’re on the right track from the start.

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One of the most fun parts of a fusion wedding is celebrating each culture. What would you like to share with your new family and guests? Let’s start thinking below..

Food! Food is the most anticipated part of an Indian wedding and now you have two cultures to celebrate. This is a great way to make it fun and PLAY! Integrate food choices. Ask caterers about custom menus – you never know what they might come up with. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of ​​”fusion food,” choose favorites from each culture.

ADVICE. Serve food from multiple cultures. In this way, guests can find their favorite cuisine or food that they are willing to try. [Create a paper menu for this!]

Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

Be creative! If you are Indian and your partner is Mexican, consider having a Mexican appetizer with your Indian dinner. Or, showcase the appetizers of both cultures and opt for a more American dinner. If you want to keep it simple, have American food for dinner and create a great dessert table that includes desserts from both cultures.

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Do you need help? Read more about creating the perfect menu and why you should avoid serving spicy food at your wedding.

Almost every culture has a wedding tradition that involves some kind of dance. Whether it’s a “Horah” or a traditional Greek dance, think about how to combine music and dance. Dedicate different events to different types of music or mix it up.

If you want to shake things up, use reception entertainment (or entertainment for a pre-wedding event). Show cultures with a performance. It really gets the party going! Or keep things subtle by using different types of music as background music in the hall corridors during cocktail hour or between events.

Flowers: Weddings from different cultures around the world use flowers – they are a great way to showcase both cultures. Incorporate colors from every culture into your events or choose color themes to match the occasion.

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Decor: Use art, furniture and designs from every culture to add a special touch. Or use your DIY elements like custom menus, name cards, and labels to add colors, fonts, and themes.

Custom/Ritual: In a fusion wedding, it’s hard to incorporate every single tradition of every culture. When choosing, think about what kind of events you want and choose the traditions that mean the most to you and your partner. If you have two completely separate ceremonies, it can be easier to incorporate rituals. If you are having a joint ceremony, you need to think carefully about what, if anything, you want. A little more about the events!

Just as you want to find unique traditions to showcase at your wedding, it’s also great to find similar or overlapping traditions or rituals. For example, the Jewish “chuppah” is a simple version of the Indian wedding mandap. If you are having a Hindu/Jewish wedding, keep a simple mandate to communicate with both cultures. “Hava Nagila” is a fun traditional Jewish song

Help With Cuisine At Indian American Fusion Wedding

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