Homemade Brooch Bouquet

Monday, October 17th 2022. | Weddings

Homemade Brooch Bouquet – My new sister-in-law Fiona asked me if I could make a brooch bouquet similar to an idea we saw on Pinterest and I was happy to ask and a little too brave about where to start as usual for a challenge. I thought how to collect enough pieces to make a bouquet and where on earth to get them without paying for them. I followed some vintage brooches on eBay but didn’t get around to collecting until I was shopping after Christmas and found that many stores had sold off their costume jewelry. So I went on a mission to find jewelry that I could use. Actually, most of the pieces I use are not brooches but earrings or necklaces and bracelets, hair accessories and some rings. I was lucky that Fiona wanted her bouquet to be colorful, so I tried to get as many large pieces as I could, with some colorful pieces. I rummaged through the sale bins at Primark and picked up some great bargains at New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Accessories. BHS were also good and took some from Morag Clare. Fiona’s mum also gave me a vintage dogwood ceramic brooch which I’m sure would look great in the bouquet.

When I feel I have a good amount, I start connecting them. I used thinner gauge wire than I used for the kusudama bouquet because with most of the pieces I thread the wire through the pieces and then twist the ends so that each piece has a ‘stem’ made of double thickness wire to work with. For some pieces that were too heavy, I used 2 pieces of thin wire to give them more stability – you don’t want anything flapping. The easiest thing to wire is one that has a gap or hole, so I can stick the wire to the front and then go to the back over and over again. Some things don’t have support like brooch pins or earrings and I had to stop using them because I couldn’t fasten them securely. Lesson learned – if I make another one of these, I’ll know exactly what to look for when choosing parts. I then wrapped the wires in green floral tape which makes everything look more secure and attached but if you’re pressed for time you can skip this step entirely.

Homemade Brooch Bouquet

Homemade Brooch Bouquet

The next part was the trickiest and took me several tries to get right. I saw some tutorials online using fake flowers as a base for a brooch bouquet so I tried the method. Attaching the stems around the fake flowers was difficult and I didn’t like the petals showing so I gave up on the idea. In the end I decided to make a mini 3 stem bouquet using one large piece and two smaller pieces and then I tied these smaller bouquets together to make a larger one. It took trial and error and unpacking and resetting but I finally had something I was happy with. I used Poundshop electrical tape which is pretty sticky to hold it all together but is very easy to open and replace. The bouquet is very heavy and as you can see it’s not that big so I can only imagine how heavy the larger version would be. Brides do the same even though they are younger. I didn’t try to match anything or use a pattern in terms of color other than to avoid randomly adding two identical pieces but I think it worked.

Jamie~ Real Touch Rose Brooch Bouquet Or Diy Kit

Then I used the same technique as the paper bouquet, wrapping the stems in craft foam. I covered by wrapping the foam with double sided tape and wrapped it around a strip of cream silk. I made a collar for the flower using a tube of silk gathered around the base of the stem and hand stitched. I used some small buttons and a brooch – a leopard print for Fiona – attached to the bottom of the handle with gorilla glue to finish it off.

They weren’t hard to make and I think they held up well on the day. Certain color schemes would be complicated or difficult to manage if Fiona wanted a larger bouquet. If you want to DIY a brooch bouquet then I suggest you do it. Give yourself plenty of time to collect the pieces you want to use, and you can swap and change as you go. As a guide I used about 50 pieces for Fiona’s bouquet and 30 pieces for the bridesmaids.

Brady complains that it’s too heavy but wouldn’t you say he looks better with a little sparkle?

Seeing the finished result makes all the wiring worth it! Any questions please ask and I’ll try to help if I can.

Diy Brooch Bouquet

Buy Baby Baking Baxter Brody Christmas Craft Fair Craft Room Days Out Foodie Garden Grier Free Grier Handmade Holidays Home Knitting Living Arrows Mindmine Memory Saving Project of the Month Reflecting on Pregnancy Photography This Life Sewing Complete Uncategorized Run 30 Pearl and Broadloch Broadloch Average Cost to Buy $250 to $550 And more. Don’t believe me! Research these types of flowers and you will see how expensive they are. If it’s not in your budget, you’ll be excited about what I’m about to share. Did you know you can DIY your own pearl bridal bouquet and brooch for just $85.06? No this is not a typo. You’ll get the same amazing look for a fraction of the cost, in just a few simple steps that I’ll share below. So let’s get started! For video instructions, please see the video tutorial below!

Project Cost *$85.06 (some supplies include more than 1 center piece) *Price varies depending on coupon discount amount. * Price based on current selling cost. (Not including tax)

How to DIY Elegant Brooches and Pearl Cascading Bridal Bouquets: Step 1: Place the bouquet holder on half of the foam ball and trace around it. Cut out the exposed area and scoop out enough foam with a spoon to place your handle in the foam. Next add hot glue to the top of the handle and attach it to your foam. Now attach the bouquet collar with hot glue.

Homemade Brooch Bouquet

It’s time to measure and cut the pearl strands Step 2: Measure and cut three ivory pearls at 10 inches, 20 inches and 30 inches. Next measure and cut three pieces of white pearl at 15 inches, 25 inches, and 35 inches. Measure and cut two pieces of colorful pearls, 12 inches and 18 inches. Finally, measure and cut a 19-inch length of rhinestone.

Have You Seen My New Diy Brooch Bouquet Page!?

Attach the strands to the foam dome Step 3: Now place the strands from step 2 from shortest to longest. Make a center line on half of the foam dome with a pen. Attach the thread with a flower pin around the center line, from short to long, from one side to the other. Make sure they are on both sides. [Watch Video]

Decorate the Flowers STEP 4: Cut 26-gauge floral wire into 3-inch pieces. Wrap one end of each section around your finger to make a loop. Hot glue the brooch on one side, buttons on the second and pearl beads on the third. Let the pieces dry. After they dry, remove the stems from the flowers and insert them into each flower. You can make as many decorative flowers as you want. [Watch Video]

Attach Flowers STEP 5: Start attaching your flowers along the focal line you made in step 2. The pattern you want to make is one blush rose and two cream roses and then 2 blush roses decorated on each side. Attach a total of 12-16 blush roses, 16-20 ivory roses and 8-12 real touch cream roses.

Final stage! Step 6: Finally, make the additional brooch decoration from step 4 and attach it to the bouquet. Place a decorative brooch in the center of the bouquet. I highly recommend watching the video above for this step.

How To Diy Your Own Brooch Bouquet

I absolutely love how this elegant DIY brooch and cascading pearl bridal bouquet turned out! The results are amazing and will definitely add a special touch to your wedding!

If you like the results, please subscribe to our Youtube channel for more DIY videos and follow us on Facebook and  Pinterest. Creating your own brooch bouquet is a wonderful project for your wedding, and today, there are many options for the determined bride. To design their own. you can do

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