How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take

Wednesday, December 14th 2022. | Weddings

How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take – Ah, the question every one of our wedding clients seems to ask: “Should I peek first?” As much as I would like to give you a magical answer, it is not possible!

The decision to peek first or wait for “a moment down the aisle” should be a personal one — I can’t tell someone which is best for them. However, all I can do is talk about my own experience – and I pray our thoughts help you decide for yourself!

How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take

How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take

When Justin and I got married, I was the team’s “aisle moment” and he was the team’s “first look”. Spoiler alert (if you didn’t understand the title): We took a peek. So, read with an open mind as you read these tips, because I’m a fan myself! Below I give you five main reasons why I should consider First Sight:

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I’ll bring this to you first because, honestly, it’s the most important reason I converted to First Sight!

During our engagement, I was counting the seconds until our wedding! I can’t wait to talk to Justin about my dress, see him dressed, and give him a big hug and kiss on our wedding day! What I didn’t realize at first sight was that I wouldn’t see Justin until 5:00pm…basically I spent 9 hours of my wedding day without him. When you think of it this way, it will blow your mind at first sight! Today is about America, so I hope every moment has America!

Our first sight allowed us to spend a lot of time with each other, our family (since we took a family photo before the ceremony) and our friends (hanging out before I make!). These were some of the most precious moments of the day, and looking back, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Justin and I were a little nervous at the thought of walking down the aisle wearing 85 people. But no matter what life throws at us, being with Justin brings me instant peace of mind…. Having my people by my side makes everything better! Do you feel the same way about your boyfriend? If so, it might help to consider looking first.

Emotional Father Of The Bride Wedding Photos

Our first look made me feel more comfortable walking down the aisle. Plus, Justin really relieves stress! The whole “will he cry?” moment is up in the air every wedding and Justin can handle the ceremony without thinking about it because he’s with me all afternoon!

Our friends and family have traveled all the way to be with us in the mountains of Georgia and the last thing I want to do is miss an hour of sharing with them! If Justin doesn’t check us out first, our cocktail hour will be spent taking pictures with the family and each other. While I loved our portrait time, I’m glad we got it done before the ceremony so we could spend more quality time with those closest to us!

Have you ever heard a bride say “You better cry or I’ll turn my back!” joke with her boyfriend? Honestly, I probably said that too when we were engaged. But let’s be honest – it was too stressful for Justin. He’s not a very emotional person – so why would it be perfect for him to actually put his walls up in front of 85 people?

How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take

At our first look, it was just Justin and I, our photographer and videographer (who both backed off a bit). It was personal, personal and one of the most memorable moments of my life. I wasn’t distracted by the ritual music or looking at the crowd or anything else. Just the two of us!

The Wedding First Look

A big goal of our wedding day was to relax. We don’t want to feel forced, rushed or stressed! It was great to do portraits before the ceremony because our photographers got to take their time and capture some epic photos. He doesn’t have to worry about the sunset, or compressing each photo at a time, etc. He is definitely doing what he does best in an amazing location because we have time!

While I can’t give you the magic answer if you should take a peek first, I hope my own experience will help you process your own thoughts of choice! Whichever option you choose, the moment you meet your future husband is sure to be magical.

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Ending the blog with a photo of our own first look. Remembering this moment made me cry! You are an Australian born wedding photographer living in Austin. I am a mother of two Australian Shepherds, I love my nieces Ivy and London as my own, I am an Enneagram 3 (successful).

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It’s important to consider whether you want to look ahead to the wedding planning process, as this decision will determine when your ceremony starts and how much photo coverage you’ll need. If your first reaction to the thought of doing the first look is

, You’re not alone. Clients often tell me “no” right away. However, after learning more about what a first look is – and where the “tradition” of meeting for the first time at the altar actually comes from – many people end up changing their minds!

How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take

I’ve photographed over 150 weddings in destinations from Austin to Australia and I have to tell you…I love capturing first impressions and moods

Should You Have A First Look

Recommend them. Here are 6 reasons I think you should consider saying “I do” before a ceremony with your future spouse.

Do you want to look beautiful in your wedding day photos? Then the first look is the way to go. Taking a photo before the ceremony ensures that your hair, makeup and flowers are as fresh as possible in the photo. No retouching required!

Having all eyes on you can be intimidating, but many brides have told me that seeing their fiancé before the ceremony helps them feel less nervous walking down the aisle. Taking photos after the ceremony can be distracting because you’re focused on attending the reception and celebrating with your guests. Looking earlier in the day will help you stay focused.

About taking pictures. You want your guests to be there too! Remember, you’ll need to allow at least 1 hour and 15 minutes after the ceremony for family photos, group wedding party photos, and bridal photos if you don’t preview first. Brides who miss the first look often start to feel anxious, as post-ceremony photos can take up quite a bit of guests’ time. Conversely, you can go to a cocktail party and mingle with your guests if you look first.

Why You Should Consider Doing A First Look

Did you know that the real reason why the couple doesn’t see each other until after the ceremony is that in the old days, the bride’s family didn’t want to risk the groom disrupting the wedding if the groom didn’t like him. to see? oops! The true origin of this custom is less romantic than we might think. My advice: choose another “something old” to incorporate into your wedding. This is a tradition that must be lived!

While some brides and grooms tear up at their weddings, that’s not always the case — especially if tensions are high. First sightings are private and intimate, giving you a chance to experience the moment together without the pressure of all eyes on you. With no one there to predict your reaction, true emotions can shine through. Yep – I still see grooms with teary reactions at ceremonies after seeing first looks.

Last but not least, adding First Sight to your schedule will also allow your family and wedding party to enjoy your planned cocktail hour. You’re with them every step of the way, and giving them an amazing guest experience is the best way to show your appreciation. best news? From experience, I truly believe that the first look will give

How Much Time Does A First Look With Photos Take

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