How Thinthick Is Your Engagement Ring Band

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How Thinthick Is Your Engagement Ring Band – We’re not talking about the body, people. But when it comes to engagement and wedding statistics, skinny is definitely in. why? Because it makes your diamonds pop, of course. A thick band makes even a small center stone look bigger, so everyone loves “how low I am.” Well, we’re here to tell you that you can be very low. But, well, you might want to check git first. After all, thin bands have less structure and strength … and for something you wear all the time, you want it to last, right? So here’s your buyer’s guide to buying a thin engagement band ring, and some common sense to boot.

While our fabulous (with a capital F) jewelry can accommodate any of our color styles up to 6mm in width, a thick engagement ring band is typically in the 1.5mm-1.8mm range. It’s the width, mind you, not the thickness, which can also vary depending on the style and whether the band has any small pave diamonds set into it (which requires a bit more thickness). Many of our engagement ring bands are designed in a round, relaxed fit that gives you a nice symmetrical fit and is super comfortable to wear every day.

How Thinthick Is Your Engagement Ring Band

How Thinthick Is Your Engagement Ring Band

There is always someone. Look, when it comes to setting the thinness limit, we recommend at least 1.5mm wide, but can be as thin as 1.35m depending on the ring, stone size and band height. It comes down to structure, really. Any thinner than that and your ring won’t hold up to regular wear. If you choose an ultra-thin engagement ring, we also suggest increasing the height/thickness a bit to maintain some structural integrity. Our jewelers can help you find the perfect balance based on your desired look and fit.

Thin Is In. The Skinny On The Thin Band Engagement Ring

Ring stacks are still in trend. But, is it a trend if it doesn’t change? unimportant. A good thing to remember is that the wider your band (either one or a stack of many smaller bands), the more real estate it takes up on your finger, which means the bigger the ring you need. So if you intend to stack some wide bands, consider ordering a half to full size to accommodate.

The truth is, different metals have different strengths and general properties, which means that some will allow you to easily rock thin bands while other metals , well, we don’t recommend it. For example, platinum is very strong and does not wear over time, so you can get a more refined look from it. Just notice that

Bend, so if it is caught in something or hit, the metal can bend from its original shape, because it is softer than gold. On the other hand, white gold is very hard and, when touched, the metal disappears. This means that even with regular wear, it can become thinner over time. So…if you’re starting with the bare minimum, keep in mind that you’ll likely need to add metal (this is called re-shanking) to your thin engagement ring band for everyday wear. Sturdy enough to handle.

If you’re a trendsetter, you probably already know this, but bandwidth bands are all the rage. Think ultra-thin platinum bands with endless colors of ultra-chunky diamonds like our XO band. Or a chunky diamond engagement ring with a wide gold band. You also get a cigar band style with a thin ring stack, which allows you to easily put together your look. Just keep in mind, again, that as you grow, you may need to grow!

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Ultimately, the size of your engagement ring or wedding band comes down to personal preference. Do you want a thin band with a big diamond? How about a thin engagement ring/thin wedding band? Do you like the overall wider look? You can, my love, and we’re here to help. Take our style quiz to customize your dream ring, try some on from the comfort of home to see what you like, or email us at hello@ for a little extra.

This site uses cookies (not the chocolate kind) to store preferences and personalize our marketing. By clicking Allow, you consent to our use of cookies. Most engagement numbers today follow the ‘bigger is better’ mentality. It’s about who has the biggest diamond or the biggest and most intricate band. And while such rings are certainly attractive, these elaborate designs can also make your ring look a bit small.

Filled, especially with sweet fingers. And frankly, some people just want a little brush on their engagement ring instead of going for a more casual style. For this reason, today, we want to talk about thin band engagement rings. This is a unique style that has been growing in popularity in recent years and it’s time we talk about why. We’ll discuss what they are, some misconceptions about this style, and some pros and cons of this ring design to help you choose the best ring for your loved one.

How Thinthick Is Your Engagement Ring Band

To begin with, a thin band engagement ring can be described as well as, well, a ring with a thin band. To give you some perspective, thin bands are usually in range

How Do I Choose The Right Band Width For My Engagement Ring?

Smaller than your average engagement ring. However, just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re not impressive.

Compromise despite their small size. Instead, think of it as a ring designed more to send a big message in a small space (which we love). However, apart from the features, there are definitely some things that you

Do this in a ring with a small band. Let’s compare some pros and cons to give you a better perspective.

Now like anything, there are some highs and some lows. To give you a better perspective, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest pros and cons of thin band engagement rings that you should consider before buying. Let’s get to it.

Examples Of Thicker Weddings Bands With Thin Engagement Ring Band?

Emerald Cut Thin Band Engagement Ring, Oval Cut Thin Band, Pear Cut Thin Band, and a Marquise Rose Gold Thin Band Engagement Ring

In conclusion, thin band engagement rings are great accessories for any hand. But like any style, they have their fair share of highs and lows to consider. Ultimately, an engagement ring is never about the size of the jewelry or the width of the band, but about finding a ring to express your unique love for that special someone. Whether it’s thin or not, we hope this article has helped give you better insight into choosing the best ring for your soulmate so you can move forward to create a love that will truly last a lifetime . The shape and design of engagement rings and wedding bands are easily noticed. But your engagement ring and wedding band are probably the jewelry you wear the most. So these rings should not only look the way you want, they should also be comfortable and fit your lifestyle so that you can wear them with ease.

Once you have a ring on your finger, even the smallest millimeter difference in the width of the ring band can be a factor in deciding whether the ring is a pleasure to wear or not. Testing different ring band widths is always a recommended practice, you can now determine the desired ring band width, and we will help you.

How Thinthick Is Your Engagement Ring Band

Ring size is often confused with ring width. Ring size is the diameter of the ring and is also a reflection of the size of a finger. (See our guide on how to find your ring size here). The width of the ring itself determines the thickness of the band. Wedding and engagement bands range in width from 1.6mm to 20mm, with most women and men choosing between 1.6mm and 8mm.

How Thick Or Thin Should My Engagement Ring Be?

The width you choose will always depend on personal factors, visual style and preferences related to body comfort, but there are some common sizes for women’s and men’s rings.

An easy way to visualize what these dimensions look like is to draw some noses and cheese. A nickel is about 2 mm in diameter and a penny is about 1.5 mm in diameter. So if you play with some coins and hold them up to your finger, you can estimate that only 1.5 mm to 10 mm or so will show through your finger.

Although any metal can be used for the color band, four will help determine which will be the best choice for durability and longevity. We recommend that thick ring bands be made with solid metal. A soft metal, such as a high purity gold, can easily bend or break if the band is not thick.

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