How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

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How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding – The ideal combination of nature, convenience and cost savings, backyard weddings have become a lasting trend. This type of wedding is also emotional and doesn’t have many of the rules that couples face in traditional venues.

However, because backyard weddings don’t use pre-existing wedding attendants, additional planning, strategy, and execution are required.

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

We reached out to top wedding experts — wedding planner Camille Ross of Elsie Event Co., wedding planner Robyn Bruns of Red Letter Event Planning, and wedding and special event provider wedding Jeremy Randin of Rent-All Store — for ideas on how to seamlessly navigate interior design. , setup, vendor relations and rain for the backyard wedding.

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Even if you consider “gardener” to be your official wedding theme, that can take you a step further. Decide if you want a bohemian celebration, a luxurious wedding, or a different atmosphere.

Focusing on a specific topic can also simplify the planning process as it provides clear direction for you, the wedding planner, and the vendor.

Incorporate the exotic into your wedding by creating a backyard lounge adorned with bohemian treasures. Ross recommends using woods, browns, oranges, creams, vintages, and bright colors.

Continuing the boho style, Ross suggests creating a hallway with vintage quilts and providing a combination of mismatched chairs and couches.

Backyard Vintage Wedding With Thrifted Decor

Ross: “We also used cotton grass and pops of color in the vases, flowers, glasses and tablecloths to create a subtle touch of bohemian style.”

Extraordinary lighting is a must in a classic wedding. One of the best ways to create vintage lighting? Use twinkling lights as the main feature of your wedding decor.

You can wrap lights around trees, hang them on bushes, or hang them between branches, creating a glowing canopy above the carnival. Do a test run with the lights before (and at night) to make sure they boost the mood in your dream.

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

Infuse your wedding with elegance by adding details like elegant chandeliers (hanging from trees or tent frames) and flowing, flowing fabrics.

Amazing Decor Ideas For Your Backyard Wedding

Ross suggests creating a relaxing space decorated with lights, neutral furniture with softer splashes of color, and dense candlelight throughout the celebration. She also says that a custom bedspread or chair with a great design can really enhance luxury.

Ross: “From ghost chair to cross chair, the industry really has a lot of scope to elevate one’s game.”

Embrace the nature theme by swapping out centerpieces made of cut flowers and small, aesthetically pleasing potted plants. Some popular choices are cacti, succulents, and herbs. To add color, include small fruit trees or plants like lavender or daffodil.

You can also run wreaths made of eucalyptus leaves, lemon leaves and Italian Ruscus down the center of the table. Add a romantic glow by interspersed with battery-powered candles.

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For a rustic backyard celebration, use organic decor and natural surroundings as much as possible. For example, you could frame the altar in a particularly beautiful part of the backyard and use a cloth-covered lawn for the seating area.

Bruns explains how preparing for a backyard wedding is often more complicated than couples think. Here are five factors to consider when preparing for your backyard wedding.

When determining your backyard wedding layout, consider when and where guests will be attending different wedding events to help ensure a nice flow.

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

If you’re not camping in the backyard, Bruns recommends using a large, standalone umbrella at the market or a small tent, for different stages of the celebration, depending on light exposure. sunshine.

Magical Tent Decor Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

Bruns: “You don’t want your guests to cover their eyes during your ceremony or get sunburnt during cocktail hour.”

For example, it would be better if the first wave of suppliers arrived on Friday and the rest on Saturday.

Ross: “This gives you and the trader a lot of space and time to work. This is especially helpful during a pandemic when people practice social distancing. In this situation, no Who feels rushed and has more time to see if there’s a cloud in the last-last minute to work.

Ross encourages couples to dry the event the night before the wedding (weather permitting), remove the sheets the next day before the flowers arrive, and do the final preparations before the photographer begins. .

Backyard Wedding Decor Ideas To Host Intimate Weddings

When determining the ideal process for your wedding, it is helpful to start using a focal point. This could be the location of the altar, a large tree decorated with lanterns, or a lavish wall of photos that indicate the placement of other elements in the wedding.

In addition to these tips, we recommend planning ahead for your landscaping needs, as the plants in your backyard are constantly growing. It is best to plan the landscape at least three months before the wedding.

This will ensure you have enough time to remove leaves, plant some flowers, trees or bushes, or adjust any other feature of the outdoor area.

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

You should also hire a landscaping company, or find friends and family members to volunteer, hoe, rake leaves or take care of other light landscaping needs a few days before the wedding.

Top 10 Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas For Outdoor Weddings

To make sure your background wedding goes smoothly, here are three tips for working with vendors.

Rardin: “Go into the showroom, or call, give some idea of ​​what you want/need and the number of guests you expect, because this will really speed up the process. We can Take your ideas and help you create something special.

Rardin: “The more changes made [to the contract], the higher the chance of errors. This usually happens when more than one person is involved in the contract, so I recommend only one person be the one who is involved in the contract, so I recommend that only one person be the one.” designated rental contact.

Bruns: “A professional planner can make sure you cover the less flashy aspects of a backyard wedding, such as making sure you have the right bathroom, lighting, and parking.”

This Intimate Backyard Wedding Had The Dreamiest Decor

He also recommends working with a reputable rental company that offers furniture installation and dismantling.

The weather can change a bit, especially on days when you have an important event outside. According to Randin, you should rent a tent regardless of the weather forecast.

Randin: “Sadly, if people waited to see what the weather would be like a few days before the event, all the tents would normally be rented.”

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

Ross: “You might also consider opening up part of the house, even if that means moving some furniture.”

Amazing Backyard Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

If you want to light up the tent in a luxurious way, Ross recommends renting a more upscale option and lighting it up with romantic lamps and ruffles.

Ross: “We also love hanging balloons/flowers, because they really bring in the element of awe. [On a rainy day] you can hold your ceremony under a tent, inviting guests onto the terrace. have a cocktail, then quickly flip the tent over to dinner, and any flowers from the ceremony background or walkway can be returned to the band area.

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There’s nothing sweeter than a country wedding and if you’re on a tight budget, it’s an even better idea. DIY your wedding in style and cut costs while keeping your ceremony elegant and stylish.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas: Decorations, Venues, & More

Simple and shabby, a dark wood panel with a hand-painted greeting is a fun way to greet guests as they take their seats.

Accent sign and greenery, including several flowers tied in the same color as the wedding flowers. And you’ve got a simple, inexpensive and beautiful, luxurious and attractive decoration.

You can also add anything else you like to the markup like this. Make additional signs to show guests where to eat or to remind them to put away their cell phones during the ceremony. This creates a cohesive thread.

How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

You’ve seen those arches that married couples get under, right? Why not make your own version of the wedding archway – with ladders?

Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

This very interesting idea uses a staircase decorated with glass flower pots with wildflowers. It’s simple but perfect for a country outdoor wedding.

On top of that, confetti is hung on the wreath to accentuate the arch. It’s somehow both modern and classic at the same time!

Instead of fancy flower pots for a country or farmhouse wedding, why not go with the theme and use metal buckets?

There’s nothing more elegant than a metal bucket filled with wildflowers. It would look great at the end of an aisle or even as a centerpiece on a drink and snack table. Look for something like this.

Small Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Be sure to include the wedding colors when you choose flowers for the bucket. You can also tie a wide burlap ribbon like this around the bucket for extra accent, which will look really nice and rustic.

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