How To Dress A Wedding Table

Friday, December 30th 2022. | Weddings

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How To Dress A Wedding Table

How To Dress A Wedding Table

Once you’ve narrowed down the venue and decided on the ceremony details, it’s all about your reception. And if you’re planning to host a dinner party, chances are, a beautiful tablescape is a must on your list.

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Everything from unique centerpieces to table runners can enhance the look of your wedding day dinner table. But there is one more important thing that will complete the look: place settings. You can customize your venue settings to perfectly match your wedding style, whether you’re keeping it simple, going glam, a boho vibe, or opting for a different aesthetic. There are many options to include personal details and create a very special dining experience for your guests.

Ready to find the reception desk inspiration you’ve been looking for? Read on for 44 wedding venue arrangements for every style.

Are you planning a destination wedding or channeling a special place and incorporating inspiration in the States? Start with a pattern plate that reminds you of a special place and build from there. We love the Mediterranean blue included in this arrangement!

One of the best ways to improve your pitching right off the bat is to weight the plate. Avoid flat, plain plates and choose something with a lot of texture for a better look.

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Channel your love of watercolor to create a beautiful table. This suit combines shiny plates with gold details for a metallic touch. Thanks to the clear plates, the watercolor menu is the star of the show.

Express with multiple layers. This awesome set starts with a neutral charger, a pastel blue plate, and two more plates on top. It ties together beautifully with nautical inspired napkins and place cards.

Channel your love for the Southwest and put together a fun, casual table. The setting is wonderfully inviting for family-style dining, complete with patterned napkins, cactus-colored menus, and custom leather place cards.

How To Dress A Wedding Table

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a bold color, from table to table. And even with the same color, you can make a plate arrangement pop with bright plates and bold ribbons.

Elegant Bride In Wedding Dress Standing Near Buffet Table · Free Stock Photo

Hoping to set a beautiful table inspired by nature? Save your options for plates, napkins and silverware. Dress up each setting with the stones you found with your partner. Bonus points if you replace this card!

While this flower crown is amazing in a place setting for a flower girl, the same concept can be replicated for a larger group. Try adding decorative crowns for your dinner guests.

Why not do a favor at the dinner table? This beautiful table has lots of eucalyptus leaves that end all the way, dressed with a simple white place setting, beautiful candles and beautiful flowers on each chair.

If you’re having a rustic-inspired wedding, you might want to keep it simple. This table features organic table runners with convenient place settings. A torn handkerchief, brown handles of silverware, and a few pieces of wood tied it all together.

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In contrast to black and bright plates, with subtle napkins, it sets the scene. But it’s the special wax seal on each customized place card that makes it all the more special.

An easy way to add a touch of gold to your place setting? Choose gold chargers with patterns, such as interesting leaves, to make a statement like this look. We love the way that one edge of greenery matches the big center piece that ties it all together.

Setting up this space is all about structure in the best possible way. Consider incorporating macrame into any arrangement to pair with textured linen napkins as the perfect base.

How To Dress A Wedding Table

If you’re planning a boho wedding, why not incorporate lots of earth tones into each place setting. Choose a neutral charger, a simple white plate, and decorate everything with velvet and dried grass clippings and flowers for the most elegant look.

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There is beauty in simplicity, and this design proves it. Stick to simple place settings with all the essentials for each guest. Dress with a green edge for a natural color.

Just want some bold colors? Combine them using patterned fabric. It’s a fun way to complete a place setting for any guest.

Not interested in lots of contrast or vibrant colors? Stick to a neutral color scheme and add layers for interest. This set combines two different sized plates in the same color, with fine linen and natural bone flatware.

If you prefer a moodier aesthetic, dark napkins definitely fit the bill. Deep color menu? A nice touch too. But what are the final details that bring this look together? Fresh orchids to make any arrangement pop.

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Create table settings for beach parties by incorporating natural elements. We love the deep blue napkins included in this place setting with the illustrated menu. It provides the perfect background to display a beautiful Seychelles board card.

Baby’s breath is a great way to add a touch of life to any setting. We love the black and white color scheme presented here, with just a touch of gold in the mix and a nice boost to complement it.

Imagine your guests sitting at a beautifully decorated table, with special linen menus on each seat. We love the details of the branches with the berries and the napkins tied with ribbon. But it’s the textile menu that really takes this look to a new level.

How To Dress A Wedding Table

Love the sight of wildflowers? Bring it to your table. Pair the basics with a wooden charger with a well-designed menu. Top it all off with a rust-colored handkerchief tied in a knot and a bright flower to make a statement.

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Why not start dinner with something sweet? This place setting uses beautiful white china and linen, but it’s the special cookies on top that make it even more special. Plus, with cute cookies, the design only adds to the setting of the place.

Create a rustic-looking-elegant atmosphere by setting up an entertaining space. This look uses a beautiful gold charger as the perfect base to create a beautifully designed menu and interlocking grain wires. To make it more appealing, place cards are placed on artichokes to embrace the freshly picked appearance.

Thank your guests for joining you at the table for dinner! Set up an elaborate space or go with a simple option, then add a note on top for a special touch.

If you are planning a bold centerpiece, let’s say it all. Keep your place setting simple so it’s not too cluttered, like a tropical-inspired setting with leaves, wicker chargers, and plain white plates.

Black And White Modern Industrial Wedding Reception Table Inspiration With Neon Sign, Taper Candles, And Floral

Green is one of the easiest and best ways to arrange a space. Set a romantic table with crisp linens and candles, and include white tablecloths everywhere to pop against the white table. Add some green pieces to finish.

With baguettes like this, why not show them off? While the setting is deliberately kept simple and elegant with clear glassware, it’s dressed up in a very attractive way with a splash of pink and some bread.

Ready to show off your new monogram as a married couple? Use dinner as the perfect opportunity! It has an embroidered monogram on the handkerchief and allows it to make a statement against the white and gold panels.

How To Dress A Wedding Table

If you choose a vibrant color palette, customize your space layout! The setting is the perfect blend of contemporary tropical meets tropical with beautifully patterned napkins, stained glassware, white hand silverware, and modern inspired menu design.

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Do you want to incorporate the color blue at your reception? Choose patterned blue porcelain to pop on the white plate and charger.

Add a tropical touch to any space at your beach wedding. Adjust the rattan base for a natural base, add a white plate, and cover it with leaves. Your guest name will definitely appear in a very special way.

Looking to strike a balance between rustic, colorful and sophisticated? The display is stunning with formal rattan and china chargers covered in lovely floral plates and linens, as well as bone-handled flatware.

Keep your outfit interesting for dinner. Combine white panels with beautiful patterns, paired with simple flatware. Tie it all together? Choose custom embroidered napkins in plain colors and add subtle colored glassware for a more whimsical look.

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